Garnier Skin Naturals Ultra Lift Eye Cream

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Garnier Skin Naturals Ultra Lift Eye Cream

An anti-wrinkle solution especially for the delicate zone of the eye contour.

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published 02/05/2012 | missrarr
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"Fantastic Eye Cream From Garnier"

Time to share another review based on my constant attempts to improve skin tone and keep hold of my fleeting youth!

In autumn of last year when I was still feeling very under confident as I felt that I still looked terrible after a three-week illness that took me a while to get over, basically I felt that my skin was starting to look its age. Now, I moisturise every day and I know that my skin could be a lot worse but there's nothing like feeling you're not at your best to undermine your confidence and make you walk without a spring in your step. Obviously I was recovering and had every right to look thoroughly naff, but I was damned if I was going to put up with it, as I always looked tired and felt that the fine lines around my eyes were more pronounced and even more so when I smile or laughed - and as laughter is good for you, who wants to be worried about that?

So, for the first time, I decided that I needed to invest in a specific cream for my eye area to complement my existing skin care routine. As with most products, I was happy to try to find a product by a company I trust from past experience and try to take advantage of a money-off promotion to get the most I could for my money while I try to find a product that works for me.

So in to town I wandered, avoiding Boots and going straight to Wilkinsons, who in my experience will always have a product of good reputation on offer in some way, shape or form. I found Garnier UltraLift Eye cream was on offer at a pretty decent half price, which took it from almost £10 (Boots retail it just shy of that mark at present - Jan 2012) down to a more standard £5 bracket that I prefer not to breach if I don't know I can trust a product from past experience.


This is a firming eye cream which comes from a Garnier range designed to be a complete skin care system. This eye cream contains a pure ginger extract and is meant to be an anti-wrinkle formula. Now, I'm not exactly in dire straits in that respect but the ageing process is something that I want to try to pre-empt as far as I can and negate the effects for as long as I can, as effectively as I can, as I near my 30s. So I was happy to take advantage of the offer on this particularly as I was so impressed by the hand cream (reviewed previously) that I have been using from Garnier this autumn / winter.

The product has 15ml content and is a tall, thin tube with a red background, a red and white logo and the Garnier logo. The product is dispensed through a long, thin and tapered nozzle at the end which has a screw cap that fits well and is easy to keep grip of and replace when you have moisturiser residue on your fingers. Originally it came in a small cardboard box.

There is little room for information on the packaging so on the tube on the back and in small text you have a brief description in different languages: "visibly uncreases the eye contour" is the claim.

The tube can be recycled as can the box.

The eye cream dispensed is not overly thick but it does not try to escape when you squeeze some from the tube! It sits without melting on your finger tips but when you rub your fingers together it spreads easily and looks as if it will soak into the skin quickly. I find that a very tiny amount of this product squeezed onto the finger tips goes a very long way - this was a reassuring thing to realise when you consider that this small tube is normally nearly £10! At first I did wonder how long it would last, but with hindsight I have been using this, twice a day on most days, for about six weeks and I would guess that I still have nearly half a tube left, if not possibly more.

I smooth this on my finger tips and dab and smooth it gently around the eye area. Now, I'm not saying you can get away with whacking it straight in your eye without feeling pain (funnily enough I haven't tried - I'll do a lot for you review types but there are limits!) but I have yet to have any problem with this causing me any discomfort in what can be a very precarious place to venture with any moisturiser! Given the texture and consistency, it won't run into your eyes so any such contact would have to rely on accidents in application. It has a very mild chemical-type scent but this has never lingered and was subtle enough to never really be notable anyway, and certainly the vapours - if there are any - have never irritated my eyes or caused watering.


Having been using this for some time I feel I can now put forth a balanced and reflective review on this product's capabilities; basically, it works! My eye area looks a lot smoother, any dark patches seem to be a lot less noticeable and I have also noticed that when I put foundation or powder over the area it doesn't settle into such notable creases - mostly because they're not there any more! The skin has regained some of the elasticity I felt it had lost and I feel overall that the area looks less tired and a lot more youthful.

The product is absorbed quickly and does not have a negative effect on trying to get foundation or concealer to settle on the eye area smoothly.

Regarding the full price, I feel that it is a lot of money but I can't deny that this product works well. Because it is not the only product of its type that is available, I would probably prefer to buy another good firm's equivalent when on offer when this eventually runs out, but if this was on offer again I would not hesitate to snap it up as I really like it and find it to be a real help, particularly when the seasons are changing and your eye area can really show the stress of that.

If I have one criticism it is my bug bear about this type of product full stop: I cannot stand seeing these long, thin tubes of creams with a very narrow nozzle and a conical cap that comes to a very tiny point. Why? Because you cannot stand them up when you are coming to the end of the product, the only thing I can think that would help make the most of what remains lurking in the tube is to prop the tube up in a mug! There must be a way to devise a good lid mechanism that would keep the product from leaking but also allow you to stand the packaging up so that the remaining products moves naturally down the tube. I can't detract a star from this product for that though as from what I can see this is a design tendency across the board for creams like this - on the bases on performance alone, I can't fault this and thoroughly recommend it.

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  • ithoughtyoudneverask published 02/05/2012
    Sounds really good! Will keep an eye out for it on offer as I'm running low on mine!
  • nickbrown60 published 02/05/2012
    Nicely reviewed :) x
  • Bollinger28 published 02/05/2012
    Sounds like good stuff! Nicely reviewed :o)
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Product Information : Garnier Skin Naturals Ultra Lift Eye Cream

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An anti-wrinkle solution especially for the delicate zone of the eye contour.

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