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published 25/10/2007 | kamallan
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"Fuzzi bums"

Well here I am, finally getting time to write another review after a busy house move and having a beautiful baby boy!!!

I decided to use cloth nappies quite late on in my pregnancy after several people told me that there are a lot more nappies available than the old squares…so I set about my research! It was recommended that I get several varieties to find out what suits us best so be prepared for many more nappy reviews!! (Mostly written one handed with my cloth bummed babe in the other!

]Fuzzi Bunz is a pocket nappy made primarily in the USA although I believe that the supply was so great that they now also manufacture them in Mexico. Unfortunately the sizes all seem to be slightly different because of this.

Pocket nappies have a pocket between the outer layer and inner layer that allows the user to add extra boosting as needed. These are usually sold as an optional extra. Many types are available and I usually prefer to buy the one made for the nappy as too many layers or the wrong width can cause wicking onto the clothes of the baby. Most pocket nappies have an outer layer of PUL on the outside to stop the urine soaking straight through meaning you do not need a plastic wrap, or outer. The PUL is available in many colours and prints making it a colourful and interesting accessory rather than just a boring nappy.

I won't give you a list of colours available as I despise lists, but I will say that the colours are plain prints on the whole and very attractive with colours to suit boys and girls alike. There are also limited edition prints of which I have 'All Aboard' and 'A Day At The Zoo.' displaying trains and animals. Very snazzy and great to show off if you are trying to convert other people to using cloth!

The nappy itself is in the shape of an ordinary disposable nappy. It is only slightly wider under the legs and the rise is the same. The thickness is generally the same as a wet disposable. It fastens with white poppers, one for the waist and one for the legs to fit different shaped and sized babies. The one thing that I don't like is that the Fuzzi Bunz is not available with an applix (Velcro) tab fastening like some of the other major nappies on the market. This would be an easier option for me as not everybody can fit the poppers properly, some don't like to fiddle and some are unable to (I am thinking of arthritic grandparents here.) Also as my little chunky monkey grows we find that he can sometimes be on an in between setting and either the fabric digs into him or the legs are a bit loose and we fear leaks! This is where the different sizes come in handy as there will always be a couple in my stash that suit his current state.

The pocket at the back opens easily and I stuff mine with the micro terry insert that it comes with. Micro terry is very easy to dry although faster at soaking up urine and bulkier than hemp. If you want to boost your nappies a little extra (for example if you have a very heavy wetter) then you can add hemp in behind the micro terry as hemp is very thin. I would advise that most people wouldn't need the hemp unless they were travelling a fair distance and might be on the road for three or four hours between stops. Also the micro terry dish cloths sold in packs of three in Tesco are quite absorbent and make a great extra thin layer to boost with, especially wrapped around hemp!

The inside is a fleecy white lining that you do not need to use a liner with. However and nappy creams that you do use may affect the absorbency of your nappies so I always use a fleece liner in my nappies. These can be bought or made yourself from, many nappy retailers sell them as an accessory. For babies that are sensitive you may like to try a silk liner or if you want to use a liner that can be flushed away there are paper liners available. I would advise you to do a bit of research though as some of these feel like cheap toilet paper and stick to the babies bum. I wouldn't advise to use these until your little one starts on solids although some people do swear by them. Liners also protect the lining in the nappy from becoming discoloured. A good tip for removing any staining is hanging on the line in bright sunlight.

Cloth nappies should be changed approximately every two to three hours or so, obviously not through night though! I personally wouldn't use a Fuzzi Bunz as a night time nappy as I couldn't fit enough boosting in without the legs (elasticised) gaping and causing leaks, though I have heard of people using them as such. With William going 9-10 hours, it wouldn't be practical for me.

So they are certainly easy to use and if left pre-stuffed take no longer top put on than a disposable. I haven't found that I use more or less nappies than disposable users. I change him at every feed ( he breastfeeds regularly) and unless I think there might be an explosion, I leave him be.

Now we come to washing! Now sorry to talk about poo, but really, what would you expect in a nappy review? At first every nappy was dirty, now we have the odd explosion every ten days or so, and yes, this is the only way to describe it!!! How did Fuzzis compare to a Huggies? Well he had a Huggies on as I was still buying his medium nappies and some weren't dry. He went to bed and woke up needing not only a bath but his crib mattress washed along with bedding and pjs. Enough said! Needless to say I aren't using those ever again. Did the Fuzz stand up to the challenge? Well yes actually. It did. On two occasions! The nappy was covered, but it's containment was fantastic! Which is where the washing comes into it!!! Usually I put them all in a nappy pail but as my collection grows and my addiction thrives I have started to use a swing top bin. I remove the insert and the insert and nappy go straight into the bin. No water or tea tree oil sitting in there as soaking can cause the colours to run. The tea tree oil damages the absorbency of Fuzzis. I also think a bucket of wee and water is a bit disgusting!!! However to keep the smell at bay I put a few drops of Lavender or Tea Tree oil onto a sanitary pad and stick it to the lid.

Once it is wash day, throw everything into the washing machine with a cold prewash ( to stop the smell of urine sticking to the nappies) then wash at 40ºc. Use only a third of your usual non bio powder (some people do use bio.) Once in a while I wash at 60ºc to make sure they are really clean. A splash of lavender oil in the conditioner drawer makes the nappies smell lovely and fresh.

If you find you have been using too much powder and are getting a build up of detergent, usually evident in smelly nappies, leaking nappies and red marks on your little one's legs, you can strip your nappies. Add a teaspoonful of fairy liquid to your washing machine and rinse until all of the suds disappear.

I wash the liners too as my son isn't on solids yet. Once he is I can flick any solids away before sticking in to wash as usual.

When out and about I have a wet bag to throw any dirty nappies in and then deal with them later and the bag seems to contain any smell.

As with any washable nappy you should prewash these before use, preferably three times to get rid of any residue from the factories and build up the absorbency, though you should never use fabric conditioner as this reduces the absorbency considerably.

So do I like them? Well here's the thing. Yes, I like them, they contain well and have some nice colours. Do I love them, certainly not! I prefer a nappy with applix as it gives better adjustability. If these were available with applix they would be one of my favourite nappies around. As it happens, they aren't. But they wash and wear well, contain well and have funky colours. Just those in between poppers and them all being a different size that annoys me so much!!!

Fuzzi Bunz are available in:
extra-small (4 - 12lb or 1.8 - 4.5Kg),
small (7 - 16lb or 3.2 - 7.3Kg),
medium (13 - 25lb or 5.9 - 11.4Kg),
large (22 - 35lb+ or 10 - 16Kg+),
petite toddler (18 - 30lb or 8.2 - 13.6Kg),
extra large (35lb+ or 15.9Kg+) and
XXL which is for young children that aren't always dry at night. You can bypass the large and go straight to the XXL as there is apparently plenty of adjustment!

So there should be a size to suit your baby there, some of the sizes over lapping slightly and some not being available in exciting colours and designs. All of these sizes do depend on the length of your baby as well but I find mine fit great with a slightly taller than average baby. It works out much cheaper to use these than disposables and they are usually around £12 each with the insert. Obviously this isn't the place for an environmental debate though....

I have seven but I also have a lot of other nappies and wash every two or three days. I would say that you would need at least ten to use with a newborn, probably 12 would be a better number an allow you to wash every day. With older children I guess 7-10 would be a better number to wash with every day. So if you are buying cloth nappies I would advise you to have a couple in your collection but for in between poppers and maybe even sizes, I would suggest getting a nice mix of cloth. Watch out for my other reviews coming soon to give you some other ideas!

Thanks for reading, glad to be back, be checking out everybody else's reviews over the next couple of days to see what the standard is like!
Kirst xxx

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  • josarah published 19/11/2007
    Hi :o) I'm using Tots Bot currently but am looking at other types as we have had a few leakages around the legs! *note to self - step away from the credit card and nappy sites!* :o) Jo
  • Bens__mummy published 09/11/2007
    Great review. x
  • lilyellowfish published 02/11/2007
    really detailed good review x
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