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Gillette Shaving Foam Sensitive Skin

Shaving & Hair Removal Gel / Foam - Shaving Foam, Shaving Gel - for Women

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published 26/11/2015 | sharper_fin
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Pro Cheap, does what it's supposed to
Cons Just a generic shavy foam
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"Gillette - The Most Average a Man Can Get"

Gillette Shaving Foam Sensitive Skin

Gillette Shaving Foam Sensitive Skin

The Introduction

Shaving. I don't know about other men but I hate it. Since when did the daily ritual of cutting chunks of your own body off in the name of fashion become a good thing? I think it's some kind of cosmic repayment for the men-get-paid-more-than-women injustice. Or maybe it's punishment for leaving the toilet seat up too many times. Whatever the reason, being male I'm required by society to drag a sharp blade over my face and throat every day of my life, sometimes even twice. Whoopy do.

Fortunately some bright spark whose name is lost in the mists of time decided that wetting my flesh before taking a knife to it reduced the risk of self-inflicted blood-letting. An even brighter spark - who remains just as incognito but could perhaps have been called Mr Wilkinson - invented some kind of cream to spread on his face before swishing his sword across it.

And now, many years later, we have come to this; the pinnacle of shaving foam evolution. Gillette shaving foam for sensitive skin.
The Basics

I got this from my local Morrison's for a straight pound. None of your 99p rubbish here. This is quality stuff. If comes in a tall thin metal canister that holds 200ml of foam. When you shake it (as you're encouraged to do) it sounds as if the foam is held in the can in liquid form. Presumably it foamifies on contact with the air when it flows through the press-down pressure valve.

The can is mostly black with green highlights and the word "Gillette" in big letters running up the length of the canister. There's a picture of a curly swirl of white foam too, which looks like it was left behind by a very precise albino dog. Delightful.

There's an opaque pop-off cap and beneath that, on top of the can, is a big black press-down section. I think you can guess what this is for.
In Use

You know how to use a spray can; press the button on top and the stuff comes out. In this case the "stuff" is a huge white balloon, a cartoon snowball of shaving foam. It also makes a satisfying raspberry blowing sound when you spray it, almost like the steaming plup-plup of a coffee percolator.

The foam smells quite strongly of soap. I suppose that's not such a bad thing as this is a cleansing product at the end of the day but the aroma does linger on the skin for quite a while. It's not unpleasant, but it's just not the way that I would choose to smell for a day at the office or a hot date on the town. But seeing as I'm unlikely to be doing either of those things anytime soon, I can personally live with it.

I was really pleased with the way that the foam spreads evenly over my face. With it being such a strong, clean, white colour, there's certainly no chance that you'd be left wondering if you'd covered all your skin area. You can see perfectly which bits you've shaved and which are still left to attack.

Using this foam certainly reduces friction which in turn makes for an easier shave than without it but I think that the quality of the blade that I use affects the shaving experience much more than the gel, foam or lack thereof. However there's no doubt that it helps.

Like all foams it leaves a slightly soapy scum in the sink. However this isn't a problem as it washes away from the porcelain as easily as it does from the skin. One quick swish around with water and the residue is rinsed down the plughole.
The Conclusion

When all is said and done this is a can of squirty shaving foam. That's all it is, all it was ever meant to be and all it ever can be. It helps the little blade mow hair from my chin while hopefully stopping me from slitting my own throat. It performs its one required job well, as do a hundred similar products. So it gets four stars from me for doing the single task that it was designed to do but it doesn't do anything special enough to warrant the full five stars.

Then again, it's difficult to see how it ever could.

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  • hiker published 23/01/2016
    VH review... but what makes you think we women don't get this kind of torture...
  • euphie published 30/11/2015
    vh :o)
  • rolandrat123 published 28/11/2015
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Shaving & Hair Removal Gel / Foam - Shaving Foam, Shaving Gel - for Women

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