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... * In this pop up box you find a sentence at the bottom saying "More hints on formatting reviews and answers to Frequently Asked Questions can be found in the chapter Formatting Reviews." Click the words "formatting reviews" at the end of this sentence and you will be forwarded to a page ... Read review

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Community Level 5hayleigh_18


Learning to format Ciao reviews....?

AdvantagesTesting my techniques... Future reviews will look better - 'IF' I can get it right.

DisadvantagesThis is my first time, and things MAY go terribly wrong! lol

"...this review to "test my formatting techniques" as I could have done using the preview button instead. But seen as though I've already written this, and because I am still finding it impossible to insert "bullet points" (and would appreciate your tips for doing so??), I have decided to post it anyway..... == This is a big heading == === And this is my sub-heading === Ok, up to now I have had great difficulty in trying to "format" my ..." Read review

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