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Flat Beat - Mr. Oizo (Single)

Single Track from Mr. Oizo - Genre: Electronic

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published 03/03/2015 | pumfster
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Its funny how some songs stay with you and remind you of certain times of your youth. Generally the more silly and rubbish the better and this can certainly be said for Flat Beat by Mr. Oizo! I bought this single when it first came out; I’ve no idea why so you can imagine my joy when I heard it on the radio recently during a 90’s day.

So Mr. Oizo was a French electronic stroke house music DJ in the 90’s called Quentin Dupieux and he provided the song for a Levi’s Jeans advert in 1999. The song was rather annoying and forgettable really but the true “star” to come out of the adverts was Flat Eric. Now for those of you who are too young or just don’t remember, Flat Eric was a small yellow puppet, which appeared vaguely like a bear with a white face. The general gist of several adverts around this period had Flat Eric simply head banging to the song Flat Beat. I’m not really sure how or why anyone thought that this would improve sales of jeans, but improve them it did and for a short while Flat Eric was the in thing with puppets being sold on the high street and this Flat Beat track due to fools like me buying it made the top spot in the UK charts for 2 whole weeks! Mr. Oizo it should be pointed out didn’t really have a successful career after this track funnily enough although he is still making electronic music with rather bizarre offerings such as “Nazis”, “Transsexuals” and the frankly weird sounding offerings “Last Night A DJ Killed My Dog” and “When Analog Worms Attack”. I really can’t figure out with classics like that why he isn’t a household name!

The single itself had 3 tracks on it. Firstly the radio edit which was widely played to death at the time. The song and I use the term loosely went on for 4 minutes and didn’t really go anywhere. It was a purely instrumental electronic song which was quite fast paced but sounded like it had been put together on some poor free home software or on a 1970 style synthesiser. The beeping (the electronic part!), which permeated through the entire track was frankly annoying and sounded like a spectrum or commodor 64 audio sound and the backing track was a house style beat with a big thumping bass but very little else. The song had no depth or quality to it, didn’t go anywhere with no discernable verse, chorus, key change or change of pace at any time throughout.

The second song on the single was the original mix. Basically this was exactly the same as the radio edit but almost a minute and a half longer. It was nigh on impossible to tell which bits had been cut out for the radio edit as it went on in exactly the same style it might as well have been one track playing through for the whole 9 minutes!

The third track was a different song called Monday Massacre at just over 3 and a half minutes long. I say different track but although the arrangement is slightly different, it is along the same lines with a very similar house beat in the background. More random beeping begins around half way in and it’s just a very very bad track with no redeeming qualities whatsoever!

So now for the very sad fact – I sadly still quite enjoyed listening to this song again on the radio and I did play it again when I got home. It’s now back on my iPod and frankly I feel slightly dirty having done this. I can’t really say why I like it either, as I said it’s a pretty bad house/electronic fusion and it doesn’t really work, all I know is that when that stupid beat starts up, I just find myself starting to nod up and down like Flat Eric does in the adverts and you just have to keep going with it.

I’ll have to be honest to sum this one up; I really can’t recommend anyone downloading this song for purely its musical content. It is available to download on the Itunes store for 99p per track. What this song lacks in musicality it more than makes up for on the nostalgia scale – it’s definitely a song of its time and anyone who remembers it will smile when they hear it again after a long time and it will probably bring back some memories of childhood or really bad nightclubs! I would possibly recommend going over to Youtube and watching the video online rather than buying it as that has the added advantage of watching the ridiculous little yellow puppet thing head banging its way through the song whilst holding a phone to some speakers – Its all very bizarre, all very silly yet still holds amusement factor and for that reason alone I will give Flat Beat by Mr. Oizo 3 out of 5.

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Single Track from Mr. Oizo - Genre: Electronic

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