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published 15/06/2015 | SirJoseph
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""Ideals Are Peaceful. History is Violent.""

Fury (DVD)

Fury (DVD)


When I was first made aware of this film, it did little to sway you in thinking it was anything other than a hard-hitting World War II film starring Brad Pitt and Shia Labeouf with a moustache. It was only later that the rumors starting circling and began to percolate opinions. Mentions of how director David Ayer encouraged the main cast to spar with each other, eat, sleep and defecate inside the tank shown in the film. whilst outside, they'd be undergoing a week long Navy SEAL exercise. Clearly Ayer demands perfection and feels the need for a bit of realism. This was either just a publicity stunt or a genuine attempt at bringing out real emotions via some sort of extreme method acting...
"March order: Fury, Old Phyllis, Lucy Sue, Murder Inc. Let's go." (Plot)

A small group of American soldiers are ploughing through Europe to doll out some damage to the Nazis. We join the action when their gunner has just been killed and a new guy comes in - but first he's gotta clean up his predecessor. It's quite a diverse group of characters inhabiting the tank too, a mexican driving, southern hick in the engine room, a baby-faced youngster on the turret and a man of God on the main canon. All led by a battled hardened man, reluctantly fluent in German whose first contribution to the film is leaping from his tank to fatally stab a Nazi officer on-top his horse. Inside, the crew don't think too highly of their leaders lingual skills, especially when one of them is criticised for speaking his mother tongue. "This is an American tank, we speak American." is his re-taunt but as horribly 'Murica' as it sounds, it doesn't set a tone. This film isn't as brash and in your face as that 'USA USA!' attitude portrays ..and you speak English, sir.. It's set during the dying embers of the second world war with the allied tanks forcing their way through Europe, finally into Germany.
"They started it: We finish it." (Characters)

Pitt plays a toned down version of his previous wartime role in Inglorious Basterds - no longer scalping Nazi's as a part-Apache Lieutenant with a thick accent, he leads the crew of the tank as Sergeant Collier - 'Wardaddy'. Jon Bernthal is barely recognisable as a down right dirty (don't call him a dog) ..deviant.. who stirs up most of the trouble, winding up his own buddies, ruffling feathers. A good transformation when remembering his role as Brad 'the Quaalude King' in The Wolf of Wall Street. Labeouf piles on an accent hard and plays the deeply Christian member with a tendency for preaching, holding the hands of fatally wounded soldiers yet he is without much remorse or reluctance to warfare. He spends most of the film looking teary eyed and lost as if he is truly suffering inner turmoil. Michael Peña plays the latino guy who drives the tank, often teaming up with Grady.. in more ways than one when it comes to a prostitute... Although there isn't really a main character, if there were it would be that of Logan Lerman as a new private Norman who gets drawn up to replace a crew member. He's a fresh faced typist who acts as the ice-breaker to the viewers in seeing what is what. Some of the best moments come in the form of tremendous camaraderie. For the most part, the soldiers demonstrate harsh attitudes towards one another and get up in each others grills - but when one of the crew is finally pushed over the edge, they settle down and become civil, offering hot coffee and brief words of advice to the new guy.
Most Memorable Scene

In an almost classic Tarrentino style scene, Fury has a moment of brilliance at the halfway mark when Pitt and Lerman take refuge in a small German house as the other soldiers celebrate the liberation of another town. They find a woman and her young cousin hiding away but when things unfold, there is a glimmer of happiness as Norman plays the piano and the all sit down for lunch in the most gentlemanly manner never conceived of during the time period. Of course, it doesn't last and the 3 remaining crew can't resist crashing the party... "Sitting here playing house with a couple b*tch Krauts ain't gonna change a f*cking thing." It's like the Christmas break we've all heard about when the Allies and Nazis both played football, cards etc during the day of our lord, being in the eye of the storm where the winds die down only for a moment. Then the cold, hard truth comes barrelling in, with sickening memories and vivid recollections of slaughtering horses on hot days..

The climactic end theme is reminiscent of the ending of a Massive Attack song from 1994 - called Weather Storm - which closes with a short piano piece, which is a fine dramatic score that works on a few levels with its simplicity. Another fantastic score is the sheet music (called Virgin Slumber Song or Maria sitzt am Rosenhag by Max Reger ) which Norman plays on the piano, accompanied by a young German woman whose slightly nervous vocals are fraught with charm and innocence.. Goosebumps. The rest of the score uses a lot of low tunings and cellos with the odd German soldier march or chanting with military precision.

A lot of the gun fire and explosions are akin to fireworks and Star Wars lasers - the majority of bullets and tank shells are bright red and loses realism on that count. At over 2 hours long, the content feels drawn out as are many war time epics - this means a lot of battle scenes in particular are lengthy. The no holds barred style of direction means there is gratuitous violence that although doesn't necessarily need showing (stylised deaths and many corpses run over and shot), paints an even more hardening portrait of war then ever before and as such, is forgivable. In the end, it's as respectful as a film about the toils of war can be.

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    Brill review
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