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Store Finder Use this bit to find your nearest store. Put in your postcode or location, for example WR12 or Evesham and then it will come up with the nearest shops to where you live. If I put in my postcode it comes up with three shops. Reward Card For £3 you can get a Reward Membership ... Read review

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The Next Level Of Games

AdvantagesGood and easy site to use.

DisadvantagesJust a bit too expensive.

"... COMPETITIONS: Every now and then has competitions where you can enter to win. The ones at the moment are 'Spiderwick Chronicles Competition' and 'Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Competition'. DEALS AND OFFERS: Here you find all of the deals and offers that provides. MULTIBUYS: Here you can buy things like a PSP game and get one free or pre-owned Xbox 360 games, 2 for £30. CLICK AND COLLECT: If you are a reward card holder you ..." Read review

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Community Level 7CareBear


Solicitor on the Game Review with images

AdvantagesGreat layout and lots of product information making it easy for non-gamers

DisadvantagesPrices tend to be higher and a rubbish loyalty scheme

"...cannot fail to see that is the same as GAME on the highstreet. That familiar purple branding is there to lure us into the familiar territory. I find the website very easy to use, even as someone who knows next to nothing about gaming. Games are split into types according to which platform they are played on and then they are split according to type (platform, driving, FPS and so on). As a non-gamer I find this much easier than being ..." Read review

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Community Level 7costas1234


AdvantagesChoice between brand new and second hand, Reward Card loyalty, free delivery

DisadvantagesExpensive lifestyle choice

"...of playstation two Games from in the past I was very pleased and satisfied with the Delivery time taken. There is also a Help topics section which I find good to read through this. I thought the Question and Answer sections good as they contained the companies' privacy statement, Secure Shopping, Payment options, Delivery times and so on. Though the useful part of this is that clicking on one of these sections just produces a set of ..." Read review

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Community Level 6nathaninnit


NO SCRATCHES ON MY DISC Review with images

AdvantagesDelivery and reward card

DisadvantagesPrice and arrogance

"...been operating under the new for quite some time now, representative of the growth of the brand. As far as specialist franchises go, there is absolutely no competition, as Blockbuster Inc. sold the Gamestation retail chain to GAME in 2007 for a reported £75 million. Whilst Gamestation still operates under its name, including having its own website, you must remember that where ever you go your money is still going to the same place. You ..." Read review

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Community Level 5jaygami1986



Advantagesread opp

Disadvantagesread opp

"This review is focuses on, an online gaming, and gaming accessories website, that allows people to purchase games online, with it then later being delivered a couple of working days later. Now ive used several times, infact in 2007, I would say ive spent roughly £350 purchasing items from their website, so I guess I seem to have some experience regarding what the company has to offer, the layout of the website, customer service, ..." Read review

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Listed on Ciao since 20/04/2007

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similar by Type (Games)
An enormous and cheap catalogue of games, games are fully patched and will run on modern systems
Many of your old favourites might not yet be in the catalogue (*)
good helpful service easy to use
may take a while to reply to emails. (*)
Fast delivery service
Technical support only from manufacturer (*)
Fast delivery
No order tracking (*)
similar by Domain Extension (
plenty of products, reasonbale prices, embarrassing products can be bought online
none (*)
No customer care, damaged property after poor delivery, Poor quality furniture, AVOID! (*)
Easy to use, easy to follow instructions, clears the clutter
Some of the fee's are high (*)
Lovely Site, Massive Product Range
Shipping and Products often expensive! (*)
Seem very organised and provides an efficient service. Cheaper than most independent retailers.
Quite often out of stock on many models. About a month's wait. (*)
similar by Name (A-Z) (G)
Sell your books, buy cheap books, SAVE THE TREES!
Not enough people use the site... (*)
Wide range of brands, themed boxes, boxes are re-usable, great way to try new products, easy to sub
You may not like or use some of the samples you get and the price may be a negative for some (*)
Excellent prices, fast delivery, lovely stuff
Are you willing to buy from a photo? (*)
Quick and easy to use with Next day delivery
There is not EVERYTHING on there, just MOST things. But we cant have it all! (*)
Affordable, really nice jewellery
Addictive! Far too addictive! (*)
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