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GALAXY QUEST is a satirical comedy that pokes fun at the influence science fiction shows such as STAR TREK have had on their audience. The cast member...

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published 10/04/2004 | LR_17
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"We're actors, not astronauts!"

I'm back and in a great mood because I passed 3 very difficult exams and I thought I'd do a review on a film that makes me howl with laughter every time I watch it!!

Well, me being me I have to start of with somebody elses opinion! (Hey at the moment you've only got my word that it's good, you need somebody elses!!)

"An inspired laugh-out-loud sci-fi spoof"

"Top cast. Top script. Serious comic style"

"I loved ever single out-of-this-world minute"

Let's get the technical stuff overwith...

This is a DreamWords Home Entertainment film with a PG (parental guidance) certificate...suitable for anybody to watch.
Running time is approximately 1 hour and 37 minutes! Not bad really :) I will be talking about the VHS version of the film which you can buy anywhere.....Amazon, WHSmiths, HMV for around £5.99.

Now forward to the plot and characters!!


Jason Nesmith (aka Commander Peter Quincy Taggart) - Tim Allen

Gwen DeMarco (aka Lt. Tawny Madison) - Sigourney Weaver

Alexander Dane (aka Dr. Lazarus) - Alan Rickman

Fred Kwan (aka Tech Sgt. Chen) - Tony Shalhoub

Guy Fleegman (aka Security Chief 'Roc' Ingersol) - Sam Rockwell

Tommy Webber (aka Lt. Laredo) - Daryl Mitchell

Thermian Cmdr. Mathesar - Enrico Colantoni


Meet the intrepid crew of the NSEA Protector. Commander Peter Quincy Taggart, Lt. Tawny Madison, Dr. Lazarus, Tech Sgt. Chen and Lt. Laredo and join them in the adventures of Galaxy Quest!

For four years under the command of Taggart the crew has bravely fought of foes and enemies, with gross and outrageous hairstyles to say the least. Then tragedy struck...the series was cancelled!! Twenty years later this outdated crew are still doing conventions, autograph signings and opening small electronic stores, without much interest from the general public.

So as their distant fame fades away, the reluctant group of actors does another convention. The 'crew' has lost all it's respect for it's former 'commander', Jason Nesmith, as he seems to be taking all the glory and appears to be everybody's favourite. When Jason is approached by a group of rather unusual looking people, Jason, or rather the 'Commander' and his 'crew' are asked for help, by Mathesar a Thermian to save his people from a deadly enemy Saris. The only problem is that Mathesar really is an alien, and he really does need help!!

Not quite believing in his story, Jason thinks he's off to do a 'gig' for Mathesar, thinking it's just pretend! Unfortunately it's not as Jason finds out that....A: Saris is real......B:That he's on a real life spaceship and C: That he's in space!!

After his little encounter with the galaxy above, Jason tries to covince Gwen, Alexander and the rest of the team that this really happened. Thinking that this is all a joke, the guys tag along, only to have egos bruised as they realise that this is true!!

However one teensy, tiny little problem has presented itself. Somehow Mathesar and his people saw every single last episode of Galaxy Quest. Now taking in for a moment that these are aliens, Mathesar and his people have accidentally mistaken these so called 'missions' to be true and have labelled them 'The Historical Documents' Mathesar looks at Gwen, Alexander, Jason and the rest of them for being the crew. He doesn't know that they are actors!

So now all of them are in space and the only thing missing now is a ship, and you're not gonna believe it but Mathesar and his people built an exact working replica of the NSEA Protector. How? Well they designed controls and rooms based on what they saw in the 'Historical Documents'!! Now Mathesar and his people look to 'Commander Taggart' and his somewhat freaked out 'crew' to help!

As this day couldn't possibly get worse they have to try to figure out a way to work the friggin' ship and go off to deal with Saris himself!! I won't say anymore about the plot cos it'll ruin it for you guys!!

A hilarious sci-fi spoof, this couldn't have been done better or with a more talented group of actors. The fact that these actors in the film have to try to figure out how to work the ship brings a fantastic level of humour to the plot! Choice comments and phrases make this film worth watching such as.....

GWEN: "Jason we are actors not astronauts!"

JASON: "Laredo...take her out"
TOMMY: "What?"
JASON: "They designed those controls after watching you. Take her out."

GUY: "You gotta move it more to the right, move it to the right"
TOMMY: "Would you sit your ass down, do you wanna drive this thing...Woah."

ALEXANDER: "Could you possibly try NOT, TO HIT EVERYSINGLE ONE?!?!"

JASON: "I gave you the 'kill' gesture!"
GWEN: "No you gave me the 'dead' signal, I was agreeing with I know where the hold button is."

If I had to choose a favourite bit in this film it would probably be when Tommy...(Laredo) has to fly the ship out of the scrapes along the side of the dock with a sound like nails on a chalkboard!! Brilliant!

Couldn't see any flaws with this film. The choice of actors was superb and the story line is certainly different!! Would recommend it to anybody who is a sci-fi fan!! I loved it and I hope you do as well!

As always the decision is up to you!!

Happy trails kids!
Leila :)

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  • MHam published 23/08/2004
    Dreadful film M xx
  • sutherland1 published 14/06/2004
    I rented this video once when it was the only thing left. It was great!
  • MissTopaz published 02/06/2004
    once I understood the plot when I saw it for the first time, I loved it!!! You've given the plot really well Claire x
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Product Information : Galaxy Quest (DVD)

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GALAXY QUEST is a satirical comedy that pokes fun at the influence science fiction shows such as STAR TREK have had on their audience. The cast members of the cult sci-fi television series GALAXY QUEST now earn their livings appearing at conventions and grand openings, led by their bomastic captain Jason Nesmith, played by Tim Allen. When an alien race--the Thermians--arrives on earth, it appears that they have mistakenly appropriated the show's culture as their own, thinking the series was actual fact. Desperate for help in battling the evil General Sarris, they bring the actors with them into space to save their planet. A surprisingly smart and funny send-up of the science-fiction culture and the influence television has on the world at large, GALAXY QUEST is a comedy that even non-genre fans can enjoy, with terrific turns by Sigourney Weaver, Alan Rickman, and Tony Shalhoub.

Release Details

DVD Region: DVD


Release date: 19/06/2006, 26/03/2001

No of Discs: 1

Catalogue No: DSL 1297, 490 913 9

Composer: David Newman

Costume Designer: Albert Wolsky

Director of Photography: Jerzy Zielinski

Editor: Don Zimmerman

Executive Producer: Charles J. Newirth

Producer: Mark Johnson, Charles J. Newirth, Suzann Ellis

Production Designer: Linda DeScenna

Author: David Newman

Barcode: 5051188129736, 0678149091397

Screenwriter: Robert Gordon, David Newman, David Howard


Main Language: English

Dubbed Language: German

Subtitle Language: Dutch, Norwegian, Finnish, English, Danish, Swedish

Hearing Impaired Language: English

Technical Information

Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Anamorphic Wide Screen

Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1

Dubbing Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1 English German

Special Features: On Location In Space, Cutting Room Floor, Theatrical Trailer

Professional Reviews

Review: "...This tightly scripted, lightning-paced laffer delightfully pulls all the elements together and builds to a giddy and gleeful climax..." (Box Office, p.57, 01/02/2000)<br><br>"...The expert cast is more than game. Extra points to [Rickman and Weaver]..." -- 3 out of 5 stars (Premiere, pp.100-1, 01/06/2000)<br><br>"...Genuinely imaginative special effects which manage to recognisably in the spirit of the cheesy originals..." (USA Today, p.48-9, 01/05/2000)<br><br>"...Mischievously clever..." (Variety, pp.57-62, 20/12/1999)<br><br>


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