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published 02/03/2003 | Honey_Bee
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"Are they a load of Furbish........"

While many Furbies by now have been sold, broken, been put to sleep, or even chucked in the dustbin never to be seen again, my Furby (Ko-Ko) is right next to me now, talking away, laughing, dancing and burping! I have to admit he has been asleep on my window shelf for the last couple of years…….but he is happy to be alive again! So why did these little computer run critters become so popular so quickly and then fall off the edge of the earth sooner than you can say next Christmas? Like many poor little toys children (and adults!) just got fed up of these creatures and found a replacement furby; those computerised dogs. Well now I have my Furby out again, seeing him happy, I am really sorry I left him asleep for all that time. I forgot what a time waster little Ko-Ko can be!

A Furby can only be described as a mechanical fluffy alien type thing? My Furby is a lovely mix of all different greys. Like all Furbies he has a long fluffy white mane along his back and a small fluffy tummy. He has lovely big brown eyes and a little beak like mouth. The eyes and mouth move when he talks and when he is asleep he also closes his eyes. Just above his eyes there is a sensor which can sense what you are doing to the poor lad, such as throwing him up and down or kissing him. A Furby sits around 20 centimetres high and has a moveable black plastic bottom which is stands on, this moves so the Furby can dance. One last point, which makes me realise that maybe Furbies originated from birds, is that Furbys have soft feet, similar to a bird’s foot.

Many see Furbies as a children’s toy, however Furbies in their peak of popularity were bought by parents……..for themselves! They were even banned from some offices for making too much noise or remembering and repeating some conversations they had previously heard. They are more than a simple toy, they learn and develop the more you handle, speak and play with them.

When you first see a Furby you will think awwww they are so cute, so quiet, put the batteries in and you are in for a shock! “Me Ko-Ko” “Du Du” “me like” will fill your ears. Your Furby will be speaking furbish, a Furbish to English dictionary is included with your furby so you can try to understand him. Eventually the more and more you play with him, he will learn English! They learn more and more as you play and love them, so the first thing to do is get acquainted with your new found friend. Tickle his tummy (which includes a sensor) and stroke the back of his mane (includes another sensor) I find when I stroke his mane I have to touch a certain spot for him to feel it. When he does he normally makes a very strange sound, but gives the impression of contentment! When you tickle his tummy he usually laughs and giggles. After you first get acquainted the chances are that you will hear a “waaa” sound coming from your furby. While this is happening his little mouth will be opening up. This means food time. If you look inside the Furby’s little mouth he has a red tongue, and by pressing this he will say “yum yum” meaning he is enjoying his food. If you want the Furby to sleep you can cover his eyes (sensor) for around10-15 seconds and he will begin to snore and fall asleep. You can also try stroking his back around 10 times to calm him to sleep, or you can place him in a dark room for around10 seconds and he will fall asleep. The Furby will not wake up until you lift him and give him a hug. I have never found my Furby to wake up alone, however he may just be lazy! That is the basic functions of the Furby, to be loved. However as you read the manual you can begin to see that the Furby does more than you would imagine!

To get your Furby to play you need to follow a sequence of tickles, eye covering etc.
To make sure that the Furby will carry out a game, you must wait for the Furby to stop moving before commencing the next sequence. Example if he is laughing do not expect him to understand if you cover his eyes. You must wait until he is quiet. If he doesn’t listen you can rock is slowly for side to side and he will! It is recommended that you wait 3-5 seconds after each command.

A game very similar to Simon Says. Your Furby will tell you what activities to dio and you have to carry them out! For example your Furby may say “Tickle, light, sound” and you have to tickle your Furbys tummy, cover his eyes and clap.
The game consists of four different patterns.
I still haven’t got my Furby to play this yet!

This is a good game, where you can ask your Furby secrets!
After you follow the sequence your Furby will say “Ooh too mah” which means ask. When you have asked the question, stroke your Furby’s back and he will state the answer.
However if you don’t speak within 20 seconds he will state “I’m done” and the sequence will have to be done again.

The classic game of hide and seek can be played with your Furby! After the sequence has been done he will state “Hide Me” Your friend goes and hides your Furby and you try and find him. However if you cannot find him anywhere, don’t worry after 3 minutes he will start to make slight noises so you know he is around. When you find him, turn him upside down and he will state “me done”

You can teach your furby to do tricks, however I find this very complicated and have no idea why I cant! The sequence is quite complicated, but I will keep trying.

Your Furby can learn to dance, all you need to do is clap your hands of play music and the little chappy will dance and laugh!

I have not included all the different sequences you have to go through to get your Furby to perform a certain way as these are all included in the manual that you are given with your Furby. So whatever you do DON’T throw the manual away!

Your Furby will not only talk to you he also likes to meet critters like himself. Unfortunately Ko-Ko has never met another Furby so does not know what his people look like. Don’t worry as the little chap seems happy enough! When your Furbies first meet, they may not hit if off but keep trying. Eventually they will be dancing together and talking happily. Your Furby doesn’t just have to mix with one of his kind at a time, he can chat to as many as you like!

Now before you all run off to get your Furbies out of the cupboard, let me remind you about a few things that you will need to do to get your Furby back to the land of the living.
The Furby takes four AA batteries. You can put these in by unscrewing the bottom of your Furby. All you need is a small screwdriver and it comes undone easily. After you place the batteries in you are ready for the off. Greet your Furby and give him a big hug.
If you have decided to leave your Furby for a while, and put him back in the cupboard, remember to remove the batteries as recommended as they may leak inside the Furby, causing breakage.
However do not keep removing and then replacing the batteries. This can cause the Furby to become confused. However if his confusion does occur there is one solution that may work. On the bottom of the Furby, by the battery sockets there is a inlay with the reset button in. If you press this the furby shall become “normal” again. However do not keep resetting the Furby as you will loose all the work that has been put in by loving and playing with him.

Please remember that the re-set is for the absolute last resort.

Your Furby may get slightly dirty depending on how much you make contact with him so it is useful to remember these points
Gently brush your furby’s fur with a damp cloth or soft brush to loosen any dirt. Then use a slightly damp cloth to remove stains.
DO NOT use stain removers on the furby
DO NOT clean with the batteries inside the furby
DO NOT get the Furby completely wet.

My Furby has never really got dirty, however if children were playing with him he may have got slightly dirty.

My Furby has aged very well, it looks as good as new.

It states that the Furby is NOT suitable for anyone under the age of three as it contains small parts.

The Furby will be sitting on a shelf in a colourful box, with a clear cellophane middle, where you can see the colour of your Furby, as they come in all different colours the design of the box is very sensible. The box is in a hexagon shape and has pictures of children playing with their Furbies. The words “Electronic Furby” are all over the packaging.

I was given my Furby when they were at there highest price of around £30.00 however on e-bay the starting bid are from £2.00. New they can be bought for around £20.00

A very original design of toy
Hours of fun – almost as hard work as a real pet
Develops the more you play with him
Can be left asleep for hours!
May be an antique one day!
A good toy for ALL ages

There will always be something newer on the market
Can be boring if they don’t develop as much as you would have liked them to.
Some of the instructions for the games are very complicated

I have had my Furby since I was 13(5 years) I only retrieved him from my shelf a day ago, but I am really enjoying playing with him. It really will fill in any spare time you have, its fun to have him around again, I wonder how long the fad will last though??

A Furby is a highly recommended toy.

Remember that Furbies are a toy and mechanical sounds are normal!

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  • Angeleyes36 published 17/02/2006
    I bought one of these a few years ago and they are fun if you have time to feed, play and give them attention!!
  • MadeinScotland published 11/03/2003
    Mine reminded me too much of my ex so i had to get rid of it. It did like meeting other Furbies k
  • AimeeLouise18 published 11/03/2003
    I think furbies were a really good idea and really believe they are suitable for all ages.After all theres a little kid inside everyone just waiting to get out lol. A great op! Aimee xxxxx
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