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Football Manager Handheld 2009 (PSP)

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... Albeit under the new banner of Football Manager! Of course, in the intervening years the game has developed somewhat. Football manager is now a vast database of immense statistical comprehension that covers nearly every football league on the planet. The graphical interface has received ... Read review
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Football Manager 2009 (PSP) - Sony PSP

Football Manager 2009 (PSP) - Sony PSP

2D Match Display. For the first time ever on PSP, Football Manager Handheld now features a ... more

2D match engine with two camera angles, allowing
you to view the full match or zoom in on the
action.Multiple Leagues. Run up to four top tier
playable divisions...

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Liquid football!

AdvantagesDepth and challenge remain, but so much simpler for the time conscious!

DisadvantagesWell, some people just don't like football - fools!

"FOOTBALL MANAGER 2009 (PSP) A long time ago (1992 to be precise) in a bedroom far, far away, sat a geeky football loving goof who, when not outdoors kicking a football about (surprisingly for a geek he was also frigging awesome at football), they were sat on their Amiga 600 being wowed by either the greatest football game ever made - Sensible Soccer - or the beginnings of an otherwise humble football management simulator. Little more than a text ..." Read review

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Community Level 1T1q234


Football Manager Next Gen stuff ?

Advantagesgreat for building smalls team to the greatest

Disadvantagesneeds to inprove in more areas

"Well football manager hanheld is one of the many serie of football manager but for those who dont really kow much about this stimulation game here is a bit of info, FMH 09 is the lastest of the a Football Manager games, FMH allows you to show off your stuff to prove if you are the best and shows if you can make one off the smallest clubs to show not to be taken so likely or show why the bigger clubs are mean't to be feared by all. Gameplay Well ..." Read review

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Community Level 4Andrew316


Football on the go

AdvantagesThe greatest management sim of all time on the go.


"Football Manager on the go, this is the thing I dreamed of for years and now it is a reality. Granted I am a couple of years behind the times but this version was my first experience of the portable Football Manager experience. When this game first caught my attention I shunned it as I did not see the point in buying a version of a game I was not overly impressed with on the PC. However a deal on Play that was too good to turn down later and fate ..." Read review

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Community Level 2sanders0812


Football Manager Handheld 2009

AdvantagesIf you like football manager games you're love it!

DisadvantagesDOesn't would as much data as teh pc version.

"...great! I have found in previous football manager games the font size are quiet small and did make it difficult to see the small numbers but not on this game. I have no problems looking at player ratings, fitness condition, attributes etc.... So you can now be in relegations battles, midtable scraps or chasing titles while you travel to work, on your lunch breaks or sitting on the toilet! This game really does make my travel time to work goes ..." Read review

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Product details

Publisher Sega
Release Date November 2008
Age 3+
Genre Sports; Simulation
Sub Genre Football; Management Sim
Max Number of Players 1 Player
Platform PSP
EAN 5060138439955; 5060138440005
EAN 5060138439955


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