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General - Sport for Kids

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As a child, I loved P.E. - well, I did when it was gymnastics anyway! Gym was the love of my life for some fifteen years or so, I even named two of my children after famous gymnasts! But when it was netball or tennis, I hated P.E. because I was pretty useless at those sports. But I was one ... Read review

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Sport - Pleasure Or Punishment

Advantagesbeneficial to health, encourages discipline and team skills, enjoyment, fun

Disadvantagesdisliked by some kids

"...of P.E. or sport in general is biased, depending on your own sporting expertise as a child. But now as a mother, I am definitely in favour of children having compulsory P.E. lessons in school. When children are babies and toddlers, we encourage them to walk and run, writing down the date they take their first steps. A child's enthusiasm for their new-found skills is obvious, as they toddle ever quicker, laughing and smiling with pleasure at this ..." Read review

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Children and Sport

AdvantagesChildren are healthier and happier


"...influencing confidence, self-esteem and the general behaviour of their young athletes and use a positive approach to build on strengths rather than weaknesses. Generally children participate in sport because it is fun. Other reasons cited are to improve skill levels, get fit, belong to a community, gain recognition, achieve success and to travel and make new friends. They drop out of sport for a variety of reasons including boredom, lack of success, ..." Read review

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Should be enjoyed



" Children in my view should be encouraged to do as many outdoor activities as possible because that is an important part of them growing up, it not only helps to maintain a good lifestyle, but by playing sports, they can build relationships with different children. These days there are so many different forms of entertainment like computer games that children often end up staying inside and playing on their computers instead of going outside and playing ..." Read review

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full on race experience, mixing it with proffessional teams, good value for money
aches for days afterwards, not for faint hearted (*)
Good exercise, good fun
none (*)
Sport for All
None (*)
My back problem has improved beyond belief
None that I have found (*)
keeps you fit, gives you a sense of achievement
rain prevents outdoor skating (*)
Great power and control. Nice paint work.
Price to some, and time to adjust to it. (*)
Comprehensive, Exciting, Burns calories, Builds Muscle
A Bit Cheesey, High Impact, Not Joint Friendly (*)
A great way to spend a day, especially of there is a group of you
Can be cold, wet and expensive...if you're not careful. (*)
views, exercise, fresh air, achievement
smelly socks, sweat, blisters, bogs (*)
confidence,long lasting drag resistence
price,logo peels of easily (*)
Improves flexibility and is very relaxing.
Not going to get your heart pumping. (*)
Fun game
Bad image? (*)
Fun to do, but good for you, don't need to be able to swim
Need access to a pool (*)
A breathaking experience, amazing views.
You can only fly depending on the weather so flights may be cancelled. (*)
Keeps you fit, Fun, Team Game
None really (*)
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