Gilmore Girls - Series 1 (Box Set) (DVD)

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Gilmore Girls - Series 1 (Box Set) (DVD)

Set in the small town of Stars Hollow, Connecticut, GILMORE GIRLS is a charming television drama that tells the story of a thirty-something single mot...

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published 10/03/2007 | whoajo
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"Gilmore Girls"

The success of the new TV show created by Amy Sherman, "Gilmore Girls", was instant. From the very first episode it has appealed not only to mothers and daughters but to the whole American family. It carried along a breath of freshness after a bulk of TV shows concerning the rich and the beautiful. Anxious parents could finally stop driving their teenage kids away from the telly and simply join in. An hour that used to be a common waste of time was replaced by an intelligent and valuable entertainment.

There are two things that make this show so special. The first is of course the character of Rory Gilmore. She is so different from the young people we had a chance to see on TV till now. She doesn't live in sunny California and is far away from what we call a rich spoiled kid with ten various credit cards in her wallet. Her passion is reading not fasion and although the charm, wittiness and modesty she possesses win many hearts, love stories are not what drives her actions. As an independent and well educated young woman she has high aspirations and never loses her head for a boy she likes. The publicity can see her reading till the small hours on many episodes and the dialogues with mother or friends very often relate to or refer to literature and art in general. One might get the impression of boredom in the show. Not at all. In fact, 'Gilmore Girls' can be characterised as a comedy. The conversations, which the show is full of, are carried out in a clever but funny and somewhat ironic manner. Rory, though she might seem quite shy to an outsider, is able to win the most fierce discussion with her
brightness and gain the enemy's acclaim in a ladylike way.

The other hallmark of 'Gilmore Girls' is a very special realtionship constituted between Rory and her mother, Lorelai, which is founded on the ground of their
profound friendship that comes before the strict parent-child relation. Lorelai, notabene the shiniest point of the show, is very young at heart and unlike the other adults seems not to have forgotten the mistakes the teenagers make during their adolescence. Her somewhat unstabilized style of life and desire to the
severance of her posh but rigourous childhood make her a person that Rory always turns to and confides in. They talk about everything. One doesn't have
secrets before another. However, Lorelai is far away away from being a lousy parent. She's taking care of her daughter's proceedings, Rory's good her
priority in whatever she does. As the show goes on, we witness that she is, in fact, doing a great job together with being, what we might feel, a perfect mom.

When the 'Gilmore Girls' went on the air, I am sure that I was not the only girl who became to indentify herself with the main character, Rory. Let's be honest.
Whatever the TV reality looks like, not many of our parents own a villa in Beverly Hills and unlike the LA kids, we care about our future and studies. Reading, craft or current affairs can be somebody's passion as likely as are clothes, shoes, makeup, celebrities rumours. Most of us cannot afford a new car on our 16th birthday or a posh high street shopping. What we have watched on TV till now, made us dream of things that are very often inaccessible to us, sometimes kill our rich and original personality. The more vulnerable young people started to day-dream and forget of what their real situation is. Undeniably, the lives of the 'Gilmore Girls' characters may seem idyllic as well but the thing here is the the issues like money, greed, fame or beauty never move forward. Instead, the main theme of the show is the relationship between people and its depiction distant from needless platitude and high-flown words. What remains in our heads after each episode - the warmth and comfort of being at home, the meaning of friendship, assistance and honesty, the power of family ties - is conveyed between the words, in an astute, witty and amuzing way. The extremely well written script and the construction of very authentic characters is, I believe, what attracts me and many others to watch another episode of the show.

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Set in the small town of Stars Hollow, Connecticut, GILMORE GIRLS is a charming television drama that tells the story of a thirty-something single mother, Lorelai Gilmore (Lauren Graham), and her precocious teenage daughter, Rory (Alexis Bledel), as they navigate their way through the shifting tides of day-to-day life. Lorelai and Rory's relationship is one built out of friendship as much as it is based on maternal love, which allows for more drama and depth than most family shows. This release is a perfect way for fans to remember why they fell in love with the show in the first place, and allows latecomers to discover Lorelai and Rory for the very first time.


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