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published 01/05/2012 | gingelou
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"Spring... and Hayfever Have Arrived!"

Blister Packet

Blister Packet

With the return of Spring (well, at least here in Krakow it has returned, sorry, I know the UK weather is terrible!) signalling the return of my sneezes I think its time to review my trusted form of relief for my hayfever symptoms.

Galpharm Non Drowsy Hayfever & Allergy Relief

Galpharm Non Drowsy Hayfever & Allergy Relief are one a day tablets manufactured by Galpharm Healthcare Ltd. The tablets are designed to relieve symptoms for sufferers of hayfever and other allergies.

Until last year I had never suffered with any kind of hayfever and after seeing friends who suffered I was quite grateful for this. However, late last Spring I noticed that I seemed to have a constant runny nose, was always sneezing for no apparent reason and when I removed my glasses my eyes were always looking quite puffy. At first I thought this might just be a little cold, but my nan was quick to diagnose me with mild hayfever and a trip to our local Boots store confirmed this.

Why Galpharm Non Drowsy Hayfever & Allergy Relief?

After about a week of taking the more expensive brand, Clarytin, I was browsing our local pound shop and came across Galpharm Non Drowsy Hayfever & Allergy Relief, I read the back of the box, decided that it sounded as good as the brand I had been taking and purchased 2 boxes of them.

Each box of tablets contains a blister packet of 7 tablets, so one weeks supply and a printed instruction sheet. I have since thrown both the box and instructions away as when I moved from the UK I was trying to take up as little space as possible in my luggage. I clearly remember the box though, it was mainly green in colour and had a picture of a flower on the front. On the reverse of the box was mainly printed information such as ingredients, precautions and how to take the tablets. Each tablet contains 10mg of Loratadine.

How to Take

I take these tablets in accordance with how the printed instructions told me to, which is one tablet a day washed down with water. I personally choose to take mine first thing in the morning, just to be sure, although there is no specific time stated.

These tablets are one a day and it is clearly stated on both the packet and instructions that you should not take more than this dose and if you do then you should seek medical attention even if you feel well.

Do They Work?

The first time I took these tablets I wasn't expecting miracles, I had bought them in the pound shop after all! However, I did notice, even on the first day that these tablets did have an effect and my nose was a lot less runny with a very obvious lack of sneezing, because of this if felt a lot better and like I could breathe properly and even more pleasingly, when I removed my glasses in the evening my eyes were pretty normal looking with no redness and puffy skin!

I continued to take these tablets as and when I needed them for most of last summer and they always provided me with relief. It wasn't perfect relief and I did still suffer from the odd sniffle and sneeze, but compared to how I was feeling I was happy with this. As I said earlier in the review, I was suffering with a very mild hayfever so with this in mind I doubt whether these tablets would be so useful for sufferers with more extreme symptoms, but for the light sufferers this is a much cheaper option.

With the return of Spring in full force here in Poland, I have found the last 2 weeks have marked the return of my sniffles and sneezing and due to the lovely hot weather making me feel lethargic anyway, sneezing is the last thing I want, thankfully I used my brain when I was moving and brought a supply of these tablets with me, I have been taking them for the last couple of weeks and again I am pleased to say they are really easing my symptoms and therefore enabling me to go outside and enjoy this lovely weather.

The product claims to be non-drowsy and so far I have yet to experience any drowsiness so I would say this claim is accurate. There is another version of the tablet available called Galpharm Hayfever & Allergy Relief, but I have not tried this version as I always tend to go for non-drowsy wherever possible.


I paid £1 per box of 7 tablets in my local pound shop last year, but I have done an online search and it is telling me I can buy these in Asda for just 84p! So I think on my trip back to the UK later this week I will be stocking up on these ready for the summer. They are also sold in boxes of 30, but I have only seen these advertised online with prices ranging from £2.99 all the way up to £7.12!

Do I recommend?

Yes, I really recommend Galpharm Non Drowsy Hayfever & Allergy Relief for anyone who suffers with mild hayfever or allergies and who doesn't mind the occasional sniffle or sneeze. I'm not sure how effective they will be for extreme symptoms, but at such a low price I would say they are definitely worth a try no matter how mild or extreme your symptoms are!

Thanks for reading :)

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  • Absinthe_Fairy published 03/05/2012
    I guess that's one consolation for the terrible weather in the UK - my hayfever hasn't started yet!
  • RICHADA published 02/05/2012
    Spring? Withe temperatures nearing 30deg.C it's more like mid-summer currently......whilst here in England we drown and freeze! R. xxx
  • catsholiday published 02/05/2012
    I use these sometimes but now buy all mine off the internet as it is vastly cheaper
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