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In this category we have coffee, beer, wine and tea plus much, much more. Read our user's reviews about the food and drinks they have tried and tasted so you can try something new at breakfast, lunch or dinner. Also for more tips and hints to make a party or meal more special check out our recipe section in Ciao Cafe ... more

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Where has the chocolate gone?

22.06.2017 Review of Cadbury Choclate Fingers, Biscuits

"In my opinion Cadbury fingers are going downhill fast. I bought a packet of fingers last week labelled 'more to share' and priced at £1. However more of what? I think they meant more of the biscuit for the simple reason there is less chocolate coating on ..."

Read full review by ROSSENDALENO5

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I wasn't a mustard lover until I tried French's!

17.06.2017 Review of Frenchs Classic Yellow Mustard

"In my opinion, French's is one of the companies I thoroughly enjoy their mustard. Personally, I am a ketchup and mayonnaise fan. However, French's made me into a mustard gal. I truly enjoy it on a fried bologna sandwich or a sausage biscuit! The one neg ..."

Read full review by PainfullyHonest

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Pukka Vanilla Chai tea rich in benefits

10.06.2017 Review of Pukka Vanilla Chai

"I really like pukka vanilla chai tea, herbal tea that does not contain kaffeine and it tastes so good for those who taste become addicted and do not stop to drink it. Packed with a simple and practical look, besides this pokka vanilla chai tea contains gi ..."

Read full review by marakim21

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Pukka Vanilla Chai spicy brew

09.06.2017 Review of Pukka Vanilla Chai

"In my opinion ,this is yummy and very good quality tea, And guess what it's also caffeine free so it doesn't keep you awake at night ! I also love how it's organic , although it doesn't have a vanilla taste , it really hits the spot with the spicy kick yo ..."

Read full review by fairmoshi

Ciao members have rated this review on average: somewhat helpful

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