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In this category we have coffee, beer, wine and tea plus much, much more. Read our user's reviews about the food and drinks they have tried and tasted so you can try something new at breakfast, lunch or dinner. Also for more tips and hints to make a party or meal more special check out our recipe section in Ciao Cafe ... more

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better CRUNCH chocolate

15.04.2017 Review of Nestle Crunch Milk

"My experience when entering into a market. While during the day, I feel hungry, and I want food that is sweet, tasty, and of course cheap. when I was looking food, I saw a light meal wrapped in dark blue plastic and it turns out it was chocolate milk. Wi ..."

Read full review by caksmunn29

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Healthy tea

07.04.2017 Review of Yorkshire Tea

"...is very good for health, more over the world, all are giving importants to tea for health. We have to select the best one, its a very important. Tea always better than coffee and other drinks, I think yorkshire tea is good energy.one thing in tea ..."

Read full review by mohan1970

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Everything peanut butter should be - pass me a spoon!

04.04.2017 Review of Skippy Peanut Butter

"Now I know that peanut butter is one of those things that people either go nuts for (see what I did there?) or just the mere thought of it makes them recoil in horror. I am most definitely the first one. I consider myself to be a bit of a peanut butter co ..."

Read full review by Kikikitsune

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Deliciousy Sweet

29.03.2017 Review of Baileys Irish Cream with a Hint of Creme Caramel

"...If you're a fan of the tradition Irish whiskey and creme liqueur, this exquisite update in flavour is for you. With a sweeter flavour than the original, Baileys with a Hint of Creme Caramel is a perfect creamy alcoholic treat. For newcomers or first tri ..."

Read full review by ohayes

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