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G-Tech Airram 22V

Handstick Cleaner - Rechargeable Power Supply - 100 Watt - Bagless - without HEPA Filter

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published 08/03/2017 | BNibbles
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Pro At least, no mains lead! Light, powerful, runs for 40 minutes. Easy clean emptying.
Cons Only an upright - no attachments possible. Skimpy instructions
Value for money

"GTech AirRam - Mark 2 Version Better Still?"

Handle extended ready for use

Handle extended ready for use

In 2012, The Daily Mail asked “Is this the best vacuum cleaner ever?” implying that they meant “yes it is”, referring to the Gtech AirRam.

Many people might regard having the Daily Mail on your side as something of a poison chalice, (I would!) but they were after all talking about a home appliance, not telling you which way to vote.

Five years down the line, with a mark II version of the AirRam upright cleaner now on the market, let’s see if that would still hold true.

G-tech is a British company selling British-designed goods, made in China no doubt, ranging from electric bikes to cordless lawn-mowers, taking in vacuum cleaners as they go.

I recently bought a combined kit of the AirRam 2 and the Multi, a useful little hand-held job ideal for the stair carpets in our 3-storey house and external duties like cleaning the car’s carpets.


When you’ve been used to mains-powered devices, and having to carry out ‘cable-husbandry’ as you negotiate your house’s indoor floors, anything that emancipates you from this tyranny comes as a complete revelation, so the AirRam has an immediate ability to put a smile on your face. The only thing that would upset that reverie would be if it’s no good as a vacuum cleaner.

Fortunately, nothing is further from the truth. Thanks to some clever bits of design, it not only works just as well as any upright I’ve ever used, but it’s light, weighing less than 8 pounds.

This of course makes it ideal for our type of house with two flights of stairs to contend with.

It needs no adjustment to suction height as it transits from bare floor to carpet and back again.

Battery life from its 22v Lithium-Ion pack between charges is said to be 40 minutes – enough vacuuming for any housework Nazi. It can be charged with the battery in situ.


A bar of LED lamps help you to see all the muck ahead of it, like dust-bunnies caught in your headlights.

Thanks to some clever handle design, you can actually get the machine all the way under a sofa as long as you have about 4¼ inches (approx 11 cms) of headroom allowing it to boldly go where no ‘Hoover’ has gone before – well, in our house at least.

It is commendably good as running right alongside skirting-boards, which has been the Achilles Heel of many a vacuum in the past. Thanks to the handle design you can tackle jobs like this or the kitchen 'kick-space' under work-units by walking diagonally off to one side, pressing the machine up against the edge being cleaned.


There’s not really much to it – the handle has two section which telescope one inside the other and click into place on the main body of the machine, which makes for easier storage in our under-stairs cupboard, with the upright handle at ‘half-mast’. The battery takes about 4 hours to reach full charge – you’ll know when it’s ready by the ring of 4 LEDS to tell you so. The handle carries no electricity, so it’s easy to remove it totally to make storage or transit even more compact.


Not a lot to tell really. You pull up the handle to suit your preferred height, ‘bend’ the machine with your right foot, to allow it to hinge, and touch the foot-switch. There’s a little chime and on come the ‘pimp my hoover’ LEDs. The grey-metallic and lime green design might not suite everyone, but hey, it’s not like it’ll be on show for long before being parked in the stygian gloom of our under-stairs cupboard.

It makes a tad more noise on hard floors, but generally, it’s quieter than a mains vacuum.

Curiously, it’s harder work to pull it backwards than it is to push – I put this down to the rubber curtain across the front lip intended to maximise the seal between it and the floor. According to G-Tech, it’s been specifically designed to help with the pick-up of larger rubble (their video shows Cheerios disappearing up the spout) and in particular, the kind of detritus that collects in the slots between floor tiles.

Despite the fact that it doesn’t do anything snazzy like run on something appearing to be a beach-ball in the middle, it is steerable merely by twisting the handle. I put this down to the clever angle at which the handle clicks onto the body.


Emptying the AirRam 2 is another of its big features. Despite appearances, the machine picks up quite a lot of debris before looking full. This is because the Gtech compacts its rubbish rather more than a Dyson or a VAX would.

You simply remove the transparent drum, place yourself over a dustbin, open the flap at the end and slide a lever the length of the drum, ejecting a neat circular tube of dust and fluff, and not once did you go anywhere near it.


Once a month, it’s recommended that you clean the filter. This is a re-usable washable affair, in the centre of the dust-collecting drum.

(Update Aug 2017: With the benefit of hind-sight, do make sure that the filter is as dry as the Atacama desert before reinserting it. We omitted to do this, assuming it would be dry by the next time we used the cleaner, which led to lots of dust picking up moisture and caking itself to the inside of the collection drum, leading to a bit of a strip-down to get it all out. As it turned out, it wasn't too bad a job, but the process isn't documented anywhere.)

If you should pick up the archetypal length of cotton around the drum, and we all will at some time, getting at the beater-brushes couldn’t be easier. You press a button at one end of the body and pull out the bar. It disengages from a gear drive at the other end which is so much easier than having to release the rubber belt drive too. It also means that the beater brushes don’t have a ‘bald’ section where the belt runs.

Incidentally, you can use this brush-removal method if you only want to suck up Cheerios without the aid of brushes. You merely have to remember to plug the hole at one end with the green bung supplied to maximise vacuum.


Not really, but you must understand that this is purely an upright cleaner – there are no attachments and indeed there’s nowhere to plug them in either. That’s what the hand-held Multi is for, and for this reason, I bought both together for £299 at a worthwhile discount of £49 compared to buying both separately.

If I’m being brutally honest, I don’t think the instruction manual is quite up to the job. It makes no mention of the fact that if you want to get the handle parallel to the floor for vacuuming under a sofa, you have to get the hinge to click a second time – if you try to get down and dirty without this second click, by the time you have your handle parallel with the floor, the brush head has been lifted clear of the floor. Of course, you can’t see this as it’s under the sofa at the time! Only the in-house video gives you a clue that this is even possible. It also lists the “brush bar hole plug” in its list of parts without telling you what it’s for. It’s me who worked out what that does – even the video doesn’t show you.

The only minor concern I have about the machine is that it seems a little ‘plasticky’, notwithstanding the satin aluminium upper handle which is a nice touch. But thinking about that again, it probably wouldn’t weigh only 7.7 pounds if it was any more substantial. “Plasticky” certainly doesn’t seem to be something Dyson worry about so maybe G-tech (or I) shouldn’t worry about it either.

G-tech offer a two-year warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee subject the usual conditions.


G-tech are honest enough to place reviews, warts and all on their web-site. In general, opinion seems to be heavily in their favour with over 8,000 5-star reviews, degenerating in steps until you have 64 curmudgeons who dislike it enough to give it 1 star. One person didn’t like the flow marks in the metallic-grey plastic mouldings. Dear oh dear, if it was the paint-job on my new car maybe.


+ Frees you from mains leads.
+ Light and easy to manoeuvre.
+ Runs for 40 minutes on one charge. Spare batteries available.
+ Cleans under furniture.
+ Very easy to empty with no risk of getting dusty yourself.
+ Simple brush removal.
+ 2 Year Warranty

- Instruction manual leaves you somewhat in the dark.
- No attachments at all. Not able to use them. Strictly upright only.

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