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published 26/03/2017 | sellerleygirl
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"The Emperor 's New Clothes with music!!"

Florence Foster Jenkins (DVD)

Florence Foster Jenkins (DVD)

:-• Florence Foster Jenkins-•-:

:-• Film Only Review -•-:

“People may say I couldn't sing, but no one can ever say I didn't sing.”

I caught this film last week on Sky Cinema when it was Premier of the Day, consequently it is a Film Only review; however, I looked on DVD Talk to find out about the extras on the DVD, they describe the extras as:
• “"Ours is a Happy World" (5 min.) is a behind the scenes featurette about the making of the film featuring interviews with the cast and filmmakers.
• The Music and Songs of Florence (4 min.) focuses on the history of Florence's songs and story.
• Designing the Look (4 min.) focuses on the film's costume designs.
• Question and Answer with Meryl Streep (16 min.) is a sit-down discussion with the beloved actress about her work on the film.
• World Premiere of Florence Foster Jenkins (2 min.) features interviews taken from the world premiere of the film.
• From Script to Screen (4 min.) focuses on the script and the story of Florence Foster Jenkins.
• Live at Carnegie Hall (10 min.) discusses the history of performances at Carnegie Hall and the singers and performers who have performed there over the years (including Florence Foster Jenkins). The history of the Hall is discussed. The concert hall eventually began to archive its history with concert tickets, brochures, posters, and more (many of which was sent to them from fans).
• Deleted Scenes (6 min.) features four deleted sequences which were removed from the final cut of the film.”
This impressive list of extras makes it sound like a decent product to buy despite me having watched it, as it is the type of film I could watch again quite easily.
:-• Tagline -•-:

The inspiring true story of the world's worst singer.

:-• Genre -•-:

• Biography
• Comedy
• Drama
• Music
:-• Film-•-:

'Florence Foster Jenkins' is a 2016 British BBC film; it is based on the true story of Florence Foster Jenkins, a New York heiress who became an opera singer known for her dreadful voice.
Although supposedly set in New York, the film was shot in Britain in Liverpool, Hoylake and New Brighton (both in Merseyside), Glasgow, Twickenham and London: Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum in Glasgow and Hammersmith Apollo were used to represent Carnegie Hall.
The film was nominated for two Oscars at the 89th Academy Awards: Best Actress for Streep (her 20th nomination) and Best Costume Design and also received four Golden Globe nominations including Best Picture.
Hugh Grant had semi-retired when the film's director, Stephen Frears, convinced him to star in this film, Grant said he decided to take the role because of the opportunity to to play opposite Meryl Streep.

In the film, Meryl Streep does all her own singing and Simon Helberg does all his own piano playing.
Film Details

Directed by Stephen Frears
Produced by Michael Kuhn and Tracey Seaward
Written by Nicholas Martin
Music by Alexandre Desplat
Cinematography Danny Cohen
Release date 6 May 2016
DVD Release 5 Sept. 2016
Running time 110 minutes
Certification PG

:-• The Main Cast -•-:

Meryl Streep as Florence Foster Jenkins
Hugh Grant as St. Clair Bayfield
Simon Helberg as Cosmé McMoon
Rebecca Ferguson as Kathleen Weatherley
Nina Arianda as Agnes Stark
Stanley Townsend as Phineas Stark
Allan Corduner as John Totten
Christian McKay as Earl Wilson
David Haig as Carlo Edwards
John Sessions as Dr. Hermann
Bríd Brennan as Kitty
John Kavanagh as Arturo Toscanini
Pat Starr as Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney
Maggie Steed as Mrs. James O'Flaherty
Thelma Barlow as Mrs. Oscar Garmunder
Liza Ross as Mrs. E.E. Patterson
Paola Dionisotti as Baroness Le Feyre
Rhoda Lewis as Mrs. Patsy Snow
Aida Garifullina as Lily Pons
Nat Luurtsema as Tallulah Bankhead
Mark Arnold as Cole Porter
:-• The Story-•-:

“No mockers and no scoffers!”

The film starts at the New York Verdi club, where hostess Florence Foster Jenkins (played by Meryl Streep), the legendary New York heiress and socialite, is giving one of her famous tableau and entertaining her fans, feeding then sandwiches and potato salad.
Ms Jenkins has always pursued her dream of becoming a great opera singer; unfortunately, the voice that SHE heard in her head was beautiful, sadly to everyone else it was hysterically appalling.
Her “husband” and manager, St Clair Bayfield (played by Hugh Grant) is an aristocratic English actor, who does his utmost to protect his beloved Florence from the truth about her voice. St Clair and Florence have a ‘marriage’ of sorts, he is obviously loves her very much and looks after her really well. Every night he puts her to bed, removes her wig (revealing a bald head), recites to her and then – when she is asleep – goes home to the apartment he keeps with his mistress Kathleen Weatherley (played by Rebecca Ferguson), returning to Florence early next morning.

Florence decides she wants to start taking singing lessons again from John Totten (played by Allan Corduner) who works with the New York Opera, and she gets St John to hire a pianist to accompany her. The shy and retiring Cosmé McMoon (played by Simon Helberg) is hired and paid the huge sum of $150 a week.

When Florence decided to give a public concert in aid of the U.S. troop at Carnegie Hall in 1944, St Clair knew he faced his greatest challenge, as people he called ‘mockers and scoffers’ were likely to attend, people who did not understand Florence’s voice – could he save Florence from the embarrassment of ‘real’ people listening to her voice without complaint?
:-• The Real Florence Foster Jenkins -•-:

Florence Foster Jenkins was born Narcissa Florence Foster on the 19th July 19, 1868, in Pennsylvania. She was born to a wealthy land-owning family, she had only one sibling – a younger sister who died at the age of 8.
She was a highly-gifted pianist, and as a child performed at society functions as - “Little Miss Foster”, she even played for the president at the White House.
After graduating Florence wished to travel to Europe to study music, however her father refused to give his permission or fund the trip. So, aged just 17, Florence eloped with 26-year-old Dr. Frank Thornton Jenkins to Philadelphia, where they married. The following year, after learning that she had contracted syphilis from her husband, she finished their relationship and never spoke of him again. Years later, she claimed that divorce decree had been granted on March 24, 1902, although no documentation of that proceeding has ever surfaced and she kept Jenkins surname for the rest of her life.

After injuring her arm, Jenkins piano career was over but she did give gave piano lessons in Philadelphia to support herself; and later with her mother to New York City. It was here in 1909 that she met a British Shakespearean actor called St. Clair Bayfield, and they began a relationship that continued for the rest of her life
When her father died later that year she inherited a substantial amount and she was determined to resume her musical career as a singer, with Bayfield acting as her manager. The problem was, she couldn’t sing and she began taking voice lessons.
She became a huge part of New York life and made herself "chairman of music" for many of the clubs that she joined. When she was in her early forties, she began giving private vocal recitals and in 1917, she became founder and "President Soprano Hostess" of her own social organization, the Verdi Club, which she described as being dedicated to "fostering a love and patronage of Grand Opera in English". and promotion of her singing career.
Aged 76, she booked Carnegie Hall for a recital, the show sold out of tickets faster than a Take That tour does today; but for the first time in her career ‘mockers, scoffers, and critics’ couldn’t be kept away – and some terrible reviews were written in the press. The ‘New York Post’ saying "Lady Florence ... indulged last night in one of the weirdest mass jokes New York has ever seen." Five days later she died of a heart attack.
:-• My Opinion -•-:

“ "How did you get to play Carnegie Hall, Mrs. Florence Foster Jenkins?" "Practice, Practice, Practice." “

I have to say that I had never heard of Florence Foster Jenkins; however - although with a majority of American actors, this is a British film (which I prefer), a true story (which I prefer) and stars Meryl Streep (who I admire as an actor) – so it was a no brainer that I would watch this film.

I am so glad that I did as this is a wonderful film!
The settings of 1940's Manhattan, with the wonderful clothes and cars is beautiful and authentic looking. As we watched, I commented to my husband ‘how did they manage to get all these shots in New York’, I found out afterwards that the film was all shot in the UK – and a lot around an area I grew up in as a child – the Wirral.
I am not always a fan of Hugh Grant, remembering all the floppy haired rom com parts he has played; however, he has matured well – I was amazed just how old he looked (in fact Meryl Streep said of co-starring with Hugh Grant as her romantic partner; "I always thought I was too old. But he got older") Grant plays Bayfield, the man who persuaded sympathetic socialites and the critics (that he could bribe) to pamper to his wealthy ‘wife's’ fantasies by lining up vocal coaches, accompanists, and private recitals at The Verdi Club (which she owned). Still a charmer, but a lot more mature one, Grant makes his character much deeper and darker as the failed Shakespearean actor who protects his wife from the contemptuous crowd but who has no one defending him from the arguably greater wound of the indifference he is shown. Initially, I thought that Bayfield was in it purely for the money but it is obvious just how much he cares for Florence as he removes her wig, tucks her into bed and holds her with a closeness that is beyond sex and pure love
Although Bayfield keeps a mistress, it is with the indirect permission of his ‘wife’; Florence’s first husband had left with syphilis which explains their non-existent sex life.
Hugh Grant is just wonderful as St John Bayfield, from what I have seen of his work this is by far his best performance – he may have come out of semi-retirement to make the film - and he's never been better.

When it comes to the titular role, Meryl Streep is just wonderful (as always!) is there no role this woman cannot make her own.
Ms Streep portrays Florence as a captivatingly real woman and succeeds in intentionally singing badly despite that in real life she is a far better singer (as my husband commented while watching it, “She must be able to sing well to sing so badly, like Les Dawson and his piano playing!”) She brings out all our emotions, as initially we are one of the ‘mockers and scoffers’ and laugh at her, she makes us laugh at her idiosyncrasies (she will only eat and serve sandwiches and potato salad – so much potato salad is devoured her maid makes it in the bath!!), we feel her pain and suffering when we learn of her medical history and see her pain, we feel so sorry for her at the criticism she gets and triumph for her at her standing ovations.

Then there is the ‘Big Bang Theory’s Simon Helberg who plays Cosmé McMoon. He plays the shy, physically unattractive young man who has desires to become a serious classical musician so very well. When h first hears Florence’s voice he realises that his association with her would make her laughing-stock in the classical world. However, he too falls under her spell and a curious friendship grows between them, stimulated by their shared passion for music (not to mention the £150 a week she is paying him). Cosmé eventually learns to play to help Florence’s voice and you cannot feel any dislike for him going along with her self-deception. This can’t be said for her vocal coach Carlo Edwards who, as assistant conductor at the Metropolitan Opera, who shamelessly praises her voice – this seems condescending from a musician of distinction. However, St John ‘s comments about her voice of "Delightful… just delightful" feels like it is spoken with love and caring.
I was amazed to hear that Simon Helberg actually played the piano himself – he is a talented pianist.

This is a film that starts off making you wonder if you’ll watch it all, and then little by little grabs you in and won’t let you go for almost two hours – that flies by so quickly.
To quote Hugh - "Delightful… just delightful"
:-• Ratings -•-:

• Rotten Tomatoes: 87%, based on 193 reviews
• Metacritic: 71 out of 100, based on 41 critics
• iMDB: 6.9?10 from 29,513 votes

:-• Critics -•-:

• Wall Street Journal: "The movie is a pleaser, for the most part, even though the attitude it takes toward its subject is often problematic"

• Variety: "Stephen Frears' bright, bubbly and suitably ear-bursting biopic of surely the least gifted chanteuse ever to sell out Carnegie Hall"

• New York Times: "Meryl Streep stars in an enjoyable look back at a would-be singer and a Carnegie Hall concert remembered for how awful it was"

• Plugged In: "Florence Foster Jenkins reminds us all that, sometimes, passion trumps perfection. That what we love doesn't always make sense."

:-• Awards -•-:

• Academy Awards, 2017

Oscar Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role - Meryl Streep
Best Achievement in Costume Design - Consolata Boyle

• Golden Globes, 2017

Golden Globe Best Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy
Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy - Hugh Grant
Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy - Meryl Streep
Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in a Motion Picture - Simon Helberg

• BAFTA Awards 2017

BAFTA Film Award Best Make Up/Hair J. Roy Helland and Daniel Phillips
BAFTA Film Award Best Leading Actress - Meryl Streep
Best Supporting Actor - Hugh Grant
Best Costume Design - Consolata Boyle

• European Film Awards 2016.
Hugh Grant nominated for European Actor
:-• Trailer -•-:


:-• How to Watch -•-:

‘Florence Foster Jenkins’ is available on Netflix and Sky Cinema, free for subscribers ; it can also be purchased from Amazon new from £4.34, used from £3.23, £7.99 from Amazon Instant Video or from LoveFilm by post.
Some DVDs on Amazon are available for free delivery within the UK and are if you have a Prime account, if neither of these apply add £1.26 for postage
Amazon are currently offering £1.00 credit to spend on movies or TV on Amazon Video when you purchase a DVD or Blu-ray offered by Amazon.co.uk. A maximum of 1 credit per customer applies.
:-• DVD Details -•-:

Format: PAL
Region: Region 2
Number of discs: 1
Classification: PG
Studio: Pathe
DVD Release Date: 5 Sept. 2016
Run Time: 110 minutes
ASIN: B01F000VI0

:-• In Conclusion -•-:

I really recommend that you watch this wonderful, entertaining and emotive film; every single performance from the three main actors - Streep, Grant and Helberg - to the many supporting actors are all outstanding.
The film also makes you want to back Florence every step of the way; you feel sorry for her at the critic’s responses, happy at her child-like joy at praise and so, so sorry for her and the obvious mental problems she has – presumably brought on by the syphilis
This is one of the best films that I have seen in a while; it is extremely entertaining, well-acted, beautifully filmed – it is sad, it is funny and it is full of optimism and inspiring for us all.
After watching this as ‘film only’ on Sky, I am definitely going to buy the DVD as (a) I’d like to watch it again and( b) the extras sound really interesting and worth watching.
:-• Pictures -•-:

Taken From Google

1. Florence making one of her recordings
2. Florence and St John
3. Cosmé McMoon and St John as Cosmé’s interview
4. The real Florence

Thanks for reading, I hope that you have found this review useful

:-• © Sellerleygirl March 2017 -•-:

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