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GALAXY QUEST is a satirical comedy that pokes fun at the influence science fiction shows such as STAR TREK have had on their audience. The cast member...

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published 27/02/2003 | wivabef
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"Live Long and Laugh"

I am married to a Trek Geek. For example, at Christmas, I know I'm golden if I get him a Starship Enterprise Lamp (from the "Wireless" catalog) or a Star Trek watch that plays the theme song as the Enterprise spins around its face. But, he can laugh at himself, too. Which is good, because I can say I'm laughing with him rather than at him.

Galaxy Quest is, then, our perfect date movie. There's no gore, no human nakedness and very little profanity (in fact, in the video version, there is some obvious dubbing to make it even cleaner) so parents can feel okay about youngsters and teens watching it. And it is FUNNY. Absolutely, laugh out loud, funny.

One of Shakespeare's best plays, "A Midsummer's Night Dream," featured a play within a play - a chance for us to laugh at the actors on the stage as well as a chance for the actors on the stage to laugh at their craft. This is what makes Galaxy Quest so damned funny. The actors are not admired for their craft, but rather, idolized for the characters they played. Each actor realizes how absolutely silly their roles were, yet, convention stop after convention stop, there they are, pretending for their loyal fans, who are dressed like them, reciting lines the actors themselves are loath to repeat. There the fans are, questioning the technical realities of a ship that is "cardboard and plywood", a technology that is powered by "christmas tree lights." The actors play along, begrudgingly, collecting a humble fee.

Yet an entire society has stumbled across transmissions of their TV shows, interpreting them as historical documentaries and built a better society based on the show. They are the ultimate Quest Fans. In their world, the show IS real. The ship is real. The technology is real. And they have sought out the actors to board this ship they have created to save their society, assuming they are the leaders of the society they have sought to imitate.

Here's the crew. Tim Allen as the star/commander with an ego the size of Jupiter (think Captain Kirk). Sigourney Weaver as the "one who repeats the computer's commands" who conveniently barely fits into her outfit (think Deanna Troi). Alan Rickman, the british actor who is not pleased with being stereotyped as the brave warrior/smart guy alien (think Spock with Warf's headbumps and culinary inclinations). The young navigator who was a boy during the series run but is now grown and stuck in a time warp (think Wesley Crusher). And my favorite, Tony Shalhoub - the most versatile character actor of the whole bunch, who plays the Technical Officer on the show, but is now attending the Robert Downey school of drug and alcohol abuse and rehab and abuse (think Scotty and Jordi LaForge at a Grateful Dead reunion).

Allen is perfect for the role, especially with his special art of sounding astute while merely being glib. Weaver takes being blond a bit too far, but is still a hoot as she revels in her job of talking to and repeating the computer. Rickman is deadpan in his cocky indifference to Galaxy Quest fanaticism and even more amusing as he continues to compete with the Kirk character for more lines and more exposure (a classic quip after Tim Allen's character has been beaten to a pulp by an alien, "I see you managed to get your shirt off again.") And there's Tony Shalhoub, absolutely clueless to the technology that he supposedly crafts and controls on this ship - and stoned to boot. He carries a brown bag of munchies around in the beginning, even calmly chowing down on cheese snacks as their shuttle ship careens towards a desert planet's surface.

The best humor is watching the actors try to run a real ship and actually live the roles they have created. There's the launch of the ship by the boy-star (I'm sorry I have forgotten the actors name) who sidesweeps the docking bay. There's the alien star who suddenly must eat the live bug food he pretended to eat on the show. Fans are even involved in helping them get around the ship… an endeavor that is temporarily delayed as the boy must leave his bedroom's computer post to take out the trash as was previously ordered by his mother.

I was going to give Galaxy Quest four stars, but I honestly could not find any major fault with the movie. It was pure entertainment, from start to finish. So, I have to give it five stars. If you're serious about wearing vulcan ears and truly believe there is such a thing as a Klingon language, you might not think Galaxy Quest is funny. But, if you can laugh at Data and giggle at the fact that Jordi's eye gear is really a hair barrette spray-painted by the prop department, you will love Galaxy Quest, and will eagerly look for the next installment.

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  • TheChocolateLady published 02/03/2003
    Oh, I forgot to add that this is the Star Trek version of the Star Wars spoof "Space Balls". If you've never seen "Space Balls", you really must see it. Very, VERY funny!
  • TheChocolateLady published 02/03/2003
    Welcome to Ciao! I'll write something in your guest book about getting paid.
  • Bigbaz published 01/03/2003
    For Sigourney Weavers contribution it gets 10..Baz
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GALAXY QUEST is a satirical comedy that pokes fun at the influence science fiction shows such as STAR TREK have had on their audience. The cast members of the cult sci-fi television series GALAXY QUEST now earn their livings appearing at conventions and grand openings, led by their bomastic captain Jason Nesmith, played by Tim Allen. When an alien race--the Thermians--arrives on earth, it appears that they have mistakenly appropriated the show's culture as their own, thinking the series was actual fact. Desperate for help in battling the evil General Sarris, they bring the actors with them into space to save their planet. A surprisingly smart and funny send-up of the science-fiction culture and the influence television has on the world at large, GALAXY QUEST is a comedy that even non-genre fans can enjoy, with terrific turns by Sigourney Weaver, Alan Rickman, and Tony Shalhoub.

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DVD Region: DVD


Release date: 19/06/2006, 26/03/2001

No of Discs: 1

Catalogue No: DSL 1297, 490 913 9

Composer: David Newman

Costume Designer: Albert Wolsky

Director of Photography: Jerzy Zielinski

Editor: Don Zimmerman

Executive Producer: Charles J. Newirth

Producer: Mark Johnson, Charles J. Newirth, Suzann Ellis

Production Designer: Linda DeScenna

Author: David Newman

Barcode: 5051188129736, 0678149091397

Screenwriter: Robert Gordon, David Newman, David Howard


Main Language: English

Dubbed Language: German

Subtitle Language: Dutch, Norwegian, Finnish, English, Danish, Swedish

Hearing Impaired Language: English

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Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Anamorphic Wide Screen

Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1

Dubbing Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1 English German

Special Features: On Location In Space, Cutting Room Floor, Theatrical Trailer

Professional Reviews

Review: "...This tightly scripted, lightning-paced laffer delightfully pulls all the elements together and builds to a giddy and gleeful climax..." (Box Office, p.57, 01/02/2000)<br><br>"...The expert cast is more than game. Extra points to [Rickman and Weaver]..." -- 3 out of 5 stars (Premiere, pp.100-1, 01/06/2000)<br><br>"...Genuinely imaginative special effects which manage to recognisably in the spirit of the cheesy originals..." (USA Today, p.48-9, 01/05/2000)<br><br>"...Mischievously clever..." (Variety, pp.57-62, 20/12/1999)<br><br>


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