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In this category we have coffee, beer, wine and tea plus much, much more. Read our user's reviews about the food and drinks they have tried and tasted so you can try something new at breakfast, lunch or dinner. Also for more tips and hints to make a party or meal more special check out our recipe section in Ciao Cafe ... more

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Great people, great food, great atmosphere and great value

25.09.2016 Review of Table Table

"...a 5 day business trip and stayed at the Premier inn Motherwell. I used the Table Table restaurant on the first night as it is next door my plan was to look around and find some local places to eat for the other 3 evenings. The food was fantastic the ..."

Read full review by AndyPickett

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my opinion

20.09.2016 Review of Nestle Nesquik Chocolate

"...even for all its so easy to make i just 3 steps first to put 1 or 2 spoons in a cup and hen add a warm water or milk then just mix it well combine nestle nesquik chocolate its a good too for cakes you can do it ..."

Read full review by miss_twenty

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Fancy packaging, Nothing special about the coffee

19.09.2016 Review of Percol Black & Beyond Espresso

"Percol Black and Beyond instant coffee ‘Espresso, Dark and Intense’ Stats Taste: 2/10 – no flavour Crema: 1/5- virtually no flavour. Very very weak Aroma – 0/0 – no strong coffee smell at all Percol cannot make coffee in my opinion. I’ve tried 4 differen ..."

Read full review by The-random-reviewer

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Jhonnie Walker Black label cotland whisky

16.08.2016 Review of Johnnie Walker Black Label

"warm drink for body if season cold warm drinks labeled blended scotland to be taken in the winter time for the body to keep warm and not freezing appropriate dosing body fits perfectly in consumption as winter comes if the excess can be high and unconscio ..."

Read full review by cobolo888

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