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Forgotten Victory - Gary Sheffield

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Forgotten Victory: The First World War: Myths and Realities - Gary Sheffield

Forgotten Victory: The First World War: Myths and Realities - Gary Sheffield

Paperback. Pub Date: Jun Pages: 384 in Publisher: Review The First World War is arguably ... more

the most misunderstood event in twentieth-century
history - In a radical new interpretation leading
military historian Gary Sheffield argues that
while the war was tragic. it was not futile; and.
although condemned as 'lions led by donkeys'. in
reality the itish citizen army became the most
effective fighting force in the world. which in
1918 won the greatest series of battles in itish
history. A challenging and controversial book.
FORGOTTEN VICTORY is based on twenty years of
research and draws on the work of major scholars.
Without underestimating the scale of the human
tragedy or playing down the disasters. it explodes
many myths about the First World War. placing it
in its true historical context.

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'An important book that shatters many myths about the First World War' Richard Holmes

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Type Non-Fiction
Genre History
Subgenre World War I
Publisher Headline Publishing Group
Release Date 05.06.2002
Author Gary Sheffield
Title Forgotten Victory
EAN 9780747264606


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