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Get Away From Me - Nellie McKay

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Teenage rap-folk-lounge-jazz maestro Nellie McKay’s debut is a Jacuzzi of warm bubbly homeliness that is as rich in smooth talent as zesty perkiness and sultry pop treacle. It is so refreshing to find someone not afraid to shuffle between styles like most her age juggle boyfriends, each ... Read review

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Feel-good fanfares from teenage sensation. Review with images

AdvantagesEclectic, eccentric, warm and satisfying

DisadvantagesToo gorgeous for the musically ugly

"...be shipped to Iraq to get terrorists and trigger-happy intolerants together in a love-in. Nel's lyrics can be a cutting but somehow you get dipped in happy-dust on the way through. In the first three tracks “David”, “Manhattan Avenue” and “Sari” – as in an apology! - We get Doris Day-isms, piano lounge indulgence and Eminem-posturing with a little Ella Fitzgerald thrown in for good measure.Whoooar Nellie! Latter tracks include cod-funk; ..." Read review

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The new school of FOLK
I really don't think there are any! (*)
Great easy listening
Some songs sound the same! (*)
Beautiful, clear, pure voice, wonderful music to listen to.
None that I can think of. (*)
See text of opinion
See text of opinion (*)
Upbeat, Melodious and Pure.
Don't go near if you don't like the fiddle. (*)
A powerhouse of sheer energy!
Not strictly folk music (*)
Enlivens the soul-which is always a bonus
He doesn't do many gigs in England (*)
Sang many great songs
Went into retirement (*)
Shear Brilliance
If ya don't like Country, then you have never hurd Hank Williums Jn or his son then u may not like this the first time you here it (*)
Slips nicely round the ears
nope - can't think of one (*)
Superb songwriter and gutarist
Hasn't achieved his full potential (*)
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