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Games Workshop - Necron Destroyer Lord Boxed Set


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Review of "Games Workshop - Necron Destroyer Lord Boxed Set"

published 13/06/2007 | Khior
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Pro Official model, fantastically sculptured, very potent force on the battlefield
Cons Metal parts need superglue and don't affix as well as plastic
very helpful

"Darkness Rising - Necron Destroyer Lord"

‘The most sophisticated of the C’tan’s servants, the Necron Lords act leaders and energy loci for the Necron warriors. Clad in crumbling vestments and wielding ancient, arcane staffs, they are a chilling sight on the battlefield, directing their warriors’ attack in unnatural silence. The patina of age mars the silvered perfection of their forms and they wear the accumulated power of millennia like a robe. Glittering arcs of energy surround their every gesture and soulless fires burn in their empty eye sockets.’

Codex: Necrons – Games Workshop Ltd.


A box containing the sprues for one beautifully designed Necron Destroyer Lord that is partly in plastic, partly in metal.

It contains the sprues needed to make the model and comes with a flying base.
The Destroyer comes in the following parts:

- Head and Torso Combined
- Spine Piece
- Left Arm Wielding Warscythe
- Left Arm Wielding Staff of Light
- Right Arm (2 choices)
- Pelvis Plate
- Lower Spine Pieces
- Destroyer Body (Top)
- Destroyer Body (Bottom)
- Green Plastic Rods

You will find that you have lots of left over pieces. This is because there are also the pieces in the box to make a normal Necron Destroyer. Just leave what you don’t need and add it to your ‘bits box’. You could make a cool looking conversion with them some day.


IMPORTANT: Glue and knife/cutting implement is not included. These must be purchased separately.

I found the best way to put these models together was this:

Firstly, glue the top and bottom parts of the destroyer body together and add the pelvis plate and lower spine pieces. At the same time, attach the spine to the torso with superglue. When these are dry, simply glue the two together. I have the torso upright – surveying the battlefield for it’s foes.

Secondly, choose which arms you wish your Lord to have; you can choose between two weapons on the left arm and between a resurrection orb and a disruptor field on the right arm. Glue the arms to the torso but make sure to leave enough room to fit the green rod to the weapon (be especially careful of this when using the shorter weapons arm because the green rod is attached at the bottom end!).

IMPORTANT: Do not attach the green rod until the model is completely painted.


IMPORTANT: Paints and paintbrushes are not included in this boxed set. They must be purchased separately.

Everyone has a different idea about what Necrons should look like: shiny, dull, rusty, colourful – the list goes on. I wouldn’t pretend to assume that my paint job is best but it’s a good, quick paint scheme which can yield some fairly impressive results. My force is based around the C’tan called The Nightbringer who is dark and evil. However, I have chosen to paint my Necron Lord mostly white so he stands out very easily form the rest of the army. He is truly the focal point of the army.

First, undercoat the model with Chaos Black. This will mean that any crevices will appear is if they’re in shadow and gives the colouring a deeper shade.

Secondly, apply a drybrush of Boltgun Metal to the underside, the vents and spinal areas of the model but avoiding the rest of the model. Once dry, apply watered down brown ink to the model’s metal parts to give it an aged look.

Next, apply a highlights to the edges and raised areas with Chainmail and, if desired, Mithril Silver.

Next, paint of Fortress Grey carefully over the large flat areas, shoulders, head and torso. Make sure that the crevices stay black – they look horrible in grey. Once all of this is dry then apply Skull White over the top, again leaving crevices black. I painted the symbol on his head and chest in Burnished Gold (using an Ultramarine Blue background for the chest symbol). The Weapons were painted using a warm palette of colours; reds, oranges and warm yellows. The also helped to contrast against the rest of my dark army.

Lastly, glue the green rod to the weapon as needed and attach the model to the base.



Playing with this model requires Codex: Necrons. This is a book that can be bought at any Games Workshop in the country or online at You will also need terrain, gaming boards, dice, tape measures, templates, the rule book, an opponent and, last but not least, a legal army.

The Necron Lord is a requirement (assuming a C’tan isn’t being used). The Destroyer body is optional on a Necron lord and costs 30 points. Otherwise a normal Necron Lord may be used. The Destroyer body isn’t always the best option to take for a Necron Lord so be sure to have a normal one to hand. When I use my Destroyer Lord I give him a Warscythe and Resurrection Orb making him perfect for combat. I use his speed to quickly engage any enemy unit that is too close for comfort and usually rip it apart (with a little help from his pet Wraiths).

Whatever my style, yours will almost definitely be different. Find out what army works best for you and work on that. There are many websites which discuss strategy online so have a look around.


There wasn’t any major weakness in this model but the flying base was a bit of a problem for the Destroyer Lord. As I take this model back and forth from one place to another I’ve found it more convenient not to glue the flying base to the underside of the model. Instead, I’ve drilled a slightly larger hole in the underside which the flying base slots in to. This means the base is detachable but stays in place during a game.

Also, as with all Necron models, there is the green rod. When you cut them from the sprues there is a little residue left smack-bang in the middle of the rod which is almost impossible to remove. This lessens the effect of what is supposed to be pure energy by making it impure. This is only a problem for me because I’m a perfectionist but it may not annoy you as much as it annoys me.


This is a great model which looks fantastic. It’s speed and flexibility on the battlefield make it a formidable foe while it’s regenerative abilities means it keeps coming back for more. A great choice for anyone to lead their Necron horde to victory!

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  • Karnage published 16/10/2007
    I've only come across a few Destroyer Lords when I've played games, the majority of Necron players I've taken on tend to use the standard Lord models. Another great review though, keep them coming :D - Karl
  • perfectlypolished published 14/07/2007
    I had never heard of a Necron Lord before! Interesting review. Lin
  • jamiemazza published 15/06/2007
    great review jamie
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