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... Swiftly moving onto the game, 'Football Manager 2007' is the third and latest game since ditching the Champ Manager name behind, it hasn't quite reached revolution status but definately shows evolution at its finest. The game, like most other pedigree managing games throws you straight ... Read review
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Microsoft Xbox 360 Football Manager 2007 Sealed Spanish Espana Version

Microsoft Xbox 360 Football Manager 2007 Sealed Spanish Espana Version

item name microsoft xbox 360 football manager 2007 new sealed spanish espana version ... more

description football manager 2007 game for the
xbox 360 brand new and factory sealed spanish
version so the box manual and game will be in the
spanish language bear th...

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Football Manager 2007 (PSP) [Sony PSP] - Game

Football Manager 2007 (PSP) [Sony PSP] - Game

In a nutshell: Ron Managers of the world rejoice the best football management game in the ... more

world just got better. From the original creators
of Championship Manager comes the most in-depth
and realistic strategy simulation ever seen. The
lowdown: Having already got the balance between
complexity and accessibility pretty much spot on,
most of the improvements in this latest sequel are
designed to make the game feel more organic and
believable. A lot of it is simple stuff like being
able to conduct team talks and see how players are
responding to your dressing room dress downs, but
it really makes a difference. Its also possible
for major clubs to sign up smaller ones as feeder
clubs, while players themselves have a greater
level of personality and new signings can be asked
to recommend other players. None of the new
changes have a massive impact on the way you play
the game, but they all serve to create an even
more immersive reality. Most exciting moment: The
scouting engine has also received a major revamp
and makes searching for new stars a lot easier.
The scouts you send out can now learn from their
experiences and a new scout report card makes it
easier to get a quick overview while you do your
superstar shopping. Since you ask: This version of
the game still doesnt have anything approaching
moving graphics and its unlikely thats ever going
to change. The interface has been greatly improved
though so that its not only easier to use but also
faster and smoother. The bottom line: The best
football management game ever made.-HARRISON DENT

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Community Level 3darren1987


'My Name's Darren and i'm a Gamerholic'

AdvantagesGreat Gameplay, Wide selection of teams, Realistic

DisadvantagesHighly Addictive

"I'v been playing football managing games now ever since 'Premier Manager 98' on the original Playstation console. I gradually worked my way up through the years and found myself playing the range of 'Championship Manager' games on both PC and Xbox. For footie fans what could be better than personalising your own team?? I picked this game up in Blockbuster around 2months ago and decided to rent it, this wasn't a really good idea and you'l find out ..." Read review

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With all-new features, improved gameplay and a depth only seen from Sports Interactive, Football Manager 2007 and Football Manager Handheld offers a management simulation that is second to none. To whet the appetite of every Football fan, SEGA and Sports Interactive have unveiled just some of the new features available with more features for all platforms to be announced in the coming months. Features: Feeder Clubs - Brand new to Football Manager 2007, and one of the most requested features on Sports Interactive's forums has been the addition of feeder clubs to the game. This new addition works in all the ways you would expect it to in real life. You can establish your club as the small team who receives loan players from a larger club or a large club looking for support getting your youngsters match experience by loaning them out. Have the first option on players from clubs, and schedule pre-arranged friendlies each season by simply asking your board for a feeder relationship and choose from the list they compile. Youth Revamp - A complete revamp of youth teams sees full youth squads for each team that has a youth set-up, thus giving a much better system for the regeneration of players in the long term game. User Friendly - Football Manager 2007 gives players a new easier to use default skin, along with hints and tips throughout the game, and an improved tutorial. In addition to better feedback from your assistant manager and scouts as well as lots more media, customisation and multiple row selection, all this adds up to the most user friendly Sports Interactive game ever. Scouting Revamp - A complete revamp of the scouting system inside the game leads to more information about players and teams being made available to managers, as well as a more realistic methodology for player scouting. This system allows scouts to grow and improve their knowledge-base of the world¿s football players. Player Interaction - You can now talk to any player in the world via the media. Player interaction allows you to tap up other teams stars or see if players will buckle under the pressure. An effective manager must use the media as a motivational tool - why not praise your own players in many different ways or shout at them for loss of form? Team Talks - For more varied ways to talk to your team, SI have worked hard to deliver vastly improved team talks at half and full time. Not only this, but pre-match team talks will now be making their first appearance in Football Manager - so you can send your team out onto the pitch with a specific briefing.

Product details

Publisher Sega
Developer Sports Interactive
Release Date 1st December 2006
Age 3+
Genre Sports
Sub Genre Management Sim
Max Number of Players Offline 1 Player
Max Number of Players Online 16 Player
Format DVD-ROM
Platform Xbox 360
Aka FM 2007; Football Manager 07
EAN 5060004769865; 5050053016829


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