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Road Rage 3. Wants to be GT, plays like I:D

25.02.2017 Review of Road Rage 3 (PS2)

"==Road Rage 3== ===PS2 review=== '''This is an odd little game'''. Developed and published on a shoe-string in 2003 by low budget independent outfit '''Phoenix Games''', this was a fairly average racer which _drifted_ right under most peoples radar. '''P ..."

Read full review by kojak123

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Handles like a Tank, the Voices Stank - But We Love it!

24.02.2017 Review of Resident Evil 2 (PlayStation)

"===The Nightmare Begins=== _I'll never forget that Christmas._ I know what you're thinking. 'Who buys a game like this for Xmas?!' - well you should be asking who buys it for a 9 year old! That's right, my auntie Dawn was the cool auntie because she was w ..."

Read full review by SirJoseph

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Fabulous He

24.02.2017 Review of Disney's Aladdin (Mega Drive)

"I’ve got a confession to make, and one that often brings me nothing but scorn from all of those to whom I confess it. I’m not a big Disney fan. While some of the happiest memories of my life were had as a child in Disney’s Theme Parks in Florida, I won’t ..."

Read full review by 16BitFlash

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good game

24.02.2017 Review of Grand Theft Auto V (PS4)

"i have been playing grand theft auto series games for years now and have played most if not all of them. My all time fav would be san andreas like most others would rate, this game though in general did very well with the multiple character set up during ..."

Read full review by graham1992

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