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"They still make WW2 movies you now..."

Fury (DVD)

Fury (DVD)

Star – Brad Pitt
Genre – War > Action
Run Time – 134 minutes
Certificate – 18
Country – USA
Awards – 5 Wins & 17 Nominations
Amazon – £4.89 DVD £7.00 Blue Ray
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With the remaining British World War One veteran dying last year its World War Two that has become the Great War for our era. 60 million people died in it, 4% of the then world’s population, and nearly all of us reading this a deflected bullet or piece of shrapnel away in those two wars from our grandpas catching a bullet, pure luck and circumstance we are here at all. It was an insane loss of life. One in ten British men were killed in combat between 1914-1945. Because WW2 has that new found status of the last big war and so a longtime ago we are now seeing less and less movies about it. Fury, though, staring Brad Pit and Shia Lebouf, is a return to those classic 1970s style war movies with tanks and troops galore and a welcome one too.

Fury is an American action movie about the Allied march through Germany to Berlin through the eyes of an American tank crew. It was filmed mostly in Oxfordshire, where a lot of the Band of Brothers TV series and the film Saving Private Ryan were also shot, the main reason being its located near the world famous Bovington Tank Museum. The film generated local tensions when the producers used security men with Rottweiler dogs to "dissuade" members of the public from taking photographs of filming from (perfectly legal) public footpaths. The film crew then shot Waffen SS battles on Remembrance Day to further antagonize those who need to be.

This film marks the first time a genuine German ‘Tiger I’ tank has been used in the production of a WW II film and the only fully functioning Tiger tank in the world. This was a really powerful tank in the war and far superior to anything American had, its kill ratio 4 American tanks lost to everyone Tiger. Shells would just bounce off it and you had to get up close to disable it. The stock American tank was the Sherman and had a 525% casualty rate against German fire power, meaning three out of every four Sherman’s built were destroyed and the ones they fixed were also destroyed. But America won the tank and artillery war because their tanks were quick to make, more of them and so an attritional victory. The Russian T34 was the only superior tank in the War to the Tiger.


• Brad Pitt as US Army S/Sgt. Don "Wardaddy" Collier
• Logan Lerman as Pvt. Norman "Machine" Ellison
• Shia LaBeouf as T/5 Boyd "Bible" Swan
• Michael Peña as Cpl. Trini "Gordo" Garcia
• Jon Bernthal as Pfc. Grady "Coon-Ass" Travis
• Jason Isaacs as Cpt. "Old Man" Waggoner
• Scott Eastwood as Sgt. Miles
• Xavier Samuel as 2nd Lt. Parker
• Brad William Henke as S/Sgt. Davis
• Jim Parrack as S/Sgt. Binkowski
• Anamaria Marinca as Irma
• Alicia von Rittberg as Emma
• Kevin Vance as S/Sgt. Peterson
• Branko Tomović as German Corporal
• Iain Garrett as Sgt. Foster
• Eugenia Kuzmina as Hilda Meier
• Stella Stocker as Edith


Revered and respected US company tank sergeant Don "Wardaddy" Collier (Brad Pitt) has just survived another grueling battle, losing 4 of his 5 tanks, ‘Fury’, his tank, the only one still working. They are soon reassigned for another battle as exhaustion and PTSD take hold, Collier trying to hold it all together to show strength in front of his men.

Today they are assigned a new recruit after losing their left flank machine gun man in the battle. That chap is greenhorn Pvt. Norman Ellison, a 20-year-old army clerk drafted in to make up the numbers and already terrified. He has every right to be. Fellow ‘tankies’ Boyd "Bible" Swan (Shia LaBeouf), Cpl. Trini "Gordo" Garcia (Michael Peña) and Grady Travis (Jon Bernthal) are not impressed with their new team mate and he nearly gets them killed on the first morning of the new mission. Collier has to take drastic action to break Pvt. Ellison in or he will get them all killed. There are piano movers and piano players in every theatre of war.

Collier speaks fluent German from his time in World War One and so assigned to lead the three reaming tanks into a small town to recapture it and rescue some troops on the ground, who line up behind the tanks in columns as the Sherman’s pound small artillery in the tree line. But that isn’t the end of it and after some brief R&R in the captured town of wine women and song they must try and hold a crossroads that will stop the Germans outflanking an important supply route, a critical mission. By now young Ellison is getting a taste for war as the rather disparate crew begins to bond.


Its pretty good stuff and a solid war movie well worth recommending, graphic in places but more realistic than most war films. There is no holding the hand to the heart and slowly dropping the rifle when shot here matey! If a tank shell hits you then you splatter and the shell keeps going with parts of you hanging on to it. That graphic side of war was always too tough to show in older movies and romanticizing it part of the recruitment process. With modern CGI effects it’s the norm now. If a shell entered a tank it would ricochet for a bit before exploding. Tankers were seriously brave guys as you can’t evade a shell coming at you in an open field, looking through the gun sight at the shell coming the other way.

Pitt dominates the screen and as indestructible as ever and in great shape for 50 and still A Grade movie beefcake. Shia LeBouf is annoying as ever will his silly mustache and greasy hair. You would know him if you see him Michael Peña is quite contempt to play token Latinos in every movie. I don’t know much about Logan Lerman but pretty good as the white collar boy faced with the realities of war.

The tank combat is fabulous and one scene extremely taught as the tanks face off head on and get in close and almost joust with their turrets. This was not unusual in tank warfare to have this type of close combat, they say. It was all about out maneuvering the other tank on turret and track turn speed and hitting the tank in certain areas. The Tiger had much better amour so you had to twang it in its weak spot.

It’s very similar in style to the foreign film ‘Lebanon’, the tale of an Israeli tank that gets lost in enemy territory in the invasion of the Lebanon. But nothing wrong with that as that was a cool movie. There is a bloated dinner scene that doesn’t really fit the movie and slows it down some and so somewhat needlessly stretches it out and the final Hollywood showdown is absurd, presumably acting as a metaphor for the futility of war, the Germans two dimensional idiots for most of the movie. Its $68millio did $211 million back and so maybe that WW2 theme not a big hit with the youngsters, Brad Pitt and the time when World War Two movies at their peak some 50-years-old…
RATINGS – 7.6/10.0 (276,531votes) – 90% critic’s approval – 64% critic’s approval
Leonard Maltin Film Year Book –‘


Special Features

-Blood Brothers-

Some behind the scenes stuff, including the cast & crew’s rigorous training for the role and the actors meeting the real tank veterans. These real tankies were hardcore and simply had to rely on luck not to be hit. You could not worry about being hit as you had to point your gun and fire before the enemy tank did.


The Mail –‘While these orgies of violence are staged with tense, gruesome precision, they don't convey much beyond what we already know. Namely, that war is hell. Message received’.

Associated Press –‘
It's an "unflinching" account of war -- "unflinching," in quotes, because every moment of the film is composed to grind your face into the muck and be proud of itself for doing so’.

Film Comment Magazine –‘ At its best, the movie works as a love letter to camaraderie-by-combat’.

Reel Reviews –‘Unexceptional in repeating what has already been done often and often better, 'Fury' is salvaged by some of the visually most intense narrative combat footage ever’.

Movie Chambers –‘What are you going for here, David Ayer? Authenticity or a glorification of war? In "Apocalypse Now" we marveled at Marlon Brando's character, but was he a hero? I don't think so’.

Consequences of Film –‘Fury isn't like many war films, but it speaks volumes’.

Pitt is at the top of his game, playing a man who has forgotten whatever he used to be and has wholly embraced his role in this war.


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