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Ice Cream & Frozen Desserts
Wall's Ice Cream & Frozen Desserts (51)
Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream & Frozen Desserts (33)
Tesco Ice Cream & Frozen Desserts (48)
Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream & Frozen Desserts (15)
Cadbury Ice Cream & Frozen Desserts (16)
Heinz Ice Cream & Frozen Desserts (15)
Frozen Pizzas & Breads
Goodfella's Frozen Pizzas & Breads (14)
Asda Frozen Pizzas & Breads (12)
Tesco Frozen Pizzas & Breads (11)
Chicago Town Frozen Pizzas & Breads (10)
Sainsbury's Frozen Pizzas & Breads (8)
Iceland Frozen Pizzas & Breads (10)
Frozen Ready Meals
Chicken (93)
Fish & Seafood (24)
Curry (17)
Pasta (21)
Beef (22)
Frozen Vegetables & Chips
Frozen Pies
Frozen Meat & Fish

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My favourite after-work treat!

11.09.2017 Review of Haagen-Dazs Belgian Chocolate

"Häagen-Dazs sure know their ice-cream. From inauspicious beginnings in New York City’s Bronx in 1961, Reuben and Rose Mattus opened their first store in 1976, selling only vanilla, coffee and chocolate ice-cream, Häagen-Dazs has grown exponentially since ..."

Read full review by arthurteacake2

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Tesco Minced Beef Hot Pot. Not for me!

13.02.2017 Review of Tesco Minced Beef Hot Pot

"I purchased a Tesco Mince Beef Hot Pot as no Bisto ones were available and I thought it would be useful to have a comparison. I cooked my Tesco Hot Pot in my microwave using both the grill and microwave settings as I prefer to do with similar frozen meal ..."

Read full review by Polyrus

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An insult to claim they are "chinese style" insult to the meaning

05.08.2016 Review of Dalepak 4 Chinese style Ribsteaks

"...Hello, After trying these a good few times, i wanted to write a review, I'm confused about what the real price of them are, because everywhere i have seen them they are always a pound,, Dalepak chinese style pork ribsteaks. These can normally be found i ..."

Read full review by Paranoid_Android

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Birds eye view.

21.07.2016 Review of Birds Eye Fish Fingers

"I cant believe how bad these were - so thin, watery and tasteless, this was something i was not expecting. I thought that we would expect better from a perceived Premium brand. I was really disappointed. The batter was dry and there was hardly any fish, T ..."

Read full review by tikava1

Ciao members have rated this review on average: somewhat helpful

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