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published 21/11/2002 | niclemamy
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About me :
Pro It works in 20 minutes, it takes less time to apply than other brands, it doesn't have to be applyed to roots first and it gives good results. It's also good value for money!!
Cons The gloves are flimsy and WILL tear if your careful or not. Stupid fiddly conditioner sachet that refuses to tear open and will need to be set about with a pair of scissors!!
very helpful
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"Be The Belle Of The Ball Or........"

............At least touch up your roots!!

I have a confession to make fellow ciaoers!

I cringe when I see people with dyed hair that’s got inches of new growth and they haven’t bothered to touch it up, ewww.

I know it’s judgmental but I have to say in my defense, I don’t heckle or anything, it just makes me cringe!
It’s not to bad if it’s a little new growth but there’s no excuse for inches of it (well maybe lack of money but then if you picked a colour closer to your natural colour it wouldn’t be as obvious!)
If you dye your hair, try and keep up with your roots PLEASE.

Okay gripe over.

So there I was with two inches of new hair growth and feeling like I stuck out like a sore thumb, it’s time for action and I’m off like a shot down to my local chemist, heehee. It can happen to anyone, even me!

After pondering on which product to buy, I decided on Garnier Belle-Color as it states on the box that it’s and I quote “As easy as a shampoo”. Woohoo!

Okay then, I’ve picked out my colour, which is intense dark brown, and I’m off to the checkout.

*_*_* The Price and Availabilty *_*_*

Well this is widely available and can be found in supermarkets and chemists, you’ll probably come across it in Boots and Superdrug too, but prices probably vary a lot so shop around. I buy mine from my local chemist and it cost me 3.99 GBP but you can buy it from Tesco at the moment for 3.97GBP (I just checked Tesco for that price so I’ll be buying mine from there now me thinks!)

*_*_* The Packaging *_*_*

The box has a picture of a lady with the usual wide grin and sparkling teeth on the front; she is sporting a very nice shoulder length head of hair in my chosen shade (Intense Dark Brown)
The Garnier logo is on all sides of the box with the exception of the lid and base. The base of the box is a nice shade of orange, sort of an autumn shade, fading to white towards the top of the box.

The box also informs me of what it contains:

1 applicator bottle of developer milk – 60 ml
1 ColorEase crème tube – 40 ml
1 sachet of Nutritive Crème Bath – 15ml
1 instruction leaflet with gloves attached

Belle-Color also claims to cover 100% of grey hair; I have a few of these little buggers so I’ll report on that later!
There is a list of ingredients and also a shade indicator, it gives three examples of what to expect if you have light/dark blonde hair, light brown/brown hair and dark brown/black hair. All three look to have the same result to me but everyone is different and colour may vary from person to person.

The jargon on the back of the box claims this product will leave your hair with incredibly natural looking, radiant colour! It also contains jojoba and wheat germ oils to leave your hair in beautiful condition, never dry or coarse every time with the added benefit of the nutritive crème bath, which adds extra conditioning.

The most appealing claim (for me anyway) was the “As easy as shampoo” one! Apparently this stuff can be put onto your hair without having to touch up the roots first, which is super as I hate all the fiddling about in the bathroom don’t you. Trying in vain to reach those parts of your head you never see but if you miss everyone will point to! The box says it doesn’t drip and works in 20 minutes!

*_*_* Off We Go To The Bathroom Then! *_*_*

Okay, I’ve got the usual must haves with me and I head for the bathroom, the must have are:
The hair dye (lol), old towel, Vaseline, a comb, old t-shirt, old towels for to cover the bathroom carpet if you’re a bit heavy handed with your nozzle and a mirror if you don’t already have one in there, lastly you may like to listen to a radio which I do so if you don’t have one in the bathroom then find one or crank up the volume on your bedroom one!

You are advised to do a sensitivity test before applying this product and for this you need to follow the instructions provided in the instruction leaflet, I however have dyed my hair several times and didn’t bother!

Step one = for me is always combing out my knotty hair, there’s nowt worse than trying to drag an application nozzle through a head full of dred locks, lol.

Step two = apply your stupidly made gloves that are bond to tear when your mid application!

Step three = pierce the colorease crème tube and squeeze the entire contents into the applicator bottle, which contains the developer milk (incidentally isn’t milk a stupid word for this?) replace nozzle and shake it up, you can do this in a regular bored sort of way or you can crank up the radio and do it to music for 30 seconds, I choose the latter.

Step four = after making sure you’ve thoroughly mixed your concoction you must break the seal on top of the applicator bottle immediately and use as soon as possible.

You can apply this straight onto unwashed dry hair and you’re are advised to do your grey bits first so after applying a little Vaseline around my hairline I touched up my little grey wild ones first, then I spread the rest of the concoction through the remainder of my hair which, was most of it I might add, I only have a few grey ones ;O), it took no time at all, at most 5 minutes. I gave my head a bit of a massage then piled it up on top of my head.

It doesn’t smell very nice but not as badly as some hair dyes I’ve used in the past so a thumbs up there, the gloves however are CRAP, mine split in a few places, and you’ve guessed it, I got dye all over my hands. I hate it when that happens. At least it hadn’t been there long, as it hadn’t taken long to put the dye on my hair so it washed off easily enough!

Reading the instruction now, it says to wait for 20 minutes or 30 minutes if I have more than 70% grey. So with 20 minutes to kill I decide to put on a facemask.

Okay now it’s time for Eastenders so I head down stairs to catch the best part of it, I was expecting it to drip but so far so good and no sign of drippage (before anyone comments on the word drippage, I know its probably not a word but I kind of like it but my spell checker doesn’t)!

Upon entering the sitting room I am greeted by my daughter who decides I look like a monster from some far away alien planet and screams blue murder, lol. I retreat back to the bathroom leaving her with her daddy, I must say I couldn’t help but giggle at that, so if you have babies in the house try to do either your hair or your face but not both on the same day at the same time, it could result in many tears ;O)

Okay, I’ve now missed Eastenders and it’s time to rinse.

Apply a little water and massage your hair gently, for a minute or so then rinse the remainder until the water runs clear.

You will then wish you’d remember some scissors to cut open the impossibly fiddly conditioner sachet. After fighting with my sachet and finally managing to get the conditioner out I massaged it into my hair and left it for couple of minutes. The instruction leaflet just says to massage in and rinse until water runs clear but I like to leave mine on a little longer.

*_*_* The Results *_*_*

After towel drying my hair I can see it’s worked on my roots but I like to check under my luminous kitchen light when I’ve dried and styled my hair. So after a quick comb through and a blast with the old hair crisper I’m off to check it out properly.

My hair looks shiny and healthy and I feel great, as I don’t have minging roots showing through. I find it a real confidence booster having my hair done as I’m sure do a lot of other ciaoers :O). As for the looking natural claims well I give it a thumbs up there too, it certainly doesn’t look unnatural at all. It’s super shiny and silky to the touch, lovely! I was surprised it worked so well on my roots as normally when reapplying hair dye you do your roots first then just rub the rest of the dye over the remainder of the hair, but my hair looks even in colour from root to tip, great!

I’ve now used this product a few times and can confirm that this product has good staying power too. Some hair dyes wash out really quickly, I know they are supposed to be permanent but they all wash out a little and some wash out a lot, well this one does the former!

I didn’t find it as easy as shampoo but this is probably due to the fact that it isn’t shampoo and if you miss a part of your hair then your going to look stupid so I tend to be more careful with my application of this than I do slapping on some shampoo! It is better than other brands I’ve used though as like I’ve said before you don’t have to do your roots first which, saves loads of time.

It did cover my little grey hairs too!

So what more is there to say apart from it comes in loads of different shades from lightest blonde to black. I’m sure there’s one with your name on it in a shop near you!

My final verdict is a 4 **** rating. I have deducted a star for the crap gloves and the fiddly conditioner sachet!

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  • droniee published 06/09/2005
    Well written. Lots of info there. :-)
  • eabha published 11/02/2005
    I don't dye my hair but good op. Heather x
  • vikstar published 21/04/2004
    excellent op - well done xxx
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