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published 01/07/2001 | fromthedarkside
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"Number 1 Transport For London"

** UPDATE - This is just a little update well a warning if you have asthma or any other crampness or hotness affections than my advice is not to travel in the tube. Temperatures rise very high in packed trains so if you do have asthma than it will cause problems it is better off travelling via other transports. Also the free newspaer called METRO is available at most stations and keeps you entertained while on the tube. END OF UPDATE**

If you are like me, and you do not have a car and you want to travel around London with an alternative route. Well then the next best thing to a car is getting around London in a tube a.k.a The London Underground!!

I usually travel around London in the tube or sometimes using the railway. Which ever one both services are absolutely great.

OK, let me start the opinion. I do not want to talk ages about my life.

--~What is the tube?~--

The tube is basically a system of transport which runs throughout the outskirts of London. The tube consists of trains which travel to most parts of London. Area covered by the underground include East London, West London, South London, North London, Central London etc.,.

The tube was built in the early days. The tube made London a better place to travel around. What is said is that the tube made the shape of London. The stations were built is unknown areas, to make the place more popular. Without the tube there would be other way of knowing the place.

The tube is built underground and the tunnels were built very carefully and they made sure that the water would not collapse the tunnels.

The first tube was built in 1863 and was just only 33/4 long. But now the line is extended to more than 255 miles of track all throughout London. And eventually the underground is extending even more. The mayor of London has announced that he is going to open two new lines. To find out more go to

--~The Tube Map~--

The London tube map was first made by a person called Harry Beck. Ever since he made this map the map has been called the Beck's map. Basically the map has changed ever since. With the latest line being the jubilee extension which started in 2001. The map changes and updates every couple of months or so.

--~What trains run London~--

Within the London Underground run 12 underground lines, 1 dlr. line, the new tram link lines, and the national railway lines. Well I'm here to talk about the tube lines and not the national railway.

Whatever place you want to go in London, you will surely find a tube line to go to the station of your desire.

The lines that run within the tube are:

~~Bakerloo line: The line runs from North London to the outskirts of the end of zone 1. The lines starts from Elephant and Castle and ends at Harrow and Weald stone. The lines runs through zones 1,2,3,4, and 5.

~~Central line: This line hosts several routes and is available in all 6 zones. Covering most parts of central London this line starts all the way from North East London and finishes at North West London. The first station from the line starts from Epping and ends at either Ealing Broadway or to West Ruislip. There are other stations the train calls to within the underground.

~~Circle line: You guessed it this line travels in a circle. Within zone 1 or within central London. It covers the stations outside the main parts of central London, but does not stop within the city. But does stop at main stations like Euston Square or Kings Cross.

~~District: This line has to be the second oldest. It runs once again in all 6 zones. The trains start from zone 6 but end in zones 4 or 3 or 1. There are several routes the district line stops at. Guessing this line has to be the longest line in London. Because it covers most of the stations within East London, To West London. Although you might need to change at different stations it depends on what station you want to travel to.

~~East London: This line does not cover that much stations but it starts from Shore ditch and ends at either New Cross Gate or New Cross. It serves in only zone 2. It goes in the direction of southbound and northbound.

~~Hammersmith And City line: This line runs throughout zones 4 and runs through zone 1 and ends in zone 2. The trains start at uppney and finish at Hammersmith. But during the days the trains in the eastbound just run up to Barking or Plaistow. Once again the trains do not exactly run into the city but does stop at Kings Cross.

~~Jubilee line: This line has to be the newest. Due to its extension which finished in 2001. The stations of the jubilee line are fab. With stations from North Greenwich to Westminster are fitted with safety doors. So when the train arrives at the station the doors open first then the train doors open. The line runs through Zone 3 to Zone 5. Starting from stratford and ending at Stanmore. The trains are very first and just take around 43 minutes to complete the route from Stratford to Stanmore.

~~Metropolitan line: This was the first line to be made. The trains run through zone 1 and end in zone 6 or zones A,B,C,D. The trains start from Aldgate and end in either Watford, Chelsham, Amersham or Uxbridge. This line is not long as the district line but it is the oldest line, but it has been updated with its national rail type of train.

~~Northen line: The northen line runs throughout zones 4 all the way to zone 5. The trains run in the direction of northbound and southbound and run through North London and South London. Trains start from Morden and end up at Edgware or Mill Hill East or High Barnet. Northern lines run to Euston and Kings Cross. And runs though out central London. To go to Edgware or Mill Hill East or High Barnet, you might need to change at Euston because the line goes off in different directions.

~~Piccaadilly line: The line runs throughout Cockfosters and ends at either Heathrow Airport or to Uxbridge. This is the only tube line which runs to Heathrow Airport. Another alternative route to go to Heathrow airport is to go to Paddington and catch a Heathrow Express from there. The line starts from zone 5 and ends in zone 6. Piccadilly lines runs throughout central London and goes to Piccadilly Circus. The line starts from North London and ends in either North West London or at Heathrow Airport.

~~Victoria line: This line runs from Walthamstow Central in East London (zone 3) and ends is Brixton (zone 2). And it does stop at Victoria. The line once again goes through central London and stops at Oxford Circus.

~~Waterloo and City line. This line starts at Waterloo and ends at Bank. There is only one station. It is a direct line from Waterloo to Bank. Believe me the ride is bumpy and only take like 5 minutes to go from the other side of the river to the city.

That's all the tube lines done. But within the tube is also other lines like the Docklands Light Railway (dlr.) which runs from zone 1 to zone 4. And connects to main stations like Bank and Canary Wharf. This line is an automatic service and is not driven by a driver expect in the night.

Also within London runs national railway lines which connect you to the outskirts areas of London


Travelling within the tube in London is a great experience.
It is cheaper to get a "travel card" rather than getting a "single" or "return" ticket.

The price are as follow:

One day Travel card:
Z1 & 2= £4.
Z1,2,3, & 4= £4.30
Z1,2,3,4,5, & 6= £4.90
Z 2,3,4,5 & 6 = £3.50

The prices are based on adult tickets but the price of a child is always £2. (Z=Zones)

Although if you are going to travel in a family the best thing is to get a "family travel card". The price is much more cheaper and the best thing children travel at 80p.
Travel cards can be used on any type of London Transport. But it has to be in London.

The underground is based on zones. If you are going to zone 1 then the price will be higher than normal.


All in all the tube is a great way of getting around London. There are many lines for you to choose to go to your destination. Plus travelling with a family travel card enables you discounts to some of the popular destinations like museums etc.

It is a cheap and safe way of travelling around London.

But beware there are pickpockets within the stations , only some times.

Another advice is that if you want to travel to popular destinations avoid the busy times. The busy times are in the morning and in the afternoon around 4pm to 6pm due to working people heading towards home. The best way to travel is to travel in the early afternoon.

With the tube extending it will be much more easier to get around London. The stations of many stations are old and famous but if you look at the new jubilee line stations like Westminster Station it is a great hi-tch silverish/greyish station. If all stations are like Westminster than all stations will be popular.

That's the end of this very long opinion on the London Underground.

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  • paganini1782 published 06/11/2006
    Brilliant Review! Good level of detail and very well written. Good job!
  • sue.51 published 11/08/2002
    You have given me a yearning to back for a visit - although how could I really miss all the hassle? Personally I would say whether you have a car or not, Tube is the only effective way to get around London. Sue
  • Connoisseur_Haggler1 published 14/09/2001
    Absolutely superlative opinion, very informative -just the sort of travel info. any vistor to London would want to know! I missed this earlier , and well done on receiving Pf reward, it is without a doubt well deserved on the sheer informativeness and 'personal input' into this opinion.
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