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Gone In 60 Seconds (2000) (DVD)

Memphis Raines (Nicolas Cage, LEAVING LAS VEGAS) is a former car thief who is forced to come out of retirement when his younger brother, Kip (Giovanni...

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Review of "Gone In 60 Seconds (2000) (DVD)"

published 11/01/2017 | kojak123
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Pro Fast and fun, nothing hard to follow, no real twists.
Cons Well, no real twists! It's a bit formulaic.
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"Gone in 60 seconds, done in 118 minutes."

Gone In 60 Seconds (2000) (DVD)

Gone In 60 Seconds (2000) (DVD)

Gone in 60 seconds

DVD review

Gone in 60 seconds is a high-octane action thriller released back in 2000. It's a slightly controversial one in that our hero is a car thief and the movie is essentially a 2 hour heist - indeed the title is born from the idea that it takes a professional under 60 seconds to steal a car
The original Gone in 60 seconds from 1974 was a classic car-chase movie with a light story but heavy action. It is great fun to watch now and still holds the record for the longest car chase at 40 minutes!, but it doesn't really stand up to modern cinema, hence the remake!
In my ever growing (currently over 2500) DVD collection I have three versions of this. The regular version, the "Directors Cut" and a double pack with The Rock (stupidly unnecessary since I also have the normal and special editions of The Rock too!).
The reason I'm reviewing the standard version here and not the Directors cut is simple... the DC is rubbish. There are some decent featurettes, but the "extended scenes" add absolutely nothing to the movie, and the original isn't exactly light on DVD features in the first place, so it's the original 2000 released DVD I'm writing about.

The Cast

Nicolas Cage - Randall Raines (Memphis)
Angelina Jolie - Sara Wayland (Sway)
Christopher Eccleston - Raymond Calitri
Giovanni Ribiski - Kip Raines
Delroy Lindo - Detective Roland Castlebank
Timothy Olyphant - Detective Drycoff
Robert Duvall - Otto Halliwell
Will Patton - Atley Jackson
Chi McBride - Donny Astricky
Vinnie Jones - Sphinx
Scott Caan - Timmy Tummel (Tumbler)
TJ Cross - Mirror Man
William Lee Scott - Toby
James Duvall - "Freb"

Directed by Dominic Sena.

Great job by just about all the cast. Sorry to put such a long list but it's a seriously packed movie. The main characters are Nicolas Cage as the ex-con with a heart of gold (_yawn_, but played quite amiably here), Angelina Jolie as the old flame who chose not to leave town with him - "the one that got away" if you will, and Giovanni Ribiski as the younger brother out of his depth trying to follow big brothers footsteps.
Delroy Lindo and partner Timothy Olyphant are the cops assigned to bringing down the car theft ring and again both actors really shine here. I love watching Lindo, he's a bit of a lesser-seen these days but I think he has some cracking performances under his belt.
Memphis Raines crew consists of his old partners in crime Donny, Otto, Sway and Sphinx, as well as Atley in a round-about way. These are the better known actors, and they have by far the best of the dialogue, action and screen time. Jolie's delivery can be a bit wooden sometimes but it's not the stuff of Golden Raspberry awards, she holds her own fairly well here in a very early major role.
Kip Raines crew is made up of the younger characters, Tumbler, Mirror man, Freb and Toby. Freb and Toby are pretty much incidentals, they don't need to be there other than to pad numbers. Mirror Man is a funny character who adds some sparkle to proceedings and Tumbler is super cool (Scott Caan, also my fave actor from the "Oceans" movies).
Christopher Eccleston completes the list as the baddest of the baddies Raymond Calitri. The Americans have always been obsessed with Brits as villains in their movies, but it's quite refreshing to have a Northerner (a Manc, no less!) filling the role instead of a posh public school-boy type. Still, considering this chap is supposed to be as mean as they come he's played a bit "Low energy" for my liking.


Criminal Raymond Calitri has an order to fulfill, 50 high-end cars for a mystery South American client. He hires LA street crook Kip Raines to take the job, thinking he has credibility as the baby brother of the legendary but long retired car thief Randall "Memphis" Raines. Unfortunately Kip cocks it up and the police raid his garage before he has chance to collect all 50 on the list.
Needless to say, Mr Calitri is less than thrilled. He now has three days to put the huge order together or else lose a lucrative customer, so he plays his trump card sending one of his larcenous employees, Atlee Jackson, to recruit his old crew-mate Memphis Raines and convince him to come out of retirement. Memphis now has a choice, return to the life of crime for one last job, thus breaking promises he made to his mother, or let Kip die. His mother begs him to bail Kip out, so he dons his old driving gloves and gets to work.

Part one of the movie is the classic "getting the band back together" montage where Memphis phones and visits his old gang to see who'll help him steal 50 cars in a single night. Donny Astricky is now a driving instructor, "Sway" is a mechanic by day and bartender by night, Sphinx works in a morgue and head honcho Otto who used to run a chop-shop to strip the cars now runs a huge restoration and repair shop. None of them take much convincing to jump aboard, either through boredom with their "honest" lives or loyalty to their old leader, but five bodies isn't enough for the task at hand. Enter Kip Raines and his younger crew of car thieves to add some badly needed extra bodies and to teach the old guard some new tricks (fake stick-on vinyl fingerprints...Elvis is back!).

So, we have plenty of able volunteers for this real-world version of Grand Theft Auto, all the reconnaissance has been done, all that's left now is the easy bit; nick the cars and drive them to the docks. It's never that easy though is it? We have two problems in the form of rival car thief Johnny B (a small part played superbly by rapper Master P) who believes that he should have been offered the job himself so wants the Raines brothers removed, and Detective Castlebeck who failed to apprehend Memphis in his glory days and so really really wants to catch him red handed while he has the chance now.

The second half of the movie is the thefts themselves (referred to commonly as "Boosts") and each characters little comedies and dramas in attempting to deliver the cars in pristine condition to the transport ship.
The last section and the real thriller for the audience is the boosting of car number 50. Memphis has saved the best for last, a very rare Ford Mustang Shelby GT 500 which he believes to be cursed... it's not the first time he has stolen one, and every time he gets behind the wheel it ends in near-death disaster. Shall I spoil it and tell you it ends in near-death disaster? Well, not quite, but it does involve an epic chase scene around LA with most of the police (including a helicopter which struggles to keep pace...'''This is an A-Star sir, not an Apache'''...) and of course Detective Castlebeck in hot pursuit.

Generally very good. The casting and acting are excellent, direction and production are both superb and cinematography is exceptional (the car chases are just the best of the era, I'd even say better than The Fast and the Furious from the following year).
Ok so the story is a little bit fluffy, but Detective Castlebeck adds some much needed gravity, Calitri is a decent villain (although more by reputation than actions) and there is always a sense of peril as these good folks repeatedly risk their freedom to steal a couple of tons of high powered metal.

The cars are all given girls names as a code to use over the radio to tick them off the list, i.e. "Guys, I've just dropped Tracy off" rather than ""Hey everyone, I successfully stole that Humvee". It's clever and works for the audience, but we're not really given enough time with the cars to appreciate it or link the cars to the names. Apart from Eleanor, the Shelby GT500, I'm struggling to remember which was which in terms of cars. The whole USP of the movie was the car theme, so I would have liked to see a bit more exotic metal really. I would say from 50 cars on the list we only actually see half of them through the movie, the rest are just names and numbers on a board...

While the car theft theme of the movie is of course quite unsavoury, I think it's done well. For example most of the Ferraris come from a (well insured) dealers compound after we are introduced to the slick car dealer Roger. A good number of the others are quite cleverly not tied to individuals so as to keep the audiences sympathy with the crooks we're rooting for instead of the innocent victims, and even in the rare circumstances where we meet the cars owners they are shown to be quite unlikable people so again we can't feel much empathy there. Smart move, because anyone who has had a car stolen would usually quite happily stamp on Memphis Raines' fingers and take away his car pinching tools!

Overall I can't fault much here. Parts of the dialogue are dreadful (I'm thinking of two short scenes in-particular), but most of it is smart, funny and engaging. Yes the plot has some holes and yes the characters look are a bit of a mish-mash of cliches, but put together I think it's a competent action thriller which I have enjoyed every time I've watched it, and we are well into double figures on that front.


The soundtrack from this film feels a bit hit and miss, but it introduced me to a couple of "sleeper" tracks I'd have otherwise missed. 14 mixed genre tracks, mostly high energy electronic dance with some Rap music thrown in and a little bit of rock.
Track of the album here goes to "Painted on my Heart" by The Cult, but "Stop the Rock" by Apollo 440 and "Party Up" (Up in Here) by DMX get honourable mentions.
DVD extras

Quite a bit stuffed into this, which is nice to see as these days they tend to keep a lot back for the re-issues and "ultimate" editions. We have a handful of featurettes named Zero to 60, The big chase which is split into sections from the final car chase, Wild rides, Stars on the Move and Action Overload. We also have an interview with Jerry Bruckheimer and the theatrical trailer, plus the music video from The Cure.

Release - June 2000 in the cinema, December 2000 on home media.
Rating - 15, I suppose more for the adult themes rather than naughty words.
Runtime - 118 minutes in total for this standard one (Directors cut is 122)
Budget - $90 million
Box-office - $237 million worldwide. Not a flop, but hardly a money-spinner after marketing is accounted for.


If you're into your cars and chase movies then this is for you, no question. The cars are the stars, and there is more automotive porn here than you can shake a dip-stick at. The story is decent, everything slots together and the actors gel nicely, but this formula is nothing that hasn't been done a million times before before in other formats.
I rate this one a solid 4 stars, and to be honest I'm not sure why it isn't 5 but something is holding me from giving the maximum. It's good fun and 2 hours feels just about the perfect length. It's never a chore and the scenes don't drag on, we hop from one set piece to the next quite fluidly.

Give it a watch. Not a "Must see" classic but it's a fun action romp.

Cheers. K

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  • eve6kicksass published 14/03/2017
    Congrats on the diamond, but I admit I'm one of those who hated this movie, prefer the original.
  • Pointress published 07/03/2017
  • Digbycat published 25/01/2017
    love this film :) I don't care if it was a box office hit or not
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Memphis Raines (Nicolas Cage, LEAVING LAS VEGAS) is a former car thief who is forced to come out of retirement when his younger brother, Kip (Giovanni Ribisi, SUBURBIA), is unable to deliver 50 expensive cars to dangerous smuggler Raymond Calitri (Christopher Eccleston, CRACKER). With his brother's life on the line, Memphis must enlist his old car-stealing partners for help in order to pull off the ultimate crime. His team includes his mentor, Otto (Robert Duvall, THE GODFATHER), and an old flame (Angelina Jolie, CYBORG 2), plus a crew of other colourful characters. Once he gets them all together, Memphis has to do the impossible--organize the theft of 50 cars from all over Los Angeles in a single night, hampered by rivals, security systems, and the best efforts of the LAPD detective (Delroy Lindo) who is out to get him. GONE IN 60 SECONDS is a fun, action-packed movie featuring producer Jerry Bruckheimer's trademarks: a simple story, comedy, spectacular action, an excellent cast of stars and character actors, and an amazing car chase through the crowded streets of Los Angeles. This film is based on the cult classic 1974 movie of the same name, and it's a must-see for lovers of classic cars or action fans of any stripe. Dominic Sena, the director of KALIFORNIA, directed this fast-moving crime-adventure extravaganza.


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