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published 03/06/2003 | mumsymary
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About me :
Pro Its just brilliant
Cons anxiety waiting to get tickets
very helpful
Booze and nosh
Variety of music
Accessibility to various stages
Facilities (campsite, toilets, creche, etc.)

"MY HIGHLIGHT OF THE YEAR will I get tickets ?"

I am anxiously waiting to see if I can get tickets for this year so have edited my review on
My Glastonbury festival. 2003 will let you know later if I am succesfil getting tickets .

Amazing, awesome.
Let me tell you of my Glastonbury 2003.
The festival site is huge. There are so many stages, 9 music stages and theatre and circus stages. There must about 15 different forms of entertainment running concurrently as well as the market the healing field or the green field.
There are different workshops going potting or tai chi.
There is a kid's area with activities for children. Tony Benn is speaking in the left field. Lots more than just music. Performers wandering around the site entertaining
You could go to the festival and see and do completely different things to me.
I will tell you of my weekend a little about the bands I saw but I shall write a more detailed op on those bands on another op.

Sadly I cannot leave work earlier than 1.30pm on Friday I work in a school, as does my husband and it's difficult to get cover for lessons but we arranged it so we could leave after lunch. Maybe when we retire I will be able to go on the Thursday evening and not come back till Monday. The official music starts at midday on Fridays.

Anyway we arrive at about 4.30in the afternoon, it is a warm day we park fairly quickly and easily this year no queue *(back in the early days we queued for a couple of hours or more to get on site and park).
When we park we are given a parking sticker to put on the window screen (still have last years there, it is difficult to get off) we make sure we take notice of the car park letter and our position we do not want to wander around lost when it is time to go home.

It takes us half an hour of walking along farm field tracks with our rucksacks loaded with essentials on our backs.
We are confronted with the fence a tall sheer shiny-sided fence difficult to climb over I would think.

We have tickets so no probs we go to the entrance gate and hand in our tickets. A portion of the ticket is ripped of and given back to us, also a fabric wrist band is put on our wrists if we want to go out again for re-entry we have top show both ticket and wrist band. We are given a red carrier with a Q official programme in it.

We walk along the lanes between the tents. As the layout is simlia every year we have an idea of the area we want to camp in.

We find a space near the pyramid and other stage. Tents are packed in quite close its an excellent situation.

There are several tents the same as ours near by so how do we tell which is ours?
I tie some shiny streamers to our tent
Tent is pitched took us ½ hr well mostly my work hubby had to visit the toilets. While putting the tent up we could hear playing on the pyramid stage it sound quite good but we think its essential to get our tent pitched. We greet our neighbours with a friendly word or two.
Tent pitched territory claimed we mooch a little and buy a cup of tea. Got a fair size one for 50p (over the weekend saw cups of tea on sale anything from 40p-£1).
Beer, bitter was £2 a pint we took a few cans of our own as well as buying a few pints.

We read the programme and plan our evening happy and relaxed to be here.
There are a lot of people milling around, walking around the market and from stage to stage to catch acts.
There are people sitting around chatting being happy. Lots of people drinking, lots of crazy people dressed up brightly coloured hair wigs, plaits lots and lots of hats of different kinds straw summer hats, beanies, crazy velvet top hats hat's of all kinds, strange there are few if any baseball caps (wish I had brought my crazy floppy hat) lots of hats on sale but I am too mean, probably would lose it anyway.

There are lots of fairies and butterflies with wings lots of fancy net skirts quite carnival like .I am happy oh so happy drunk on the emotion of being here.

While I am walking around the site I see. Lots of happy people a few the worse the wear for drink sprawled out in the sun merrily smiling a few people high on drugs talking silly talk, strange conversations. I have no intention of getting out of my mind on illegal substances my hay fever tablets will not mix well with other drugs.
I am drinking a little, but too much and I get sleepy, anyway I am having such fun I do not want to forget the sounds and emotions I am getting.

I am beginning to feel peckish there are plenty of food stalls selling a variety of foods. Now should I have a curry? No should I have a bean pot? No, maybe a baked potato? No ohhh noodles no don't fancy them just now. I know, I want a bacon baguette with mushrooms sounds perfect. There are lots of stalls selling bacon rolls bacon baguettes mmmmmmm bacon rolls £3 bacon rolls £2.50 bacon baguettes £4. Ahh that looks like a better deal bacon baguette £2.50 mmm-scrummy lots of bacon and mushrooms in it.

Anyway getting into the feel of Glastonbury we head to the other stage we catch some of electric 6 set a bit disappointing but the rest of the audience loved them!
Then at 8 o'clock idlewild are on it is an excellent performance I am beginning to get into the Glastonbury spirit, feeling mellow and happy Idlewild an indie/rock band from Scotland band play for about an hour.

At 9.30 we saw Royksopp come on stage wow royksopp are even better than idlewild this is going to be a great weekend. Royksopp are a two-piece band making some amazing music.

At 10.30 after seeing Royksopp we trundle across to see Fat boy slim what a disappointment he was repetitive, boring the music did not develop I was not impressed shame fancied a bit of a dance.

We then after 10 or 15 minutes we go to the pyramid stage to see RE M play the sun sets behind the pyramid stage
The pyramid is in a super position .the sunset not quite as good tonight as some I have seen behind it.

R E M (alternate rock) were magnificent have seen them before and this set was great wonderful melodies played, some familiar songs a couple of new. The crowd is huge and loves them the music creates a happy contented feeling I feel warm inside.

They finish playing at about midnight what next? Bed? No lets go for a wander we wandered over to Glebeland to see what was happening we watch Panoptikum presenting Ilcorso, a story of a human in search of happiness and fulfilment this performance is dramatic expressive movement lots of pyrotechnics .A gilded ball travels high across the stage with an actor/dancer inside. An actor/ dancer completes vertical revolutions on a stand A waterfall descends into the arena .The audience is in the centre of the act the players around these are amazing spellbinding images to behold thrilling but I am not sure I understood it!!!

When they finished we wandered tent wise not so many people about now a few people walking about a few people eating, drinking talking some of the food stalls are closing down now.

So we visit the dreaded… toilets before bed! Let me tell you of them. Well boys as always you possibly get the best option for a wee there are lots of stand up urinals no I didn't go in one to check it out for opp writing.

The toilets.
Throughout the festival you might hear plea's from the stage not to piss in the brooks and hedgerows as it pollutes the water in the area and his neighbours are not happy, understandably so as would you want to live with an open sewer running over your land. So use the toilets.
So I decided, as the Glastonbury toilets are legendry I would tell you all

They are mixed sex you can go in any cubicle. Before the festival a deep pit has been dug. Onto this pit the toilet cubicles are placed some are a wooden bench with a hole cut in it and a toilet seat fitted on top so you can sit your botty on and perform into the pit (no you don't look down) there are some slightly better toilets in blue cabins, these have a proper toilet inside on which you sit and do your worst. You soon learn to hover now Glastonbury toilets have a reputation.

They have got better over the years, but why do people have to wee everywhere not throw toilet paper into the pit? I usually had to check a couple of toilets out before using the better one the toilets are not to blame it's the people who use them.

The toilets are cleaned fairly regularly but obviously not quite enough and the pits are sucked out a couple of times in the day that's no prob I grew up with a chemical toilet in the village I grew up in, the "bucket men" used to empty our toilets every week.

Any way after visiting here and a quick wash there are a couple of taps over a sink outside the toilets I brush my teeth back by the tent using a mug of water to rinse (there are a couple of showers somewhere on site but only here for a couple of nights so I think will manage without).

We crawl into our tents about 2 o'clock now climb into our sleeping bag listen to the hum of the festival and I fall asleep quickly

I wake about 8.30 to the sounds of people slowly waking climb into some clean clothes. My husband crawls out of his sleeping bag after me.
We eat a Kellogg's elevenses bar for breakfast, have a chat and amble away from the tents saying hello to our bleary eyed neighbours we say good morning to a lot of people as we make our way to the market stalls .we stop to sit and have a cup of tea we decide to have a bacon baguette for breakfast sets us up for the day, as we eat we watch the world go by a few people are about hunting food.

I love people watching .we walk around the market stalls. Stalls selling t-shirts and gaily coloureds clothes Stalls selling shoes with pictures painted on them. Stalls selling wind chimes, stalls selling jewellery mmmmm happy Glastonbury. We pass the meeting point where we used to meet our friends last year feel a little sad they are not here that's the only thing missing this year, no one we know personally is there to meet to say hi to watch a band with. In fact there is no one we know here this year we usually bump into some one we know.

Drugs! This year there seems to be far fewer drugs around I have heard 2 or 3 people selling them but nothing like a few years ago where people were selling drugs on every corner. I spy some girls selling small red jellies on sticks I suspect they were drugs but I suppose they could have been an alcoholic jelly yeah alcohol is a drug too.

We walk up to the green fields where there are crafts this area is peaceful an alternate life, crafts abound here pottery for sale or you can make your own
I still have the pot sleepydormouse made 20 years ago.
Here I spy a sand area in a tent and a small child happily playing. There are wandering musicians ohhh there is some wonderful wooden crafts some rabbits carved into a tree stump and a magnificent head carved from a tree it looks so inviting I just want to touch the smooth curves of the polished wood.
This is an area of poetry and politics petitions to sign.

We go into the kings meadow a sacred place a place of peace we sit in a small garden area and watch over the site we look at the stone circle look at Jeans garden a place where a few plants grow a tribute remembrance of Jean, Michael Eavis's wife who died a couple of years ago
This field is a special place you can feel it a place for peace, quiet reflection, contemplation relaxation.

We wander back through the tipi field (a place where there are large tipi's erected) we pass by the kidz area a field with fun for children. Face painting and crafts, water shoots lots of activities for fun here, we do not stop this year, no children with us happy memories of this area when sleepydormouse was a small child.

We walk through the glade nothing on stage here now the glade is the place for an outdoor rave.

We listen to snatches of music here and there and head back to our tent which is near the pyramid stage we hear Jools Holland playing I feel no rush no urgency to do anything. We sit ourselves down by the bush/tree to the right of the stage I remember when it was a tall tree people used to climb it to get a good view now it has been cut down .We chat to the people by our sides. Nick makes a paper hat from the newspaper its hot here people around copy him and some ask him to make them one.

Jimmy Cliff comes on to play. An old reggae star I am not over keen on reggae but he plays well, some of the tunes I like. We were going to go onto listen to the thrills on the other stage but are too lazy. we are in a good position and we want to see the polyphonic spreee. Supergrass, the flaming lips and radiohead so we settle down on the grassy bank above the pyramid stage for the afternoon evening.

The polyphonic spree are on at 4.40 they are amazing a vision in red no they did not wear white. There are so many of them 25 in fact. Oh happy music cheerful music ahh they are wonderful blissful (I shall write about their performance separately) I am filled with awe and wonder. I am going to see them again on Thursday night in Northhampton

We then go and grab something to eat some chips and a burger to share.
Whew it's hot tonight

Supergrass next seen Supergrass before, they come on and play a good set.

After supergrass its nine o'clock and the flaming lips are playing to ensure a sunny Glastonbury they bring their perpetual suns with them!
Inflated sun costumes that danced at the front of the stage. Oh wow they are good fun A few giant animals dance at the front of the stage too good tunes Happy music.

We have moved down nearer the front of the field to hear see Radiohead oh its great everything we wanted it to be several songs bring tears to my eyes a lump in my throat one song in particular made me think of our daughter and her struggles. Music is good when it makes you feel emotion. That was a fake plastic tree and the chorus it wears her out, it wears her out. I read that Thom says the song is about canary wharf but it feels like he is singing about my daughter and life wears her out (she has chronic fatigue syndrome)
Thom sings in a plaintive voice the music is full of emotion a wonderful way to end the day, but I do not want it to end.

Feeling all mellow we head back to the tent and crawl in feeling that all is well with the world a happy glow a Glastonbury glow smiley content a little thoughtful contemplating life and its meaning (is there one). My husband has a last swig of the brandy he took with him, cheaper to take than to buy there. We go to sleep and wake again about 8.30 its another sunny day we take a while to emerge ready for the day we say good morning to our neighbours who are also slowly rising. We then go and find our morning cuppa and go to the market stalls.

I have this desire a silly one I wish to buy some fairy/butterfly wings I find some that I like and buy them I put them on. Bet I look really silly but I am happy.

We listen to Andy Shepherd a saxophonist on the one world stage he's v good

We walk around a bit find some lunch I have a chicken tikka on nann bread a mistake it did not taste so good.

We stay near the one world stage, as I want to see Yes at 3.30

Before Yes are a band called Slovo they are fair never heard of them before but one of the magic things about glasto is seeing hearing bands you have never heard of Yes come on about 3.30

Yes have visably aged but they lived up to my expectations played a lot from fragile. I am standing a little way to the back more space. And dance in my butterfly wings I am flying , fluttering soaring in the sky movements expressing my delight as the music takes me out of myself oh happy days Yes finish 4 we wandered off

We watched the wandering performers, policemen on stilts they were especially super with the children they were great kids loved them, were in awe of them they handcuffed some and arrested them went looking for villains.

At about 6 we went to the other stage to watch granddaddy about 6.30 it began to spit of rain so we decided to pack up tent easier in the dry. Before we went to Glastonbury we decided we would leave between 8 and nine and be home by midnight as we had work on Monday morning a few bands we would quite like to have listened too but we are sensible .so we packed up and were ready at 7.30 feeder were playing as we left. There is a long walk about ½ hour back to the car we pass others leaving and packing while we hear others settling in for another evening of fun .we reach the car by sadly say good bye to Glastonbury till next year feel a little sad to be going home we drive away and put the radio on to listen to Glastonbury on the radio I do not want it to end yet.
The feeling of contentment the relaxed state of my mind the rejuvenation I feel is wonderful this Glastonbury glow will last a few days.
Oh well 5 minutes to midnight home again real life

Thanks for reading/skimming my opp I know I rambled I shall write about the individual acts at a later date love and peace still not quite lost that Glastonbury glow , its like good sex.

Sadly I was unable to get through to get tickets spent about an hour on internet trying to get through and site unavailable tried phoning many times . lines engaged continuously . then went to fetch the grandkids for the day at 1030 when we got home at 11.30 Tickets all sold out .

never mind saved ourselves a couple of hundred quid and theres always V FEST later if I wish but hey at 52 I think I might be getting a tadd old for this festival lark .... No way this old hippy rock chick and her old guy will keep on rocking till the end

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  • kimbahop published 06/07/2007
    I have always wanted to go but the constant rain washouts put me off!
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    great detail, another wonderful review!!!
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    Great review, enjoyed reading it.
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