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Gomez Peer- Review


Earn Cash by doing almost nothing

Need patience, luck and referrals for it to be profitable

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Earn Free Cash from your PC? Hmm...

When I first came across Gomez Peer and its enticing advertisements claiming you can gain money by virtually doing almost nothing, I too was skeptical and cynical about it-like most people. I wasnt a veteran in online money making at that time (am still not now :) ), and I wanted to make sure that this venture is legalitimate. I did a lot of research by myself, surfting the Net for possible breaking news of scam by this company, and found that it is generally a safe program to run on my computer. From what I have read on the Net, most people seem to agree that Gomez Peer is a relatively safe and secure program to be run in your computer (it is a web monitoring program to process data in foreign servers such as in China or South Korea, where demands for such e-services are high). While some die-hard cynics claim that it processes illegal websites such as hard-core pornography, I have decided to look at the positive side of the situation and take a risk in this venture...

So, is Gomez Peer a scam?

According to my experience, the answer is "No". Gomez Peer has been around for almost a decade and it has been owned by a company called Privo (or something like that) before being acquired by a huge IT company called Gomez. Having its application rated by credible magazines such as the Computing Times in the United States, it is highly unlikely that the company would want to risk cutting its arm by running some shady business deals as some hardcore naysayers would fire back. There are numerous reviews done by participants of this program and they are more than willing to show proofs of their payments online. Hence, interested participants need not worry of it being a scam.

But earning free money by doing nothing (well, almost) seems to good to be true...

When participating in such programs, it always helps if you did some research about the technical jargons related to such program. As the saying goes, knowledge is power. So, why would they pay people to be online, you might ask? First, you must realise this is a distributed computing project (DC project). Type distributed computing in Yahoo or Google to find out more about its workings. For now, I will describe the brief workings of it. In the e-commerce world, many activites are carried out on websites. As there are many activities going on, there is a high risk that the traffic coming into the website might crash the website. This causes a loss of productivity and time to the company. And time is money. The company does not want to lose money.

A direct approach to solving this problem would be; Manager:" Boss, it would greatly help boost sales if we could get a big supercomputer to monitor all these websites so as to prevent these crashes from happening." However, a supercomputer in most cases, is non-feasible in the corporate world, because it is simply too expensive for the company to manage. So, what is the next viable option then?

One great way is to outsource the idle CPU time from various computers from around the world. In doing so, you 1. Cut costs tremendously due to bulk number of PC outsourced 2. Still be able to monitor the websites to prevent the much dreaded crashes and hang-ups. In short, the cost-benefit ratio drops drastically.

This technique has been used by Universities in finding the perfect cure for AIDS or some outer space lifeforms through detecting suitable radio waves. Imagine how big and super the computer they need to do that kind of thing. And even that supercomputer cannot finish that task. The scientists turn to us commoners for help. Existing programs include BOINC. You may check it out in the other reviews.

Therefore, the little program running in the background of your computer is doing some serious work. It is not there because the IT gurus of Gomez were bored and say:" Hey, lets play Sata Claus and give free cash to the poor people out there!" However, to layman's eyes, due to the lack of such technical knowledge, they perceive it as "doing almost nothing" (which is Partially True- you dont do Data Entry or something visible to earn that money) and when their mama or papa "Its too good to be true" advice comes ringing into their mind, they assume it is a scam. A good defense mechanism perhaps, but in this case it is not a scam.

Ok, I want to be in this program. What are the odds/benefits?

To be extremely realistic, let us go through the odds. We humans love to catch the odds before we become cynical when things go wrong.

1. You wont Earn much from this venture.

Yep. As simple as that. As soon as you hear this, you might want to kick the bucket and say:" What the hell do you want me to be in this program then son?" Unless you are a IT manager with access to lots of computers (and I am not one of them), you wont earn much. However, I am inclined to look at the positive side of things and would consider this as a long term investment of sorts (like a long term investment of Passive Income). Why? Because ,in my opinion, this scheme works like a long exponential graph. Your pay exponentially increases over time. Why is that so? According to Gomez Peer, it says that the more online time you spend, the more work you will receive. Which translates into more cash. Little cash but cash nevertheless. From a corporate point of view, this makes sense. Would you hire a full-time or part-time manager to do your adminstrative work? Same goes here. If you are non-committed, you will receive less work. If you are patient enough, you will gradually recevie more work and the pay increases exponentially over time. More or less.And your pay will further increase if your referrals were active. In short, to benefit, you will need to be patient.

2. You need to be online 24/7. Well, almost...

Your electricity bills need to be taken account of. With all the rising oil prices and stuff, you cant afford to leave your computer on for that long. One solution is to switch off the montior whenever you are not using to save costs. A long term solution is to take up more jobs (part-time/temporary) to cover the increased sunk cost. Or you can ulitise your PC to do PTC websites or stuff. Whatever it is, you need to cover up the electricity cost of computers.

3. After the month long wait, your account may not be activated.

And worse, it may be deactivated again after some time due to "limited" slots. For this, I am inclined to look at the positive side of things and say: "Well, if not, then later then :)." Every single thing we do on Earth has both sides of a coin. You may choose to be a pessimistic and miss many opportunites in life that fly pass you, or may choose to take the risk. And with risk, comes benefits. Rewards.

Ok, to cheer us up, here are some clear cut benefits:

1. You do virtually nothing to get that money.

Very true. Money doesnt fall from the skies. Better treasure those that did fall from the sky. Like Gomez Peer...

2. Referrals is a dead give-away route to more cash.

You may require patience, but ulimately, its worth it. It kinda exciting opening up your account one day and seeing your balance has leaped by a dollar rather than some mealsy 10 or 1 cents...

3. And if you own many computers. Great!

I am currently using one computer, so my pay is limited by that. If you are an IT manager or something, this venture is very profitable to you. Provided you can cover up the additional electricity costs...

4. You earn money throughout the night!
Hahahas. I guess I sound like Gomez Peer advertisers. But Very true. Cash is falling from the skies as you are in Lalaland...

5. Everyone can apply!
You dont need an MBA or Masters to understand distributed computing. Teach your great grandpa or grandma this scheme right now! She/he would be showing off to her/his bewildered and envy PC-illeterate friends about his top-secret money-churning scheme.

So, hows your Gomez Peer account now?

Well, currently, I am very happy that my account has been activated. I have waited for almost a month and I am glad my patience has paid off. I have earned $1.84 for approximately a month and I hope it would exponentially increase (albeit in a slow way) with the help of referrals, luck and some positive self-confidence. If you are interested in this venture, I would be appreciated if you can enter "Boldone1" into the "I was referred by" section. Spread this venture to your friends and family. Its worth a try. :)

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Bollinger28 27.10.2008 15:53

It doesn't sound like a very good return so I think I'll avoid this one. Lexy

redeyes22 27.10.2008 10:52

great review aggy

majeedkazi 27.10.2008 10:36

Hi, Welcome to Ciao..... very good first review...

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