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Ghosts by Daylight - Janine di Giovanni

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... Ghosts by Daylight is a raw and powerfully honest book by a talented observer of other people turning her skills to analysing herself, her life and those closest to her. I look forward to reading Janine Di Giovanni’s books of reportage, but this is a fantastic story of a complex relationship ... Read review
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Ghosts By Daylight: A Memoir Of War And Love By Janine Di Giovanni...

Ghosts By Daylight: A Memoir Of War And Love By Janine Di Giovanni...

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Ghosts By Daylight: A Memoir of War and Love - Janine di Giovanni

Ghosts By Daylight: A Memoir of War and Love - Janine di Giovanni

Janine and Bruno first fell in love as young reporters in the besieged city of Sarajevo. ... more

Years later - after endless phone calls, much of
what the French call malentendu, secret trysts in
foreign cities, numerous break-ups, three
miscarriages, countless stories of rebel armies
and a dozen wars that had passed between them -
they arrive in Paris one rainy January to begin a
new life together. The remnants of their separate
lives, now left behind, are tentatively unpacked
into their shared apartment on the Right Bank:
Bruno's heavy blanket from Ethiopia, a set of long
feathered arrows from Brazil, an ash tray stolen
from a hotel in Algeria, and Janine's flak-jacket
and canvas boots, still full of sand from the
Western Desert in Iraq. But having met in another
lifetime - in another world - ordinary, civilian
life doesn't come easily. War has become part of
them: it had brought them together, and, though
both are damaged by it, neither can quite leave it
behind. And the difficult journey that follows,
through their mix of joy and terror at becoming
parents, Bruno's battle with post-traumatic stress
and addiction, and Janine's determination to make
France her home, leads to an understanding of the
truth that people who deeply love each other
cannot always live together. A searing, profoundly
moving love letter, beautifully written, Ghosts by
Daylight is a powerfully raw portrait of marriage
and motherhood in the aftermath of war.

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From war to parenthood

AdvantagesSometimes very moving, well written, compelling account of new motherhood

DisadvantagesMight disappoint some readers of her earlier war reportage

"Two war reporters decide to settle down to a more ordinary, domestic life, away from the world’s conflicts, in Paris. They are having a baby. This effort at normal life turns out to be more stressful for them both than they could have imagined. Janine di Giovanni has had a long and successful career reporting conflicts around the world, including Sarajevo, Grozny, Pristina, Baghdad, Mogadishu, Algiers and many others. I remember reading her articles ..." Read review

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Author Janine di Giovanni
EAN 9781408820513
ISBN 140882051X
Original Release Year 2011
Edition Hardback


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