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Browse through our range of food products to view reviews on dairy product, frozen food, grain, sauce and condiments, sweets and snacks, tinned food, canned food and many other culinary items. For some cooking inspiration check out the recipe section in ciao cafe where Ciao members have given their advice and ideas for ... more

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Dairy Products
Butter, Margarine & Spreads (136)
Cheese (162)
Milk (75)
Yoghurt (342)
Cream (31)
Frozen Food
Ice Cream & Frozen Desserts (435)
Frozen Pizzas & Breads (123)
Frozen Ready Meals (236)
Frozen Vegetables & Chips (85)
Frozen Pies (30)
Sauces, Oils & Condiments
Sauces (649)
Oil & Vinegar (91)
Salad Dressings (57)
Dips & Antipasti (28)
Pasta Sauces (92)
Confectionary & Snacks
Chocolate (888)
Sweets & Lollipops (792)
Crisps (496)
Dried Snacks (207)
Desserts (206)
Ready-to-Eat Food
Ready Meals (375)
Dressed Salads (64)
Ready Pies, Pizzas & Quiches (150)
Prepared Sandwiches (36)
Meat, Sausages & Fish
Chicken (41)
Sausages (50)
Beef (32)
Salmon (22)
Pork (24)
Bacon (16)
Ready Meals (58)
Frozen Ready Meals (36)
Burgers (15)
Quorn (51)
Sausages (15)
Tofu (6)
Fruit & Vegetables
Bakery & Cakes
Bread (146)
Cakes (605)
Patisserie (116)
Biscuits & Cereal Bars (1010)
Bread Rolls & Buns (50)
Cans & Jars
Canned Meat (71)
Canned Fish (61)
Canned Soup (176)
Canned Vegetables (146)
Canned Beans & Pulses (131)
Packets & Cereals
Cereals (370)
Pasta (90)
Rice (48)
Packet Soups (70)
Flour & Grains (109)

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better CRUNCH chocolate

15.04.2017 Review of Nestle Crunch Milk

"My experience when entering into a market. While during the day, I feel hungry, and I want food that is sweet, tasty, and of course cheap. when I was looking food, I saw a light meal wrapped in dark blue plastic and it turns out it was chocolate milk. Wi ..."

Read full review by caksmunn29

Ciao members have rated this review on average: not helpful

Everything peanut butter should be - pass me a spoon!

04.04.2017 Review of Skippy Peanut Butter

"Now I know that peanut butter is one of those things that people either go nuts for (see what I did there?) or just the mere thought of it makes them recoil in horror. I am most definitely the first one. I consider myself to be a bit of a peanut butter co ..."

Read full review by Kikikitsune

Ciao members have rated this review on average: very helpful

Tesco Minced Beef Hot Pot. Not for me!

13.02.2017 Review of Tesco Minced Beef Hot Pot

"I purchased a Tesco Mince Beef Hot Pot as no Bisto ones were available and I thought it would be useful to have a comparison. I cooked my Tesco Hot Pot in my microwave using both the grill and microwave settings as I prefer to do with similar frozen meal ..."

Read full review by Polyrus

Ciao members have rated this review on average: helpful

Orgran Vanilla Cake Mix

03.02.2017 Review of Orgran Vanilla Cake Mix

"this is really delicious once served, i think the instructions given on the back side is not appropriate, though my children really liked this. I would really recommend this to all. i my opinion children should have this in break fast as it is really give ..."

Read full review by brijeshb92

Ciao members have rated this review on average: somewhat helpful

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