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Frontline flea drops for dogs

Flea & Tick Protection

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published 23/08/2017 | justarube
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Pro Can kill fleas and ticks quickly.
Cons Effectiveness of product wears off.
Value for Money

"My First Time With Frontline..."

Frontline flea drops for dogs

Frontline flea drops for dogs

Why I Needed This Product

About five months ago we adopted a rescue dog. She was re-homed with me rather quickly by a local charity who were being asked to take in more dogs and who needed the space very quickly. As such my dog was re-homed with me on the understanding that she was mid-way through a flea treatment cycle. She had been brought to the rescue place completely infested and when we took her home we were advised that it was possible she may still be carrying a few fleas. To be honest we didn't actually worry about this too much. I have had dogs most of my life and I can count on one hand the times I had to deal with a flea infestation. I've also always been able to deal with any flea problems very quickly.

Unfortunately, several weeks later my new dog and my other dog were both riddled with fleas. We don't know if the rescue dog brought these fleas with her or whether both dogs are simply picking these pests up from the environment. At this stage we still don't know but we have done everything possible to get rid of the fleas. It seems to me like they are bringing in fresh batches and after house spraying, steam cleaning, washing bedding daily, flea combing and more we are now actually re-turfing a 'wild' area in our garden in an attempt to keep any rodents out of the place! The cycle we are going through involves all fleas seemingly being eradicated but then a couple to three weeks later the fleas are back with a vengeance.

Anyway, we basically started with a vet prescribed flea treatment of a topical product which did not seem to work. This was followed up with another spot-on product containing 'fipronil' which also didn't seem to work and most recently we were advised to try Frontline. The reasoning behind the recommendation was that because Frontline is one of the most expensive flea treatments out there then it will surely be effective!

What Is Frontline?

Frontline is a flea and tick treatment which you apply to the skin of your dog. It soaks into the skin and spreads around the body of the dog to "cover the entire surface of the dog" within the first 24 hours. The brand state the amount of treatment that is "absorbed into the "dog's blood after applying the treatment is very small".
The Claims

The brand state this product will kill fleas for up to two months and ticks for up to one month although the small print also says that this depends upon the amount of fleas in the dog's environment.

After application the product is said to kill any new fleas that land on the dog within 24 hours. The product doesn't prevent ticks from biting and latching onto the skin of the dog but it should kill them within the first 24-48 hours. The brand state this helps to minimise the risk of the dog getting any diseases that come from ticks.
What's In The Box

First of all you need to know the weight of your dog before purchase. Frontline is sold in different packages tailored to the weight of your dog and the weight is given on the pack in kilograms.

Inside the pack there are three pipettes. You can also buy larger packs with six pipettes inside but I opted to buy the smaller pack. The brand claim that it can take up to three months to tackle any infestation. One pipette can be applied to the dog every four weeks so one pack with three pipettes should cover the entire 'control' period.

The pipettes are contained in separate packs with a seal on each which is easy to open. There is also a sheet of stickers to put in your diary or on your calendar. These stickers are helpful reminders of when the dog has been treated and when the next treatment is due. There are enough stickers to cover one year.

All of the information about the product is printed onto the inside of the cardboard box packaging. The packet is quite sturdy and designed like a little purse. There is a little tab at one side which can seal up the contents between use. I find the box easy to store and maintain although the text is fairly small and a bit difficult for me to read as I wear glasses. I have also discovered that there is more detailed information on the Frontline website so I would advise visiting the page for even more help. I will put the link at the bottom of my review.

The box needs to be stored in a dry place and not stored above 30 degrees Celsius.

How To Apply

I have been using the Frontline Spot On for dogs over 10kg up to 20kg and each of the 1.34ml sized pipettes in the pack have a top which must be snapped off first. You need to hold the pipette upright as you do this and be careful that the product doesn't spill.

You must part the fur of the dog between the shoulder blades until the skin is visible. The contents of the pipette should then be squeezed onto the skin in either one or two separate spots. On the website it advises applying in two spots with one at the base of the skull and the other a few centimetres below.

I personally find it easier to get someone to hold the dog while I'm doing this. It can be difficult to keep the fur parted and to stop the dog from freaking out and trying to run off! I did splash a small drop of one pipette as I treated my dogs but otherwise the process was relatively straight forward.

After the application neither of my dogs seemed bothered by the product as it soaked into their skin. There seemed to be very little smell from the product, perhaps a slight chemical scent, but nothing that was bothersome to either me or the dogs.

After application the dog should not be bathed or swim for 2 days.

This product does carry a lot of product warnings. It can cause allergies in humans and if the liquid touches your skin it must be washed off immediately with soap and warm water. The product shouldn't be used by anyone who already has an allergy to insecticides or alcohol.

Animals who are treated shouldn't be handled until they are dry and children should not be allowed near the pets until this time too. It is advised that animals who have recently been treated should not sleep with their owners. My dogs do sleep with me and I allowed them to the day they were treated. I did not suffer any side effects but obviously this is something you need to consider seriously.

All of the animals in your home need to be treated at the same time for a flea treatment to be effective.

Fipronil is toxic to rabbits and aquatic creatures. Dogs should not be allowed to swim in waterways for 2 days after treatment. The product is also very harmful to rabbits and should be kept away from other pets too.

The brand state there is no known problems if you use another product at the same time as Frontline.

Does It Work?

In regards to whether Frontline has been effective the answer is yes...and no. Basically my experience was that within 2 days of the application the Frontline was working. I know this because I was finding dead fleas as I combed the dogs and also lying around in bedding that I was washing.

During the first week after application I had to change my walking schedule as I live near a river and my dogs usually swim daily. I decided to wait for four days after application before returning to the river. However, on the third day after application there was a sudden downpour and my dogs got soaked by the rain. I do not know what effect, if any, this has had on the effectiveness of the product.

Anyway, everything seemed to be going well. During the same period I was flea combing the dogs not just once daily but multiple times. I have also been washing bedding and any household rugs and throws every couple of days. The vacuum has been out daily in every room in the house and getting into every nook and cranny so I feel I was doing enough to prevent a household infestation from taking hold. On day 10 post treatment there were signs of fleas again although I could find none and on day 12 post treatment my dogs started to scratch very badly and when I checked them I found 5-6 fleas on each dog. The following day I found 2-3 fleas per dog and on day 15 post treatment I found another couple of fleas per dog. On day 16 post treatment there were still signs of fleas but I was not able to find any. I am at day 17 now and my dogs are still scratching. I have taken to combing the dogs whenever they are relaxed using a flea comb to remove any live fleas, eggs or pupae that might be on the body. I'm also having to upkeep the cleaning routine every day so Frontline is not a one stop solution but part of a bigger clean up job. As mentioned we are now in the process of having our back garden re-done to make it a 'cleaner' environment for the dogs.

I do think that the fact that my dogs are swimming each day may be reducing the effectiveness of the product. I wish I had known that this would be the case before I made my purchase. In the information printed on the pack it basically says that "bathing/immersion in water withing two days after application of the product and more frequent bathing than once a week should be avoided as no study has been performed to investigate how this affects the effectiveness of the product". The brand do claim that you can take your dog swimming though, although unless my dogs are constantly bringing in fresh fleas from an outdoor environment or I'm missing something inside the house I do not understand how there continues to be so many fleas over a period of so many days.

I would say that Frontline did work initially but for some reason it seems not to be working now. There are no dead fleas in my dog's coat anymore - just live ones! After consulting with the brand via their website they have suggested I have a home or garden infestation that is bringing in new fleas and that this is the problem. However, I do think that the swimming issue has made the product less effective. If you use this and continue to have problems I would advise contacting the brand as they are very customer friendly and can offer good support and advice. They have a helpline as well as an email address.
Would I re-purchase?

I think I probably would repurchase Frontline even though I'm still struggling with fleas. There is a medication available for dogs that swim frequently which may be a better option for me however. I would definitely recommend it to anyone with a dog who doesn't get wet a lot as I do feel it is probably going to be more effective in this case. I'm also not entirely certain about where the fleas are coming from at this stage although the Frontline does not appear to be killing the fleas anymore.

I am hoping to be able to get to the stage where Frontline can be re-applied and that it will be a preventative measure at this stage.
Price and Availability

Frontline is available at many stores in the UK. I bought mine at Pets At Home where it was £26 per box of three pipettes. It's rather expensive and I've found similar treatments containing fipronil which are much cheaper.

The UK website is at:

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    An excellent review. E from me.
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  • siberian-queen published 30/08/2017
    i think sometimes its a case of try and see what suits you best, frontline always works for my dogs, i tried advantage as suggested by the vets and it didn't work
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