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Galaxy Quest (DVD)

GALAXY QUEST is a satirical comedy that pokes fun at the influence science fiction shows such as STAR TREK have had on their audience. The cast member...

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published 24/01/2002 | Wayne10ch
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Pro Light hearted, amusing look at Star Trek and other sci-fi's
Cons Made mainly for kids but gained an adult market
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Somewhere in outer space, god knows how far away a civilisation may be watching TV shows that were broadcast years ago from here. It could well be that this far away civilisation looks at programs such as Star Trek and thinks they are real. They might think us able to produce this superior technology. They may well be leaving us alone only because they fear what we are capable of based on the exploits of James T. Kirk. A film that delves into this idea with hilarious results is Galaxy Quest.

Galaxy Quest was produced by Mark Johnson on behalf of DreamWorks Pictures. Directed by Dean Parisot who was also responsible for the quirky television comedy show Northern Exposure. I was one of the few that actually like this television series which was seen mainly through the eyes of a doctor tricked into living in Alaska to look after the people there. The local DJ, narrated but didn't really appear to do so.

Anyway, back to Galaxy Quest. The movie starts at a Sci-fi convention for the stars of the Galaxy Quest television show. The show has been axed for 18 years and the actors are doing so badly that they are forced to don costumes and attend these conventions to make $15 a signature. They are a motley lot bickering about having to attend and mad that Jason Nesmith (Tim Allen - TV's Home Improvements) seems to get all the glory whilst they stand in the background.

Well they are finally all introduced by Guy (Sam Rockwell). Guy was only in the 81st program but was killed before the first adverts. They are signing autographs and mainly getting on with it, except for Alexander Dane (Alan Rickman), who really seems to have had a belly full of this life. Sigourney Weaver as Gwen DeMarco looked fabulous. It is hard to believe she was 50 when this film was released in 1999.

Nesmith (Tim Allen) is approached by what he thinks are more Questies asking him to go to their ship. He is lasciviously after Gwen DeMarco and agrees to go saying for them to get in touch with his agent to work out the details and to make sure there is a limousine available.

He is in the cubicle in the urinals when he overhears two teenagers laughing at how ridiculous they all are and that it is obvious the rest of the crew hate him. This has a profound affect on him, you are able to see how upset he actually is. Out of all of the cast he was probably most in character and he seemed to thrive on the recognition and respect this accorded him. When he is once again signing autographs he is asked a technical question by a staunch fan called Brandon (Justin Long) and blows his top, before storming out.

The next morning he sees the black garbed aliens outside his patio doors. It is obvious he is hung over and he agrees to go with them when they say they have the limo. They begin to tell him there story about how their planet Thermia has been under attack from the evil Sarris (Robin Sachs) and how they needed the help of Jason Nesmith's character in the show. He says that he needs to close his eyes but that he is listening and when he wakes up he is onboard the ship.

Still he persists in thinking that it is all an act and when the alien Sarris appears on screen Nesmith gets them to fire all there weapons at him. He then stands says his goodbyes and asks to go home. When asked if he is sure Sarris has been defeated he affirms this. They thank him giving him a communicator and he suddenly finds himself in a room on his own. He looks down at his feet and sees a jelly like substance enveloping his body. The cargo doors open and he then realises he is in deep space in a galaxy who knows where. The next minute he is catapulted into space at an astronomical speed towards and into a black hole. It is amazing how wide Tim Allen can get his mouth when he screams! We next see him shaking on his back porch.

He goes to join the other members at yet another convention and bumps into Brandon the poor abused fan, somehow they both drop their communicators and Brandon ends up with the real one. He tries to convince his fellow thespians that he really has been aboard an alien ship but as any of use would they decided he had gone mad. It is then the aliens return asking if he will go with them and accept the surrender of Sarris. He agrees and asks again for the others to go with him at first they do not want to then decide they need the money they find one of the aliens and ask to go. They only realise there error when the jelly starts creeping up their legs. We now have the crew and the Thermains have made the series ship the Protector. This is an exact replica of the television shows ship except it works and has all the technology. It was quite amusing watching the ship scrape the side of the space station as it left.

It turns out that Sarris has no intention of surrendering and he opens up on the Protector at the first opportunity. He is after a device called the Omega13 that could be a bomb big enough to destroy a universe. It could also be a device that makes time go back 13 seconds. The earthling and Thermian crew flee from Sarris but suffer terrible damage to the ship after entering a magnetic minefield in space. They go down onto a planet to get a sphere that they need to power the ship. They find curious green creatures that look sweet and cuddly. All looks well until an injured creature limps out to lots of Ahhhh's and ooooh's and is suddenly pounced upon by the others and devoured. We are talking gremlin like teeth here with Kermit the frog suits! Nesmith is captured by them and awakens to find he is being licked by some other creature. This gets turned inside when they test the transporter on it to see if it works. Finally they are forced to transport Nesmith or lose him to a rock monster.

The film continues at a fast clip. I do not want to give too much more of the film away. There are lots of quips and insider jokes about other sci-fi films and they do talk about instances in their own series leaving us to figure out what they are talking about.

The film itself is pretty straight forward. We have good against evil and worldly-wise against innocent. The humour on the whole worked with the television cast learning to work as their characters in the series in order to survive. In the end it is perhaps fair to say that they did become their television characters.

An on going joke was crewman Guy continually going on about how he was going to die since he didn't have a last name and he was only recognised as crewman number 6. It was made more entertaining because isn't that always the way? You perceive which crewman are going to die because you have never seen them before and they don?t have full names.

The war continues with the crew and aliens working together to overcome evil. When finally good triumphs over evil they part each species going its own way as does the ship separating into two parts. Brandon who had helps in the defeat of Sarris even whilst taking out the garbage! Using his vast knowledge of science fiction and Galaxy Quest in particular he helps save our heroes. By leading Nesmith and DeMarco through a maze of machinery that is only there because it is there in the TV show.

The ultimate weapon, the Omega 13 gets used after all of our heroes start getting slaughtered and it does put time back 13 seconds allowing Nesmith to save them all. Brandon helps guide them back with good use of fireworks and the crew just happen to return in time to make a grand entrance into yet another convention, with the ship actually crashing through the walls making the waiting fans scatter. There is even one last sight of Sarris before being vaporised by Nesmith to thunderous applause from the hoards of fans

The entrance must have made the news because the ending shows the cast in a new series of Galaxy Quest. Guy has finally been given the last name of Fleegman. Now he can sleep soundly knowing he can't be killed because he has a last name.

The Writing

The screenwriter's for this were Robert Gordon (Addicted to Love) and David Howard (My Friend Joe). The dialogue was actually quite good, with a certain amount of tongue in cheek moments. This film was never meant to be taken seriously it was just made to make you smile or laugh.

There is no real message unless you like good triumphing over evil. And want to call that a message. It was originally made for kids but I think adults would get a chuckle or two out of it as well. I don?t actually remember any swearing, but have been hearing so much lately in films that I may have overlooked some.

My Opinion

This movie is never going to win any Oscars. Nope, not even for make-up. They may rate a mention for how good they made Sigourney Weaver look. It is a light hearted look at sci-fi in general and I think mainly Star Trek. It is suitable for all the family and I cannot imagine anyone being offended by it. If you want an evening of light entertainment this is the one for you, just don't expect any deep spiritual message. Buy it, rent it or watch it on sky.
If I have to pick one person to keep an eye on it would be Alan Rickman as Alexander Dane. With his stuck on makeup, he portrays a Spock like character. His slightly fed up, bored attitude is very well done and he adds a bit of much needed class.
Running time - 104 minutes
Released - December 25 1999 (yes Christmas Day) by DreamWork Pictures

To buy

DVD - £18.99 ($16.99)
VHS - £12.99 ($9.99)

The Cast

Tim Allen ..... Jason Nesmith (Commander Peter Quincy Taggart)
Sigourney Weaver ... Gwen DeMarco
Alan Rickman .... Alexander Dane
Tony Shalhoub ... Fred Kwan
Sam Rockwell .... Guy Fleegman
Daryl M. Mitchell ..Tommy Webber
Enrico Colantoni ... Mathesar
Robin Sachs ......Sarris
Patrick Breen .....Quellek
Missi Pyle ......Laliari
Jed Rees ......Teb
Justin Long .....Brandon
Jeffrey Howard .... Kyle

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Comments on this review

  • MRSCANADA published 15/03/2002
    Enjoyed the review...and I've finished reading your pages 1 &2...loved them all...LL
  • offy published 02/02/2002
    I loved this film as I am a sci fi (and in particular Star Trek) fan. Excellent review, but I would have to agree that I think you gave too much of the ending away.
  • Matildas_world published 02/02/2002
    I felt this was a great review and I learnt a lot, especially since mine are so short and not very useful at all. Only thing I would mentioned is you told the ending!! I love this film, Tim Allen is one of my favourites but if I hadn't seen it I'd be a bit disappointed that I knew the crucial 13 second twist at the end.
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GALAXY QUEST is a satirical comedy that pokes fun at the influence science fiction shows such as STAR TREK have had on their audience. The cast members of the cult sci-fi television series GALAXY QUEST now earn their livings appearing at conventions and grand openings, led by their bomastic captain Jason Nesmith, played by Tim Allen. When an alien race--the Thermians--arrives on earth, it appears that they have mistakenly appropriated the show's culture as their own, thinking the series was actual fact. Desperate for help in battling the evil General Sarris, they bring the actors with them into space to save their planet. A surprisingly smart and funny send-up of the science-fiction culture and the influence television has on the world at large, GALAXY QUEST is a comedy that even non-genre fans can enjoy, with terrific turns by Sigourney Weaver, Alan Rickman, and Tony Shalhoub.

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DVD Region: DVD


Release date: 19/06/2006, 26/03/2001

No of Discs: 1

Catalogue No: DSL 1297, 490 913 9

Composer: David Newman

Costume Designer: Albert Wolsky

Director of Photography: Jerzy Zielinski

Editor: Don Zimmerman

Executive Producer: Charles J. Newirth

Producer: Mark Johnson, Charles J. Newirth, Suzann Ellis

Production Designer: Linda DeScenna

Author: David Newman

Barcode: 5051188129736, 0678149091397

Screenwriter: Robert Gordon, David Newman, David Howard


Main Language: English

Dubbed Language: German

Subtitle Language: Dutch, Norwegian, Finnish, English, Danish, Swedish

Hearing Impaired Language: English

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Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Anamorphic Wide Screen

Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1

Dubbing Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1 English German

Special Features: On Location In Space, Cutting Room Floor, Theatrical Trailer

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Review: "...This tightly scripted, lightning-paced laffer delightfully pulls all the elements together and builds to a giddy and gleeful climax..." (Box Office, p.57, 01/02/2000)<br><br>"...The expert cast is more than game. Extra points to [Rickman and Weaver]..." -- 3 out of 5 stars (Premiere, pp.100-1, 01/06/2000)<br><br>"...Genuinely imaginative special effects which manage to recognisably in the spirit of the cheesy originals..." (USA Today, p.48-9, 01/05/2000)<br><br>"...Mischievously clever..." (Variety, pp.57-62, 20/12/1999)<br><br>


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