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Brilliant mower !!!!

02.12.2014 Review of Hayter Harrier 48

"These are fantastic lawnmowers, we have been using these for industrial grass cutting for 12 years. Through the summer we use them for around 20 hours per week and they never seem to miss a beat. The only problems we've had are due to wear and tear. I've ..."

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Venus Fly Traps - interesting but fussy plants

01.12.2014 Review of Venus Fly Trap/Pitcher Plant

"...=== INTRODUCTION === I consider myself to be fairly green fingered, but with Venus Fly Traps Iím definitely brown thumbed. Over time, Iíve killed more VFTs than DDT killed Scottish Ospreys. It takes about a year for me to forget how bad I am at sustain ..."

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Carrots - try growing your own

25.11.2014 Review of Carrots

"...=== INTRODUCTION === For those that have only ever eaten frozen or supermarket bought carrots, Iím going to use this review as a way of convincing you that itís pretty easy to grow your own far superior carrots for less money, less environmental impact ( ..."

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My Tits Love it!

24.11.2014 Review of Countryside Robin Seed & Insect Mix

"...Now that I have your attention, Iíd like to tell you about my current favourite wild bird food that the various tits especially seem to really love: ROBIN SEED & INSECT MIX from COUNTRYSIDE PRODUCTS: Every winter, I always take extra care to feed the wil ..."

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