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"Garnier Nutrisse Creme"

Garnier Nutrisse Hair Colour

Garnier Nutrisse Hair Colour

Recently I have been getting bored with my hair so decided that I would dye it. This is not unusual; I have been dying my hair since I was about 13 or so and have used many different brands and was recently browsing my local boots store trying to decide on which one to buy. I always go for a permanent one and on this occasion decided that I wanted a reddy brown colour – not too red so that it would fade very quickly, but not just plain brown. I chose this particular hair dye (Garnier Nutrisse crème in shade 3.6) for two main reasons – I liked the look of the colour and the price was right. In addition to this I am fairly sure I have already used this brand before and was not disappointed with its performance.

***Price and Availability***

Like I mentioned earlier one reason I bought this was the price – boots had an offer on of 2 hair dyes for £8 or one for £5.10. I stocked up on an extra one to take advantage of the offer making each dye the bargain price of just £4. There are 16 shades currently available on the boots website ranging from blonde to brown to red to black, although I expect there are more shades than this, especially as my particular shade is not on the website. Garnier nutrisse crème can also be purchased from superdrug for £5.10 each but they do not have any offers on at the moment for this. I expect that you would also be able to get this from other places such as savers and Wilkinsons.

***The packaging***

The packaging is typical of most hair dye boxes – the majority of the front taken up by someone with a lot of hair! I like this as it is very easy to see what kind of colour it is. There is also the shade and number and a little about the claims of this hair dye. These claims are – that it is enriched with fruit oil, has 100% grey coverage, nourishes hair as it colours and is a radiant and long lasting colour. Fairly standard claims for a hair dye I think aside from perhaps the fruit oil (which apparently gives it a fresh and fruity fragrance).

On one side of the box there are some very clear pictures of what colour you should expect your hair to be after using e.g. if you were blonde and used this dye you could expect a slightly lighter colour than if your hair was dark prior to use. There is also advice to help you choose your shade which I think could be very helpful for anyone dying their hair the first time. Personally I tend to ignore this advice (such as if you are picking between two shades you should choose the lightest) and just pick whatever I want.

On the other side is some safety advice which is of course very important. This advice includes whether you should or shouldn’t dye your hair e.g. you shouldn’t if your hair has been coloured with a progressive hair colourant. There are also common sense things such as not dying your eyelashes and eyebrows. Hair colourants can cause severe allergic reactions so you are advised that it is necessary to carry out a skin allergy test 48 hours before intended application. I have to admit that I am a bit naughty and have never done this but I suppose that is a risk that I take. I always assume that as I have used many colourants in the past and had no problems that I will continue to have no problems. Maybe this is a habit that I need to change.

The back of the box gives yet more information – this mainly expands on what is on the front – that the formula is non-drip, nourishing and completely covers greys. The bottom of the box lists the ingredients. The general look of the box I think is an attractive one. Yes there is a huge amount of information but I think this is to be expected when you are using something with chemicals in that could potentially be harmful to use. The box is attractive and I like the green colour theme that is used.

***What do you get?***

Well for the bargain price of just £4 you get a few things – 1 applicator bottle of developer crème (60ml) 1 tube of nourishing colour crème (40ml) 1 bottle of colour nourishing conditioner (40ml) 1 pair of gloves and 1 instruction leaflet.

***The gloves***

I just thought I would briefly mention a little bit about the gloves. These come sealed within the box which is great and they are fairly huge. My dad has managed to fit his hands in these before and he has big hands! This is fantastic in that they will definitely fit but I did find that because they were so big this meant that I was always getting the excess bits of gloves that weren’t around my fingers in the way which I found a little annoying.

***Instructions and using***

I won’t bore you with every detail of the instructions leaflet but instead will give you a quick summary. There is a large section at the top dedicated to safety precautions with ‘follow the instructions for use’ in bold, just in case you read them but decided not to follow them. Everything in the pack conveniently has a letter printed on e.g. the developer crème is labelled ‘A’. When the instructions are given not just the name is given but also the letter making the process somewhat fool proof.

Step one is to mix the colour – protect shoulders and put gloves on, squeeze contents of colour crème into the developer crème and shake the mixture, then break off the cap of the bottle ready for use immediately. You are then given 2 options – whole head or touching up roots. Both methods appear very simple. To apply for whole head simply begin with roots before applying through to ends and massaging in thoroughly. Leave on for 25 mins (or 35 if you have resistant greys) before rinsing and conditioning. For the other option of roots the method is fairly similar. Apply to roots and leave on for 10 minutes before applying to rest of hair and allowing colour to develop for a further 15 minutes before rinsing and conditioning. I would also like to mention that this particular leaflet has provided me with a 50p off voucher for a garnier deodorant – fab!

Now onto the most important part of usage. As I mentioned I am no stranger to dying my hair and so have my own little ways. I always wear old clothes and an old towel that I tend to use specifically for hair dying so that I don’t ruin any nice ones. I also have cling film at the ready but more on that later. I follow the instructions and carefully squeeze the contents of the colour into the developer which wasn’t the easiest of things to do. This may be because when I pierced the colour tube I did not do it enough or the tube may have just been a bit stiff where my house had been rather cold. Once I had put this in I shook the bottle as directed and then snapped off the cap. I applied to my roots before using it on the rest of my hair, massaging it in and concentrating especially on areas that can sometimes be missed like next to your ears. When I had this on I have to admit I didn’t get any hints of fruitiness, it smelt like ammonia like most hair dyes. It didn’t smell particularly awful although admittedly, didn’t smell quite as strongly as others I have used in the past but it just wasn’t fruity. Once I had completely covered my hair I got my trusty cling film out and cling filmed my hair to my head. This may seem ever so slightly strange but I find this way I am not worrying about my hair brushing against anything and ruining it and just holds my hair where I want it until I wash it out. I also have a plastic bag ready to put my used colouring things in so that I don’t make a mess – which can sometimes be very hard to cover up! I left the dye on for a little longer than 25 minutes, I would say around 30, not because I have grey hair but because I really wanted to make sure that I would be able to notice the red.

I tend to go straight into the shower after dying my hair as this is just far more convenient than trying to wash it over a bath or sink. So I got undressed and took the cling film off my head and placed it in the bag. It did take quite some time to rinse out and I also used a little bit of shampoo to make sure that it was rinsed out properly. After this I applied the conditioner as directed and left on for a few minutes which smelt absolutely yummy! I then rinsed this out to find my hair feeling soft.


Once I dried my hair I could see the results properly. The colour had turned out fairly well (in my opinion anyway) and was a nice and even coverage. My hair is currently feeling very soft and looking very shiny – just what you would expect from dying your hair. I am expecting this colour to last me 6 weeks at the most before I feel the need to re-dye as I wash my hair every day and this will of course cause the colour to fade. I also have plenty of the conditioner left to help me keep it this way a little bit longer. I cannot comment on how well this dye addresses the problem of grey hairs as I do not have any but I expect that it would perform fairly well.

***What is good about this hair dye?***

• Good competitive price against other brands
• Large gloves could be a benefit for those with larger hands
• Yummy smelling conditioner
• Easy to use

***What is not so good about this hair dye?***

• As with all hair dyes it does not smell particularly pleasant
• Gloves a little too large for me personally
• Seems to take quite a long time to wash out

***Would I use again/recommend?***

I would happily use this again and am very happy with the shade that I have chosen – crimson promise 3.6 deep reddish brown. This is a very easy to use dye that does what it claims to do. If you have longer hair I would suggest that you buy more than one dye as this one only just about managed to cover all of my hair. Overall a fabulous dye that is well worth the small amount of money that it retails for. 5 stars from me!

Thanks for reading!

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