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"A Night Time Moisture Bomb"

Garnier Skin Active Moisture Bomb Moisturiser Night Cream

Garnier Skin Active Moisture Bomb Moisturiser Night Cream

I've been a member of Bzzagent for many years now and over this time I have been lucky enough to test a variety of products for them for free in return for my honest opinion. The latest campaign I have taken part in is for Garnier as part of their new moisture bomb range, I was send a full bottle of their moisture bomb moisturising day cream and a full bottle of the night cream as well. Today, I will be reviewing Garnier Skin Active Moisture Bomb Night Cream.

What does it look like?

Garniers Skin Active Moisture Bomb night cream comes presented in a cardboard outer sleeve which clearly shows the brand and product name along with a picture of some juicy looking pomegranate seeds. The packaging has a metallic shiny background with blue outlines.

The side and back of the box gives some general information on the product including usage instructions, Garniers principles & philosophy's and ingredients. Once opened the product should be used within 12 months.

The 50ml pot itself is rather cute in terms of its size and shape, it is completely curved and looks like a little pod. However, It is a little boring and uninspired otherwise with its simple deep blue design and minimalist features, 3 small red pomegranate seeds add a little extra colour and interest to a otherwise uninteresting looking product.

On top of the pot we have a simple screw top lid, once unscrewed this reveals the cream inside the tub. There is no pump action dispenser here, so its a case of sticking your fingers in there and scooping out a the required amount.Not a huge problem for me, but I know that there will be those that think this is a slightly unhygenic approach.

The cream itself is a strange light blue colour, not really what I was expecting at all really and I must admit to finding it's appearance a little odd. Garnier have described this product as being a "cream-gel" and I think this description hits the nail on the head really because it certainly a mixture of the two. It is indeed a bit like a cream but it also has a gel likeness to it - almost like a serum I guess. It has a strange sort of ticky consistency. I must say the strange consistency paired with the unusual blue colour did make me feel ever so slightly apprehensive when it came to applying the product.
What are the claims?

The product is aimed at those with dehydrated skin, it is a night cream and is suitable for sensitive skin.

Garnier claims that this Moisture Night Cream has been proven to recharged up to 10 layers of skin with hydration. It will replump the look of fine lines.

It contains 15% plant extract and super fruit extracts of pomegranate and amla.

The product has been dermatological tested.

There is no indication made on the product as to whether it has been tested on animals or not. Which is disappointing, but no completely surprising to me.

For those interested the full ingredients list can be found on Garniers website.
How to use

This product is intended for use at night time before bed after the skin has been cleansed. Garnier recommend around one - two pea sized amounts massaged into dry skin.

Avoid contact with the eyes (and mouth area, it doesn't taste nice!)

On first opening the tub I was quite taken aback by the potent fragrance, I found it to be very strong and really overpowering, not what I want in a night cream at all. This came as quite a shock to me as I had found the accompanying day cream to have a light fresh fragrance. To me, the cream has quite a powerful perfume like smell to it and I was initially a little worried that it would be a little headache inducing for night use. However, once applied the fragrance seems to lighten a little and after a few minutes the smell can only just be detected. Personally, I would have preferred something a little more subtle and understated. I was expecting something a little fruity considering the packaging had pomegranate prominently displayed on the packaging.

My experience

Okay, I have to admit when it comes to a bedtime beauty regime I am really quite lazy, I clean my skin with micellar water to remove any make-up and the days general dirt and that's about it. I apply a moisturiser to my face in the morning (and often after showering) but I rarely use a night cream. However, I was interested in giving this product a go, perhaps it was the magic elixir I have been missing all my life.

I have been using the cream for around two weeks now, almost on a daily basis. There have been a few odd nights where I have forgotten to apply the cream or in some cases I just couldn't be bothered. But on the whole I have been good and kept up with the application. I begin by cleansing my face with micellar water and then applying a small amount of the night cream to my face, gently massaging it with the tips of my fingers.

To me, the consistency of the cream is quite unusual and I am not quite sure I completely like the feeling of it on my skin. It feels a little slimy and sticky which I find rather offputting. One Bzz reviewer compared it to slug slime, and whilst I have never experienced slug slime on my face I can actually see where they are coming from in terms of their description. Thankfully, it is quickly absorbed by my skin and can no longer be detected. It doesn't take a long time to massage into the skin either and its all rather simple and effortless which is good news for me. I also find it to be rather cooling and refreshing which is nice during these particularly muggy nights.

After a couple of weeks of (almost) daily use I do believe I have seen a slight improvement to the general appearance of my skin. I wouldn't really say I currently have any real skin complaints, but with a one year old baby still not sleeping through the night I would say I have a slightly tired dull looking complexion. This cream seems to have brightened my skin a little and I feel I wake up with smoother softer looking skin. The cream seems to keep my skin well moisturised and hydrated through the night.

Whether it does indeed recharge up to ten layers of skin with hydration I cannot be sure and I am always dubious about such claims, they always sound rather outlandish so I tend to take them with a pinch of salt really.

A small amount goes a long way with this one, I still have lots of cream left in the pot and can see it lasting a while. Obviously thought this will completely depend on how much and how often it is applied to the skin.

I would describe my skin as being normal although I do occasionally suffer with a bit of sensitivity. I have not experienced any bad reactions whilst using the product.

Final Thoughts

I quite like Garniers moisture Bomb Night cream and I certainly feel there has been a improvement in the general condition of my skin. However, I find the consistency and fragrance a little off putting.

I have been using the night cream in conjunction with the day cream and I feel the two products work very well together, they are both rather lightweight.

Would I purchase this night cream? Probably not, simply because I cannot see myself keeping up with a night time beauty regime after this Bzzcampaign finishes. Perhaps I am not really a night cream type of person.

Garniers Moisture Bomb Night Cream has a RRP of £7.99.

It can be purchased in some supermarkets, chemists and online. Prices may vary and delivery charges may apply.

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