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published 06/09/2017 | daylehall
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Pro Excellent family friendly fun, healthy exercise
Cons Some might find 60 minutes too short
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"Time To Flip Out"

Faced with the task of having to keep my five year old daughter and three year old son occupied during the summer holidays, I decided that I needed to plan my weeks well, ensuring that they had something exciting to do every week to break up the days where we wouldn’t be doing very much. I found out about Flip Out in Ashford from a Facebook post that one of my daughter’s friends Mums put on facebook as they too had spent the day here. Thinking that it looked like fun, I decided to plan a visit.

Flip Out
For those of you who are not familiar with Flip Out they are one of the UK’s leading trampoline parks and have 65 centres across 7 different countries. Their aim is to help to encourage people to have ‘massive amounts of healthy, awesome fun’. Inside each of their trampoline parks you will find huge trampolines, foam pits, stunt box zones and ball games. They also hold special events such as nights with resident DJ’s, parties and fitness classes.

Getting There
The Flip Out Trampoline Park I visited is in the town of Ashford. It is located on the Henwood Industrial estate and is fairly easy to find with Google maps. I was surprised to see that there were not any sign posts for the park but this is probably due to the fact that it had only opened a few weeks before I visited. There is a large car park about the back of the park and parking is free.

Admission Costs
There are basically two separate admission costs and this depends on the age of the person jumping.

Standard Jump
A standard jump needs to be purchased for anybody over the age of 5. This will give you access to all the areas inside the trampoline park for 60 minutes. This ticket costs £10.

Mini Flippers
Mini Flipper tickets can be purchased for anybody under the age of 5. The great thing about the mini flipper ticket is that it actually gives the child aged under five and their adult access to the park for 60 minutes (without the adult needing to purchase their own ticket).

In order to use the facilities at Flip Out, you are required to buy your own pair of Flip Out socks which are basically super grippy socks and you are not allowed in without them. The socks are not included in the entry price and are charged at £2.50 a pair. They come in three colours, neon green, pink and black and once you have bought a pair they are yours to keep and use again and again so the good thing is you only need to buy them once.

Before you are allowed into the jumping arena, you have to sit in a room between reception and the arena where you have to watch a safety briefing. This consists of a video giving you the rules you need to follow while you are in the trampoline park. The video only last about 507 minutes and once you have watched it, you are free to go into the trampoline park.

Session Times
Each session lasts 60 minutes and although you are allowed into the trampoline park before your slot, you are not allowed to use the equipment. Once it is time for your session to start, an announcement will come over the loud speaker stating that the previous group need to leave the park and the on-coming group can now start their session.

Inside Flip Out
I was surprised at just how large the trampoline park is. My children actually gasped when we entered and didn’t know which are to go to first. For the purpose of this review I will split the park into sections. On the right hand side as you enter you have the foam pits and smaller trampolines along with the soft play, in the middle you have the slam dunk ball game areas with the stunt box areas behind this and over on the left hand side you have the larger trampolines.

Foam Pits
There are several foam pits which all have trampolines leading up to them. The idea is that you bounce on the trampoline and flip yourself (or jump) into the foam pit. Both my children loved this area although neither of them were brave enough to try out any flips and were perfectly happy just jumping. The trampolines leading up to the pits vary, some are slanted allowing you to gain a higher jump and others are flat. Once you have jumped into the foam pit, the hardest part is actually getting back out again as you sink into the foam and really have to pull yourself along to get out. Again, my kids really seemed to enjoy the feeling of sinking into the foam pieces.

Obstacle Area
The obstacle area consists of a foam pit with a long padded bar running the whole length of it, about three feet above the actual pit. The idea is that two people walk along the bar towards each other holding a padded baton. You then need to push the padded baton into the other person to try and knock them into the foam pit underneath.

The other area here consists of monkey bars which are located over the top of the other end of the foam pit. You can climb up either side of the ladder and then attempt to complete the monkey bars until you get to the other end. If you fail to reach the other side, you will of course fall off and into the ball pit.

Smaller Trampolines
The smaller trampolines are super bouncing and I was surprised at just how high I could bounce on them. There are loads of trampolines, some are flat and some are slanted so that people who know what they are doing, or are brave enough can attempt to do flips and somersaults on the trampolines. The trampolines are surrounded by large boxes so you are able to jump on the trampolines and then attempt to get yourself up on top of the boxes. The way the boxes and trampolines are situated means that you are able to jump from trampoline to box and back down to another trampoline. I was pleased with myself when I managed to get from one trampoline up onto a box but watching some of the other children aged between 8-12 jumping between all of them was actually pretty impressive.

Soft Play
There is a small double tiered soft play area which can be used by the under fives only. It is your typical style soft play with features such as slides and rolling wheels to pull yourself through. My son is only three and he every much enjoyed playing in this area.

Slam Dunk
This area consists of a large trampoline located in front of a basket ball hoop. The idea is that you bounce on the trampoline and slam dunk the ball into the hoop. As my children are quite young, I thought it would be better if we didn’t attempt this area.

Stunt Zone
Again this was an area I didn’t actually go into with my children as my three year old was not allowed in here and with good reason too. In here is where you learn all the tricks of trampolining. We stood and watched some of the teenagers in this area and some of their stunts were incredible. The trampolines and boxes are set at differing angles allowing you to flip and jump from one to the other.

Ninja Warrior Zone
This is basically a mini version of ninja warrior. You start off with space hoppers which you need to jump up onto a box with. Next from here are swinging money bars which lead you onto moving bits of plastic with holes in which you need to climb through or around. From here you need to jump onto a swinging net which is full of foam, then onto the swings. To complete the course you need to climb a 12 foot wall. As you can imagine, this wasn’t suitable for my children as they were far too young but it looked like so much fun.

Large Trampolines
Nearly one half of the entire area is taken up with large trampolines that measure roughly 12 ft by 6 ft. The trampolines are in rows of 5 across and the trampolines at each edge have a trampoline positioned against the wall vertically meaning you are able to bounce from the flat trampoline onto a wall mounted one (something I tried and ended up landing very hard on my bottom!). At the far end of the row of trampolines is a big box, from here you can jump onto the trampolines positioned nearby allowing you to gain a larger bounce. My little girl was keen to try this but I was unsure due to the fact it is probably about a 4ft drop from one of the boxes and she is only five. However she was insistent that she wanted to try it so I let her. Although she bounced quite high she was perfectly safe and even when she landed on her bottom after the initial landing she got up giggling and proceeded to jump over and over again. This area is again probably more suited to slightly older children who are keen to practice flips and somersaults. However this certainly didn’t stop up having lots of fun jumping from one trampoline to the other and jumping from the boxes onto the trampolines.

Classes & Specialist Events
As I mentioned earlier in my reviews, as well as having their 60 minute sessions available, Flip Out also offer a selection of classes and special events which you can attend at their park. I don’t know if these vary from centre to centre but currently the classes and special events offered at Ashford Flip Out are as follows;

Flip Fit
These classes are ideal for teenagers and adults looking for a new way to exercise. They are designed for age 15 and older. The classes aim to help you boost energy, tone and strengthen. An hour’s class can help you burn up to 1000 calories.

After Dark
These are session which are held in the evening, after 8pm and consist of resident DJ’s playing music, smoke machines and light shows. Basically a disco on trampolines.

Little Ninjas
These classes are aimed at children aged 4-14 and are designed to develop balance, coordination, agility and quick reactions. Children are taught tricks, flips and twists and are rewarded with different coloured belts. There is no fighting involved.

ASD & Disability Sessions
These sessions are dedicated less busy sessions with appropriate sound and lighting. They are designed to be the perfect environment for those with special educational need or Autism spectrum disorders.

The classes are all available at different times and prices but all of this information is available to view on their website.

There is a cafe located on the first floor of the trampoline park so if you have children that are old enough to jump by themselves then you are able to sit in the cafe enjoying a tea or coffee while you wait for them. They also sell a range of sandwiches, baguettes and hot food.

In summary I would highly recommend Flip Out in Ashford. Initially I thought 60 minutes didn’t seem like a very long time, however after 60 minutes of jumping around like crazy people, I think all three of us were ready to go home for a rest! I love the fact that I am able to take both my children here and there are areas that are suitable for both their ages and abilities. I must admit that I think older children would probably get more out of visiting here, purely because their ability to do flips and somersaults increases with age. I love the whole ethos behind the Flip Out brand – encouraging children to exercise in a safe and exciting way. This is definitely something that should be encouraged.

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