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When the Internet really took hold of the UK market in the second half of the 1990's, the thing that probably drove the massive increase in popularity was the product offering promised by Freeserve, who were the first internet service provider "to offer a mass market, subscription-free Internet ... Read review

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Community Level 7dave27


To serve is our mission to malfunction our duty


DisadvantagesPatchy service

"...to boast "Within five months Freeserve had opened one million customer accounts and became the clear market leader, revolutionising the home Internet access market in the UK. On 2 August 1999, after only ten months of operation, Freeserve was listed on the London Stock Exchange and Nasdaq, with Dixons continuing to own approximately 80% of Freeserve. The IPO allocated to institutional and retail investors 153,043,478 shares, of which 90,000,000 were ..." Read review

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Community Level 8blurbubble


So long, farewell, goodbye..

AdvantagesUmmm, errr, pass on that one!

DisadvantagesPoor service

"...now with NTL. Well, back then Freeserve had no monthly subscription fee but I had to pay local call charges and being newly addicted my phone bills were horrendous. The service cut off regularly – whether it was supposed to or not, I don’t know – and it was quite often engaged on my first connect attempts. Luckily I’m free of all that now. Their website at the time was fairly simple and self-explanatory –sometimes ..." Read review

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Community Level 2carys


Not a bad ISP and it is free

Advantages15mb free webspace, 3 sign-up options, unlimited email addresses, newsgroup access

Disadvantagesthe service disconnects you after 2 hours of being online

"I’ve been using Freeserve as my ISP since soon after it was launched. It is very easy to get hold of and install - grab a CD from your local Dixons/Currys/PC World, and it comes with all the software you need, such as the latest version of Internet Explorer. Or alternatively, if you already have an internet connection, you can sign up at their website - http://www.freeserve.com. Incidentally, I still use the site as my homepage; it’s got ..." Read review

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Community Level 4Roberts


Freeserve - The Good The Bad The Ugly

AdvantagesGood Packages & Extras


"...originally I was not with Freeserve but I have now come back to Freeserve as they provide one hell of a lot better service! Let us begin! Packages: Freeserve has 3 pay plans that gives you time on the Internet. They are: . Freeserve Anytime. Freeserve Anytime is £13.99 a month. Over the last few months this price has gone up by £1 but this is because they have recently installed more servers.. to cope! For your £13.99 You get unlimited time ..." Read review

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Community Level 1arifaslam


Great Portal



"Freeserve is very higly rated in some ways it deserves credit in other ways it doesn't. The website is great and has everythin you need from the web on one page. The new unmetered service is unfair because it only provides for BT customers. The service isn't all that fast. It has the usual stuff from an isp- free webspace, email chat etc. The website is too slow at peak times so beware!! The help section needs to be more helpful and add new features ..." Read review

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Listed on Ciao since 08/06/2000

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similar by Type (Internet Service Providers)
Speed, always-on, flat-rate charge, leaves phone line free for voice calls
expensive, seriously crap news server, only available in areas of high population, must have a BT line, must have a credit card or Visa Delta card, less than fantastic technical support, poor customer service, extra software, can't use it with Opera (*)
Reliable connection at a decent speed
Pray that you never need to call tech support. Much better value available elsewhere. (*)
They CLAIM up to 8Mbps LIVEBOX speed ~ can connect 2 computers via Ethernet plus 6 wireless
MY PERFECTLY ADEQUATE WANADOO Broadband connection disappeared OVERNIGHT for over two months! (*)
Fast connects, own telephone service, free shares
none (*)
good value for money unmetered 24hours a day, £15 of free phone calls for BT customers in non-NTL area
technical support at £1/min, response to e-mails is slow, communication between departments & customer service is poor, almost impossible to leave/end contract with NTL!! (*)
quite cheap for fourteen hours per day
slower connection time (*)
Total disregard for customers (*)
Good speed, no engage tones,Used to be great.
Not good value for money anymore.Poor technical support. (*)
Fast , efficient Customer Service
Have to have an NTL phone line (*)
Speed, makes sense of Information Highway at last. Tech support is only a local call charge!
Not everywhere cabled-out. Expensive compared to ADSL 'deals' (*)
similar by Name (A-Z) (F)
was free 24/7 now only 10 hours a day..
No email or Webspace with it. (*)
difficult to connect, poor customer service (*)
Good for a laugh, meeting new people and making friends
Chatrooms are rubbish and some links dont work without cool tools (*)
Easy to Install, Fast Access, Helpful Support Teams, No Taking Over Your PC
None Found Yet (*)
Cheap! Great technical support. Static IP address.
Cheekily more expensive for business customers. (*)
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