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"Happy Slicing!"


Fruit Ninja is a game designed for use on the Ipad or Iphone (or Ipad touch). It is also available to download on Android phones. I own both an Ipad and Iphone, and this game has been one of my favourite apps I have ever purchased!
The app was designed by HalfBrick and since its release it has become a huge hit with app users and has consequently expanded on to other platforms such as facebook and Xbox and there have also been different versions created as a result of the successful nature of the original game.


Essentially the whole point of this game is to slice as much fruit as you can as quickly as possible. Now I know that sounds rather stupid and pointless, you can easily do that in your own kitchen! Well it turns out that the game is actually very addictive, and of course they have stretched this concept to cover a variety of different modes and there are several achievements for you to focus on and many unlockables to work towards gaining!
In practice if we were to try and act this game out in our kitchen it would be rather costly and messy… imagine just throwing around a few hundred peaches, apples and bananas (as well as the odd pineapple now and again) and slicing them to bits…firstly waving that knife around is certainly dangerous, and the mess would take a while to clean up, as well as making the floor very slippery. So, there you have it, the only way to safely slice up fruit is by buying this game! Oh and of course, you get to pretend to be a Ninja… which is not easily to act out in the kitchen!

How to play:

The game is very easy to play, for all ages! All you have to do is swipe using the touchscreen and the fruit will be cut in the exact way you swipe. It’s as easy as that. All the menus are very easy to navigate too, just using the same swiping motion to select your game mode. On the aspect of menus, they are very simplistic and cover 4 main areas: New Game (which includes all the modes), Dojo (where you can choose your blade and background, which will become unlocked as you play more and complete certain achievements), extras and game center (where you can see your achievements and scores compared to your friends or the rest of the world!).

Game Modes:

As I have already stated, the game does have some point and there are a variety of game modes:

This is the original mode and the simplest to get the hand off. All you have to do is slice as much fruit as you can, and avoid slice the bombs, which will explode! You get three lives, and you will lose a life every time you slice a bomb or miss a piece of fruit. Simple.

Zen Mode
This mode is a quick play mode of just 90 seconds…slice as much fruit as you can, but this time there are no bombs and no lives. Here it is all about getting combos – slicing more than one piece of fruit in one slice!

Arcade Mode
This is my personal favourite. This mode is the most complex version where you have 1 minute to get as many points as possible, again no lives, but the bombs are back this time. However there are several special banannas thrown into the mix: a freeze which slows down time, a double points one, and a frenzy one which sends in loads of fruit from either side (this is the time to build up massive combos!)
I love playing this mode, and am currently having a bit of a competition with some friends as to who can get the best score, mine is currently 1016…which I have struggled to get close to since, yet I am still losing to two of my friends!

Multiplayer (online and offline on Ipad)
The multiplayer mode is a chance for you to show off your skills against friends or random opponents online. It’s just a 60 second mode where you have to slice you’re fruit, but lose points if you slice theirs (indicated by blue and red halos surrounding the fruit). On the Ipad HD version there is also the possibility to play multiplayer offline in a few different modes, which again add an extra reason to purchase this on the Ipad if you happen to own one.
I would say that future updates should maybe include more multiplayer options and allow all game modes to be somehow converted to more than single player options.


The Dojo is an area to access some other features in the game, as well as being apple to link straight to the Fruit Ninja website.

Sensei’s Swag
This is where you can check up on all your unlockable which include a variety of different blades to slice fruit with, and a whole horde of different backgrounds for you to customize your screen while plying. I’m currently using the piano blade, and the Yin Yang background. There are about 20 unlockables in total.

Gutsu’s Cart
This a recently added feature in the game. An update in the last few weeks gave all gamers 1000 starfruit, which can be used to purchase in-game ‘powerups’: bomb deflects, berry blasts, and peachy times. These should hopefully help you to increase your highscores, whilst adding a further dimension to the game. Extra starfruit can also be purchased (this is of course an extra cost, so make sure you’re kids don’t end up draining your bank account by purchasing a few million starfruit!).


The final area in the menu is the extras section. This includes some information about the game and the creators, another link to the game center and finally links to more games – which will send you to the app store. On the note of other games I would also recommend trying out JetPack JoyRide which is also created by Halfbrick and will bring hours of fun (and is free!).


The music in the game, and in the menus are suitable for the way it is themed (Ninja Style!), whilst the in-game sound effects are very amusing and just make it that bit more entertaining and encourage you to slice even more fruit!


For the Iphone version, this game is a staggering 69p!! So it is a must buy.
The HD version on the Ipad is only about £1.49, so again a great price for such a great game.

So…is this just one of those games that you’ll play once for about 10 minutes and then forget about?
NO, for me this is one of the best games available out there for the Iphone, Ipad or android phones. It is a great game to just pick up and play while on the train, or in the office…although be warned you may get a few strange looks if you start slicing too vigorously! The diverse range of modes and unlockables encourages you to play it regularly and will become quite addictive! I would recommend it for all ages and the multiplayer function on the Ipad makes it a really fun game to play at home and the kids will certainly love it (especially as it is so colourful and easy to get the hand of…although I’m sure the kids will probably get all the highscores anyway!)

Other games?

Well, as I mentioned earlier, there are now a few other versions of this game now available. One is Fruit Ninja: Puss in Boots, which is in essence the same game, but includes a whole range of small challenges and mini games, of course all involving slicing lots and lots of fruit! There is also a version available on Xbox 360 which uses the new Kinect feature, as well as frenzy version now available through Facebook.

I hope you enjoyed this review and I may have persuaded you to now go and buy this app…and if you already own it then fell free to let me know your highscores, I’m ready for more challengers!

Happy Slicing!

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  • greenierexyboy published 31/05/2012
    Have it on my fingers are too clumsy!
  • RICHADA published 29/05/2012
    Ah YES, but it's cheaper than chopping all that fruit in your own kitchen....probably a damned sight less messy too! R.
  • Bollinger28 published 29/05/2012
    Sounds like fun :0)
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