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Gillette Fusion Proglide Razors

Gillette Fusion Proglide Razors

I've always used razors aimed at males from my teenage years and my first attempts to rid my body of unwanted hair. I started by 'borrowing' my father's cheap (and rubbish) disposable Bic razors and moved on to more expensive Gillette razors with replaceable blades, depending on the budget of my boyfriend and/or male housemate at the time. I am still using Gillette branded razors, initially purchased by my husband for his own needs, to this day; although my husband has now chosen to grow a beard so I've finally been forced into purchasing my own blades!

The Product

Gillette is one of the leading brands when it comes to razors and shaving related items and is a trusted household name. This Fusion Proglide razor is one of many razors they have introduced to the market and offered something different at the time, with each removable blade offering five cutting blades rather than the three blades boasted by their popular Mach 3 blades. The razor comes in secure plastic packaging with a single blade initially provided.

The Fusion Proglide has been revamped slightly since I obtained this particular razor and the newer versions now offer a handle with 'flexball technology' although the blades themselves remain unchanged. There is also another hybrid variant of this Fusion Proglide razor on the market with the 'Fusion Power' offering the convenience of a manual razor with additional power added by the inclusion of a disposable battery. The lack of a battery on this standard Fusion Proglide model isn't something that I feel affects the performance of the razor to any significant degree.

In Use

The Fusion Proglide handle manages to get the balance just right between feeling sufficiently strong and weighty whilst in use but not overly heavy. It is certainly more comfortable to hold and use than the very cheap lightweight disposable razors and the handle has lasted for around two years of ownership thus far, although I do switch between this razor and a Mach 3, depending on availability of the replacement blades. Adding and replacing the blades between uses is a straightforward process. The blades are securely held in a strong plastic case and the blade simply clicks into place on the handle, so there is no danger of accidentally coming into contact with the cutting edge. Once the blade has come to the end of its lifespan, it can be clicked back into the original plastic case and the handle comes away easily. This is great for safe and easy disposal of the used blades. I've never experienced any issues where the blade has come away from the handle accidentally or unexpectedly so the safety features work well.

One of the features of this, and other, Gillette razor systems, is the inclusion of a lubricating strip on the edge of the replacement blade. This is designed to offer a moisturising experience and helps to achieve a smoother shave with less chance of irritation to the skin. The coloured strip gradually wears and fades away after repeated use, offering a good visual sense of when it is time to replace the blade, although I tend to use the feel of the razor and its shaving performance as the best indicator as I do feel that the strip wears away long before the blade actually does need to be replaced. It's difficult to quantify the number of uses accurately as it varies according to how frequently I choose to shave, time of year and various other factors but, based on shaving every three days or so, I would estimate that the blade needs to be replaced on a monthly basis. Even at the point of replacement, the blades are generally still cutting accurately, I just find that the shave feels less smooth and I need to go over the same area of skin several times to achieve the result that I'm after.

I use this on various parts of my body and find that the pivoting head helps to move the razor around the contours of my legs and underarms easily without catching or accidentally cutting my skin. I always wet shave, either in the bath or shower, and don't usually apply any gels or lotions during the shaving process, simply using a moisturiser on my legs after shaving. Fortunately, that works well with this razor and I don't experience any dragging, soreness or irritation during or after shaving. I have, in the past, suffered with rashes under my arms and this has been exacerbated by the shaving process and deodorant use. Fortunately, I haven't found this to be the case whilst using Fustion Proglide razors and my skin remains smooth and irritation-free.

Obviously, as a woman, I don't use this to shave any facial hair (yet!) but my husband (pre-beard) is happy to endorse this particular razor for facial use and I can vouch for the smooth skin left behind on his face and lack of cuts and nicks! (I personally prefer the clean-shaven feel of his skin but what's a girl to do?)


By far the worst aspect of this razor and manual razors in general, is the high cost of the replacement blades. Boots are currently selling a pack of four Gillette Fusion Proglide blades for £13.29! (This is almost double the cost of Gillette's Mach 3 blades at £7 for a pack of four from the same stockist.) These blades are suitable for use with the standard Fusion Proglide razor which I use and can also be used with the newer version with 'flexball technology'. Either way, the running costs of the razor quickly add up to a significant amount, particularly if you need to shave on a daily basis.
Price and Availability

This specific format is harder to obtain now, with most of the stock in supermarkets and chemists featuring the newer style of Fusion Proglide razors with flexball technology. This original style can still be purchased online from sellers on sites such as eBay or Amazon. There is also stock available via where this razor and a single blade can be purchased for £7.99 (although postage charges will apply to orders under £15.) The newer flex ball version can currently be purchased from £8 (Boots) up to £11.89 (Superdrug)

Overall Recommendation

I've been using Gillette manual razors for years and, switching between a Mach 3 razor and this Fusion Proglide version on a regular basis, I do feel that this version has the 'edge' on the older version when it comes to a smooth and comfortable shave although that is, of course, reflected in the difference in price. I am happy to recommend this razor and its accompanying blades for shaving all over the (male) face and (female) body although the high price does push me back towards the Mach 3 razor as the difference in performance does not justify the high price of these replacement blades. These are the razor of choice if price is no object or I can find a decent promotional offer on the replacement blades, where I take full opportunity to stock up.

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