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published 19/05/2004 | ralfschumacher
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Pro Action, crashes, speed.
Cons I get fed up with Michael Schumacher winning all the time.
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"Get in the fast Lane. My View on the teams."

In my opinion for Formula 1 is the best motorsoprt around. My friends always moan at me and say all it is, is cars going round and round a track, get re-fuelled and go back round and round the track again. To me it's more than that. I really enjoy seeing how each teams strategy works for them in the race and I love it when there is some serious racing going on and wheel to wheel action.

The Teams: -

----------------------Scuderia Ferrari-----------------------

Drivers: Michael Schumacher and Rubens Barichello.

Ferrari are top team of the bunch and this year they're living up to their title as the best team out there with Michael Schumacher getting 5 wins out of 5 and with his team mate Rubens Barichello also doing well at all the races.

Ferrari somewhat annoy me though. I don't know why they just do. I always think in some way that they are cheating or something. I know that they are not but their cars are always reliable and they near enough always win. And also I don't trust that John Todt guy. That moment when Barichello had to pull over to let Michael win the race always comes into my head. I remember hearing a sound recording or something of him saying to Barrrichello 'Let Michael pass for the Championship please' and I was thinking to myself why didn't Barrichello just say that the radio wasn't working or something. They wouldn't be able to blame him for anything then would they?

Another thing that anoyed me this time was from something said by Michael Schumacher. He said something at one of the races he'd just won in the press conference this year that he loves to battle with the other drivers. I was cracking up because there was no battle. He hardly ever battles with anyone nowadays. After the first 3 laps of the race he was gone. He had no trouble with his car, no trouble with his pit stops and he won by about half a minute though I think he slowed down at the end to try and make out that their car wasn't that faster than the rest of the field. Michael is great driver but even he must feel kind of sh*tty just starting from first all the time and then finishing first with not a single battle with anyone. But only now is it starting to get fun again as him and Montoya are begining to have a little spat.

--------------------BMW Williams---------------------------

Drivers: Ralf Schumacher and Juan Pablo Montoya

BMW Williams were quite good last year and are doing okay this year but are still left behind Ferrari as usual. They have powerful engine and two very good drivers but something is just missing this year.

As you can guess from my Ciao user name Ralf Schumacher is my favourite driver and he has always been since I started watching in about 1999/2000. I've watched him all this time work his way up the ladder and prove himself to others who used to call him reckless as a good driver. Though this year he's not doing as well as expected I still think he has great potential for the rest of the races.

Montoya has been one of Michael Schumacher's closests rivals this year along with Button. He has been driving well and he's always p*ssed off with him which adds more excitement when they're in the press conferences together.

--------------------BAR Honda-------------------------------

Drivers: Jenson Button and Takuma Sato.

Well to me this was a suprise. I never knew that BAR were going to be this good. This year they have made some massive improvements as they are the closest rivals to the Ferrari team. They even got a pole position with Button, though in the end Michael still one as usual.

Both of their drivers have been performing really well and producing some good points positions and in Button's case some podiums. I think this team will continue to do well this year and I believe that they still have a few cards up their sleeve.


Drivers: Fernando Alonso and Jarno Trulli.

Last year renault did some great thing with their car. Their package worked very well as even though they didn't have a really powerful engine they had some other great gizmos such as their fantastic launch control which was used to it's full capacity by the team's two drivers. A lot of the time this gained them 2, 3 or 4 positions at the start or the race and sometimes even more.

Last year Alonso shined as an excellent Formula 1 driver by coming 5th in the championship and having a win under his name. Trulli also done very well by consistently getting points at each race. I think that this partnership has been the up point of their constant points scoring positions.

--------------------McClaren Mercedes--------------------

Drivers: Kimi Raikonen and David Coulthard.

Basically this team is doing crap this year. So far Kimi Raikonen, Michael Schumacher's closest rival last year has only scored one point due to engine failures. David Coulthard isn't doing that well either though he must love been number one again. Once they sort out their car I think they could come back later on in the season.


Drivers: Mark webber and Cristian Klien.

Mark Webber is a very highly rated driver by most and agree. He even scored 2 points at the Australian Grand Prix in a Minardi, though there was a bit of luck in that. But he also delivered a fine qualifying performance in Brazil last year and a great end result to the season.

I don't much about Christain Klien accept that he's not doing much better than Justin Wilson or Antonio Pizzonia. I did like his attitude at the Bahrain grand Prix this year as you could see that he was giving it all.

Overall Jaguar have been on and off with the pace some years and races they have it and some they don't. I remember one year when they were doing kind of crap, Eddie Irvine came out of nowhere and got a 3rd place at I think the Monaco Grand Prix. I also think that last year Jaguar made a mistake of getting rid of Antonio Pizzonia because in my book he was starting to improve and should have been allowed to finish the year off. When they replaced him with Justin Wilson he only managed one point and wasn't doing much better. I hate that in Formula 1 when they don't give drivers a chance.


Drivers: Felipe Massa and Giancarlo Fishichella.

Sauber have been going down these last couple of years. They have the old Ferrari engine and a few of their other bits but it hasn't been enough. They need to use the components to the full potential to get close to the rest of the field. I think once all their aero package and other gizmos are sorted out the team will have a lot of potemtial the mingiling with the likes of Renault.

I must say that I do like their team line up this year, though I do miss Heidfeld at the team. It seems weird because he was at that team for quite a few years and always performed well and used to be best of the rest in 2001/02.


Drivers: Cristano Da Matta and Olivier Panis.

With the money that Toyota have got I though they would have had a better start this year but sadly
not. They even bought that guy from Renault but he doesn't seem to have helped them that much though I've got a feeling that this team will come back. Last year I was mighty impressed with both drivers performances especially new guy Da Matta who got more points than his experienced team mate Panis. This partnership was a strong point to the team not coming last, last year and I am glad that they decided to keep both drivers. Like Alonso and Trulli a good atmosphere between the drivers can help. These drivers also helped eah other with their strategy's unlike some others who only work with their own mechanics and stuff. All in all Toyota haven't done that well but are getting there.


Drivers: Nick Heidfeld and Georgio Pantano

What can I say about this team then? Well the only thing I can say is that I feel sorry for them. Their car is totally crap and ain't that much better than the Minardis. It's funny in a way because Honda were doing crap when they had them as their engine supplier but as soon as Jordan went to Ford for theor engines they've been moving downwards and Honda with BAR have been going up. Jordan really need to sort out theoir entire package really and dump their Ford engines in the skip. The only thing they've got going is their drivers who I think have been doing well considering that heep of junk they've been driving.


Drivers: Zsolt Baumgartner and Bruni

This team just needs a little more money then they can get ahead of Jordan. Then they need a lot more to catch up with the rest.

Formula 1 is the best. If you don't watch check it out and see what you were missing.

Thanks for reading. I don't think it makes sense.

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  • Jordon published 12/01/2005
    Never been a fan, but love bike racing
  • salem_witch published 29/09/2004
    I've never really like F1, too noisy for me lol
  • suereaney published 22/08/2004
    Absolutely brilliant - I wish I had read this a month or so ago when I was looking for some info about F1 - I hope you don't mind, but I've kept the info. to read through again. Never to late to learn something new! - Suzyxx
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