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GALAXY QUEST is a satirical comedy that pokes fun at the influence science fiction shows such as STAR TREK have had on their audience. The cast member...

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published 13/09/2017 | NBCMad92
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"A Movie I Will Always Enjoy Watching"

Galaxy Quest on Sky Movies

Galaxy Quest on Sky Movies

I had taken a day off work sick and I was lying on the sofa feeling sorry for myself. Trying to find something decent to watch as I have slightly exhausted most of the horror films on Sky Movies, I came across Galaxy Quest. I have watched it many times before but it has always been a film I can watch many times and still enjoy all the same, plus I love watching Alan Rickman. Also for the sake of Ciao, I wanted to write a review on it and needed to refresh my memory.


Tim Allen as Jason Nesmith/Commander. Peter Quincy Taggart (Toy Story Franchise & The Santa Clause Franchise)

Sigourney Weaver as Gwen DeMarco/Lt. Tawny Madison (Alien Franchise & Ghostbusters I & II)

Alan Rickman as Alexander Dane/Dr. Lazarus (Harry Potter Franchise & Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street)

Tony Shalhoub as Fred Kwan/Tech Sgt. Chen (Monk & Men in Black)

Sam Rockwell as Guy Fleegman/Crewman #6 (The Green Mile & Iron Man 2)

Daryl Mitchell as Tommy Webber/Lt. Laredo (House Party I & II & 10 Things I Hate About You)

Enrico Colantoni as Mathesar (Veronica Mars & Just Shoot Me!)

Missi Pyle as Laliari (Gone Girl & Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)

Jed Rees as Teb (Elizabethtown & Deadpool)

Patrick Breen as Quellek (Pushing Daisies & Madam Secretary)

Rainn Wilson as Lahnk (Six Feet Under & House of 1000 Corpses)

Sam Lloyd as Neru (Scrubs & Desperate Housewives)

Robin Sachs as General Roth'h'ar Sarris (The Lost World: Jurassic Park & Megalodon)

Justin Long as Brandon (Dodgeball & Alvin and the Chipmunks)


Director: Dean Parisot (Fun With Dick & Jane (2005) & Red 2)

Producers: Mark Johnson (Rain Man & Better Call Saul) & Charles Newirth (Dr. Strange & Iron Man 3)

Screenplay: David Howard & Robert Gordon (Men in Black II & Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events)

Story: David Howard

Music: David Newman (Tarzan (2013) & Norbit)

Cinematography: Jerzy Zielinski (The Lazarus Project & The Lizzie McGuire Movie)

Editor: Don Zimmerman (Liar Liar & Red 2)

Additional Information

Production Companies: DreamWorks Pictures & Gran Via Productions

Distribution Companies: DreamWorks Pictures

Genre: Comedy, Adventure, Fantasy, Action & Sci-Fi

Certificate: PG

Country: US

Language: English

Release Date: December 1999

Running Time: 102 minutes

Budget: $45 million

Box Office: $90.7 million

Tagline: "Are We There Yet"


After a long stint on the popular, now cult following television series "Galaxy Quest", the former cast members are growing sick and tired of attending conventions and only being recognised for their characters on show. They are also becoming increasingly frustrated with their fellow cast-mate Jason Nesmith, the series star who laps up the attention he receives and has become a diva; showing up late to signings, flaunting his fame and fortune in their faces and seemingly not caring about them.

When the cast becomes entangled with an alien race who has watched "Galaxy Quest" and believes they are truly their characters who will save them from General Roth'h'ar Sarris, they have to finally all start working together, using their knowledge from the show to help them before General Roth'h'ar Sarris destroys them all.


I like the story that these characters go on. I think that it is easy to follow and understand and can be enjoyed by both adults and children. There aren't many moments that are particular scary, even to today's standard of movies that children can watch. Personally, I don't think Woman in Black should have had a 12 rating. There is one moment with a bunch of small, cute, aliens which may be a tad scary for quite young children. It isn't long and you do not see any blood or anything horrific, but it may be something to watch out for if you have children that become scared quite easily.

There is a lot of relationship from this film to what happened with Star Trek. For those of you who may not know, Star Trek became such a popular Sci-Fi series that it gained its own cult following, language and is still popular to this day. There are a lot of things in this film that is relateable to Star Trek such as Alan Rickman's character becoming annoyed that since the show, he has been type-cast, much like what happened with Leonard Nimoy and George Takei. I can imagine this is something that a lot of actors unfortunately go through. No matter what they do, they may always be remembered for one thing, as much as it was good or bad and I think that was enjoyable to watch because it helped the audience go into the lives of actors. Remembering that they are people to, just doing what they love, turning to earn money. I really enjoyed going behinds the scenes with this movie and seeing the characters as their true selves.

Personally, I really enjoy watching actors acting on film. I find it really interesting for an actor to be playing a character who is also playing a character.

I like how the story moved from location to location. One minute we are on Earth, then on a spaceship, then on another planet. It was fun to go to these different places with the characters and imagine what life would be like on another world. All this was quite quick, there wasn't a moment when we spent too long somewhere and begun getting bored. We moved quickly from place to place and there wasn't no "empty space"... Get it? Empty space? HA!

Overall, I think this is an entertaining story-line. One where adults and children and sit down and enjoy it even though the film is fairly old. I have been able to watch it a number of times and I still enjoy it. It is easy to watch and the story flows easy and is believable, regardless of the fact that there are aliens and monsters and the like.

Fun Fact
Originally, Galaxy Quest had a hard time being made because many people thought that it was going to "make fun" of Star Trek. It was called "a hit or miss". However, many of the cast of Star Trek enjoyed this movie. Patrick Stewart said "I had originally not wanted to see Galaxy Quest because I heard that it was making fun of Star Trek, and then Jonathan Frakes rang me up and said "You must not miss this movie! See it on a Saturday night in a full theater". And I did, and of course I found it was brilliant. Brilliant. No one laughed louder or longer in the cinema than I did, but the idea that the ship was saved and all of our heroes in that movie were saved simply by the fact that there were fans who did understand the scientific principles on which the ship worked was absolutely wonderful. And it was both funny and also touching in that it paid tribute to the dedication of these fans." and George Takei saying "I think it's a chillingly realistic documentary. The details in it, I recognised every one of them. It is a powerful piece of documentary film making. And I do believe that when we get kidnapped by aliens, it's going to be the genuine, true Star Trek fans who will save the day. … I was rolling in the aisles. And [star] Tim Allen had that Shatner-esque swagger down pat. And I roared when the shirt came off, and [co-star] Sigourney [Weaver] rolls her eyes and says, 'There goes that shirt again.' … How often did we hear that on the set?"

Acting & Characters

The characters in this movie I think are brilliant and I really enjoyed watching them. Every single one of them were believable in their roles.

Tim Allen being the obnoxious "leader" of the group who doesn't care for his fellow actors and simply cares about himself... Sounds rather familiar to me in my world. I enjoyed watching him from his diva-like ways to sorting himself out to help the alien race. We get to glimpse into his life which is quite lonely and his relationship between his female co-star "Weaver" is believable. As this happens, when you work closely with someone on set, feelings and attractions do happen so I believe the writers have kept true to watch actually happens to actors. I thought Allen was great in his role.

Sigourney Weaver was brilliant as the female lead of the TV show and as the tired Gwen DeMarco trying to keep the cast together. She seems to be the voice of reason which I think she does well. I like watching her on set because she can be this bad-ass chick throwing kicks and punches but also the sweet, sensitive friend who wants to help. I like her relationship which Allen, growing sick of his selfish ways and I like watching her feelings for him. Again, it is something that I personally can relate to and again something that is true to acting.

Another character, who probably is my favourite is Alan Rickman as Alexander Dane. I love watching him as he rates himself and becomes annoyed with Allen getting all the attention that he deserves simply because he is the star of the show. I think a lot of what Rickman does it in his voice. He has such an amazing, booming voice, I always said I would have loved to have him read me a bedtime story. He is believable when he becomes agitated with fans and the aliens constantly asking him to speak lines from the show and as I keep saying, the believability of his character to acting is something that is true.

I loved the aliens and I thought they all worked extremely well together. I could see this when they were all in unison speaking or moving. As much as the makeup helped, the way the cast aliens worked together helped me believe that they were a tight alien race. Their voices were weird and this suited their characters perfectly.

Overall, I honestly could go on about the acting all day long but truth be told, everyone was amazing in their roles. They were all believable and all had their own characters, personalities and stories that meshed well together.

Special Effects

I think you have to look at the effects for what they were at the time. Remembering that this movie was made in 1999. To those standards, I think the special effects were really good. There wasn't a lot of CGI used and the only thing that I can think of that was a massive CGI thing was the rock monster and the little aliens and even them I thought was good. There wasn't too much CGI that the movie ended up killing itself, as you may know, I have the over-use of CGI in movies. I wouldn't say there was anything that was particular amazing in terms of CGI but I thought that it was good.

The makeup I thought was great. The makeup used for General Roth'h'ar Sarris and the other evil aliens looked really good. Will it be something that is remembered? Probably not, but I think it looked good enough to not remember that it is fake (if that makes sense). There isn't a lot of blood and guts to talk about otherwise this wouldn't be a PG movie but there was a little blood here and there which looked good. The only thing I would say is I hate when there is just a splatter of blood on someone who has "got a cut". I always think, that cut should still be bleeding? Why has it stopped?

I have to say that I like the makeup that is used for Rickman when he is in character. It looked really good and something that would be used on a Sci-Fi TV show.

Overall, I thought the special effects of this movie were great. Believable and fun.


If you played me the soundtrack, would I remember it? Would I be able to say, "That's Galaxy Quest"? No I wouldn't. However, the soundtrack for this movie worked really well. I believe it is a homage to the music that would have been played on Star Trek and that worked well with this movie.

Overall, with the Star Trek-esque music to go along with a Star Trek-esque movie, I think the soundtrack worked well.


To be honest, it probably isn't going to be a movie that is going to win any Oscars, nor will it be remembered but it is a fun movie to watch. If someone asked me what I thought of it, I would tell them that I have enjoyed watching it for years. The characters are good and the acting is even better. I enjoy watching it and I will continue to enjoy watching it for years to come.

Cost & Where To Buy

I watched this on Sky movies but the DVD you can purchase for around £5 on Zoom and Music Magpie. The Blu-ray is around £8 from Zoom or Zavvi.


IMDB - 7.3

Rotten Tomatoes - 90%

"Effects and production design are splendidly integrated into the overall enterprise, which is even more enjoyable for being so unexpected." - Time Out

"A sparkling blend of sci-fi and comedy that affectionately spoofs every Star Trek cliché known to man, Romulan, or Klingon." -

"The entire cast is game for the ridiculous, while Stan Winston's aliens and ILM visual effects give this the gloss of a straight-faced sci-fi spectacle. Beam on up." - Empire Magazine

"An amiable comedy that simultaneously manages to spoof these popular futuristic space adventures and replicate the very elements that have made them so durable." - New York Times

Thanks for reading my review.

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  • 16BitFlash published 19/09/2017
    I hate Star Trek, so avoided this film like the plague for years until basically being forced into it. Turns out it's actually fantastic, like this review!
  • euphie published 15/09/2017
    e :o)
  • kat123456 published 14/09/2017
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GALAXY QUEST is a satirical comedy that pokes fun at the influence science fiction shows such as STAR TREK have had on their audience. The cast members of the cult sci-fi television series GALAXY QUEST now earn their livings appearing at conventions and grand openings, led by their bomastic captain Jason Nesmith, played by Tim Allen. When an alien race--the Thermians--arrives on earth, it appears that they have mistakenly appropriated the show's culture as their own, thinking the series was actual fact. Desperate for help in battling the evil General Sarris, they bring the actors with them into space to save their planet. A surprisingly smart and funny send-up of the science-fiction culture and the influence television has on the world at large, GALAXY QUEST is a comedy that even non-genre fans can enjoy, with terrific turns by Sigourney Weaver, Alan Rickman, and Tony Shalhoub.

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DVD Region: DVD


Release date: 19/06/2006, 26/03/2001

No of Discs: 1

Catalogue No: DSL 1297, 490 913 9

Composer: David Newman

Costume Designer: Albert Wolsky

Director of Photography: Jerzy Zielinski

Editor: Don Zimmerman

Executive Producer: Charles J. Newirth

Producer: Mark Johnson, Charles J. Newirth, Suzann Ellis

Production Designer: Linda DeScenna

Author: David Newman

Barcode: 5051188129736, 0678149091397

Screenwriter: Robert Gordon, David Newman, David Howard


Main Language: English

Dubbed Language: German

Subtitle Language: Dutch, Norwegian, Finnish, English, Danish, Swedish

Hearing Impaired Language: English

Technical Information

Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Anamorphic Wide Screen

Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1

Dubbing Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1 English German

Special Features: On Location In Space, Cutting Room Floor, Theatrical Trailer

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