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... **History** Gems TV is a company that manufactures and sells its own jewellery both on TV and on the internet. They operate their own manufacturing plant in Thailand where all the jewellery is hand-made. They also make sure that the gems used in the jewellery are sourced by themselves ... Read review

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Community Level 6bonsi6337


Sweets for my Sweets, Gems for my Gems

Advantages Affordable, really nice jewellery

DisadvantagesAddictive! Far too addictive!

"...also make sure that the gems used in the jewellery are sourced by themselves from such places as Brazil and India (to name a couple). All the jewellery is designed, manufactured and sold by one company and so this negates the need for the "middle man" and you cannot buy Gems TV jewellery on the high street. **How It Works** Gems TV operates what is called a "reverse auction". What happens is that a "game" will start with an item of jewellery. ..." Read review

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Community Level 2porkiezzzz


HELP...My wife is addicted

AdvantagesCheap, quality jewellery

DisadvantagesCheesy presenters, slow delivery

"...line If you like jewellery then Gems TV is for you. My wife has bought over 20 items and has been most impressed with all, she has returned nothing at all !. These include a 1 ct black diamond, amethyst, ruby, topaz etc. The highest price paid was for a 1ct black diamond solitaire at £98. Believe me they do have a number of bargains and their prices are exceedingly cheap. Although on the website you can occasionally buy items from £2 upwards, the ..." Read review

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Community Level 1manicstree...


Gems TV

Advantages Cheap Prices, Good Easy to Use Website, Quality Products

Disadvantages None for me.

"I have used Gems TV many times in the past and have yet to have a problem with them, I have purchased a wide range of items, from their cheap silver jewellery to some Tanzanite pieces. I bought my mother a Tanzanite ring for her birthday for £34 and decided to have it valued for insurance purposes. I went to several shops and in each of the shops the ring was valued at at least £500. I was pretty shocked that the ring was valued for this price ..." Read review

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Community Level 1rjskeeter


Broken Gems!!!


Disadvantagesdon't stand by items

"I have made several purchases from GemsTV, most of the jewelry is beautiful. However My mom purchase an Alexandrite ring the stone fell out twice they did fix it. I got a Pink Tormaline ring for christmas the stone fell out they wouldn't fix it because my mother bought it last march. But the worst is my Tanzanite ring my husband got me for our 15 anniversary he paid almost $700.00 for it last Aug, I don't wear it often (I was afraid to) I wore it ..." Read review

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Community Level 1s.lake

Quick review of Gems tv

"discovered Gems TV recently in the UK, brilliant and addictive. Have order multiple products, and have not returned one. The quality of the gems is exactly what you see on the channel (unlike others) And the prices cannot be beaten, and I have checked online. One item I had valued for insurance purposes was £479, I paid £89! Overall, excellent service, good fun, no fakes, no subscription, just buy what you want, how you want when you want. Check out the website, total transparency

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