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Browse through our range of food products to view reviews on dairy product, frozen food, grain, sauce and condiments, sweets and snacks, tinned food, canned food and many other culinary items. For some cooking inspiration check out the recipe section in ciao cafe where Ciao members have given their advice and ideas for ... more

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Dairy Products
Butter, Margarine & Spreads (136)
Cheese (146)
Milk (70)
Yoghurt (331)
Cream (29)
Frozen Food
Ice Cream & Frozen Desserts (410)
Frozen Pizzas & Breads (118)
Frozen Ready Meals (228)
Frozen Vegetables & Chips (73)
Frozen Pies (29)
Sauces, Oils & Condiments
Sauces (627)
Oil & Vinegar (86)
Salad Dressings (55)
Dips & Antipasti (20)
Pasta Sauces (90)
Confectionary & Snacks
Chocolate (851)
Sweets & Lollipops (776)
Crisps (473)
Dried Snacks (193)
Desserts (195)
Ready-to-Eat Food
Ready Meals (331)
Dressed Salads (39)
Ready Pies, Pizzas & Quiches (143)
Prepared Sandwiches (34)
Meat, Sausages & Fish
Chicken (32)
Sausages (42)
Beef (22)
Salmon (14)
Pork (16)
Bacon (14)
Ready Meals (56)
Frozen Ready Meals (34)
Burgers (13)
Quorn (51)
Sausages (13)
Tofu (5)
Fruit & Vegetables
Bakery & Cakes
Bread (138)
Cakes (562)
Patisserie (99)
Biscuits & Cereal Bars (967)
Bread Rolls & Buns (41)
Cans & Jars
Canned Meat (68)
Canned Fish (62)
Canned Soup (169)
Canned Vegetables (135)
Canned Beans & Pulses (128)
Packets & Cereals
Cereals (361)
Pasta (79)
Rice (45)
Packet Soups (63)
Flour & Grains (102)

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Posh pickles packed full of crunch

18.04.2014 Review of Garners Original Pickled Onions

"These things rock, if you like pickled onions then these things are the daddy! The vinegar is especially strong and tangy, its so tasty you feel bad about pouring it down the drain when you finish the onions, any suggestions on how to re-use it would be ..."

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Lovely to recieve something a little different for easter

18.04.2014 Review of Maltesers Malteaster Bunnies & Egg

"Alot of people claim easter is just another marketing scam, depending on you background etc. I'm personally a massive fan of easter egs, just because I think chocolate tastes better in egg form. Don't ask me why its all the same stuff.. === Overall verdi ..."

Read full review by pj1991

Ciao members have rated this review on average: helpful

Coco snaps to make easter creation

17.04.2014 Review of Tesco Value Coco Snaps

"...To finish off the Easter nests that I made with the children from a chocolate Swiss roll I used some Tesco Everyday Value Coco Snaps. I noticed these coco snaps next to coco pops on the cereal shelf, they only cost 83p- for 375g that's 22p per 100g The K ..."

Read full review by mumsymary

Ciao members have rated this review on average: very helpful

Eggcelent for Easter (I'm sorry, I had to!)

17.04.2014 (18.04.2014) Review of Maltesers Malteaster Bunnies & Egg

"== Eggcellent for Easter == _I intended to review only the bunnies but either me or Ciao did something weird, (plus I can't change it) so here is a review for just the bunnies half. Apologies for the confusion!_ === What is it? === Malteser Bunnies are th ..."

Read full review by taleoftwobooks

Ciao members have rated this review on average: helpful

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