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Goodmans Budget LCD TV - Not the Best of the Bunch

29.12.2012 (30.12.2012)

Looks Good  -  Cheap

Lack of Connectivity and Technology .  Universal Remote Codes Do Not Work Fully

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When we moved into our last house we were on quite a strict budget for purchasing everything we wanted and needed, with a TV being quite a long way down the long list of kitchen appliances and other household essentials. It was for this reason that we ended up looking at the budget end of the market for a television, and finally settling with the 26" Goodmans LD2667D hardly a catchy name, but seemed to do everything we would want it to do and didn't look too bad either for a TV at the lower end of the market.

The Goodmans LD2667D is quite a modern looking television given that most these days are glossy black in colour with minimal border and built as slim as possible. It meets these criteria pretty well with all of the buttons being down the right hand side with only the Goodmans branding, standby light and a silver stripe along the bottom visible on the front. Overall I consider this to be quite a stylish looking TV with its clean lines and matching black stand despite the budget branding on the front.

We decided on an LCD television mainly because they are the cheapest in price and really do seem to offer pretty similar results to Plasma televisions under normal home viewing circumstances. Other things to consider though when going for LCD is the fact that they are the most power efficent TV's on the market at the moment and seems to be the technology of the moment as far as TV's are concerned and being developed at a faster rate than other televison screen technologies.

We paid £185 for this TV whilst it was on sale and I dare say that it will be possible to pick up one the same or at least very similar for even less than this now, however with the ever decreasing price of LCD TV's I suggest it wise to have a look elsewhere before deciding on this Goodmans set.

Setting It Up:-

The TV was supplied in a sturdy cardboard box with a decent amount of polystyrene protecting the TV from impact all around the edges with the TV itself wrapped in a plastic bag for protection from dust. Removing the packaging from the top of the box and lifting the TV out was quite easy as this is only a small TV and not really all that heavy. Goodmans supply the TV with a stand pre-assembled so there is absolutely nothing to do with regards to actual assembly.

Once the TV is out of the box it will need to positioned near to an aerial point to enable the in-built freeview to work properly as the TV needs to connect to a digital aerial, and of course a plug socket for mains power. Once the TV is turned on for the first time it runs the setup for the in-built freeview which is all quite straight forward and self explanatory and only requires the user to repeatedly hit the OK button to get going.

After the freeview has finished setting up and scanning for channels this Goodmans TV is simple to get to grips with, the controller isn't the best laid out but is easy to use given the relative lack of features of the TV there aren't really a huge amount of buttons to figure out. With everything working as it should be all that is left is to connect whatever accessories need to be connected which is where some may run into a problem.


The main let down of the Goodmans LD2667D is the connectivity aspect of the TV, with only one HDMI port being available; I feel this would be a problem for most modern day TV owners as it is more than common now to want to connect more than one HDMI device for a lengthy period to a single TV.

The news is not really any better when it comes to the SCART connections as there is also only one of these as well and considering most new technology now gives an awful picture qualtiy on SCART connections this is pretty much redundant and unused by me.

There is some good news when it comes to the connectivity there is one set of RCA ports (red, yellow and white wires) to allow video recorders, cameras etc to be connected via a wired connection. There is also a full set of surround sound ports offering the opportunity to add extra speakers. There is a headphine port present as well as a PC port to allow the TV to effectively be used as a PC moniter. The pictures given when used with a computer aren't great but are acceptable enough to watch for example on demand programming over the internet.

With regards to connectivity overall I wouldn't recommend this TV if you plan to use it for anything other than just watching Freeview TV with one other device connected say for occasional gaming; I think anybody with numerous devices to connect to this TV user would be at least a little disappointed at the lack of HDMI and SCART sockets. In all fairness it is possible to buy SCART and HDMI splitters which allow one port to be used for multiple devices, however I feel that once the extra £20 - £30 has been spent on a couple of these it would have made sense to go a slightly better TV with more connectivity options.

Sound and Picture:-

There is very little in the way of new technology when it comes down to the screen or picture delivery with this TV other than the fact that it is HD ready. Having said this the picture quality is nothing to be complained at for a budget TV and would suit most people who sit down to watch TV and have no need to really judge the picture quality against more expensive sets, dark scenes can be overly dark due to the lack of auto-brightness and contrast technology found in most newer TV these days. I have read a lot of reviews complaining about the picture quality of this TV but my opinion is that this is to be expected of a budget TV when compared to top quality HD sets and the picture is perfectly acceptable when bearing this in mind.

Sound wise it's pretty much the same story as with the rest of the TV, fine under normal viewing circumstances but ask any more of it and you really will be wishing for that surround sound system to make the most of the limited connectivity of this TV. When playing music up loud the sound from the speakers becomes very tinny, I feel that they aren't really up to the job and Goodmans would do well in the future to upgade the speakers used in their TV's even if it ends up adding a couple of pounds to the final cost it would be worth it.


The only in-built function of this TV worth mentioning that I can really think of is the in-built Freeview receiver which is the one thing that drew us to this TV in the first place. Once the initial setup is complete the Freeview is very easy to use but also very basic just like the rest of the TV but this isn't really a drawback as it functions well. The main issue are that it just feels quite slow and clunky, along with the TV guide being quite confusing to view until you get use to it, and the inability to set reminders. The freeview picture is quite good obviously drawn back by the issues mentioned above but the receiver seems
Pictures of Goodmans LD2667D
Goodmans LD2667D PICT0073 - Goodmans LD2667D
Goodmans LD2667D
to be easily affected by adverse weather conditions leaving us with signal problems quite often on a few channels.

Connecting external devices to the TV is a little bit awkward as all of the connection ports are hidden out of the way right at the bottom of the set on the back facing downwards located underneath a ridge. Overall not a huge problem as I don't tend to change my connected devices that often but a minor inconveniance all the same.

As mentioned above the controller really is quite self explanatory and easy to use but the budget price shows here as well as it is a grey controller that looks as if it was made of available parts rather than those that would actually match the TV, it would have been nice to have been supplied with a nice sleek black remote to match the TV. Our remote actually broke after being repeatedly dropped on laminate flooring so we have actually ended up with a universal one for all remote and our Sky remote. The only problem with this being that Goodmans codes do not generally tend to work properly with universal remotes, therefore we need our universal remote for volume control as this function will not work on this TV through our Sky remote.

In Conclusion:-

Overall this TV in all honesty does struggle to be anything better than average and definitely doesn't portray itself to be anything other than budget with the only thing that puts it slightly ahead in the budget section is the actual design of the TV which makes it look more expensive than it actually is.

It was the fact that this TV was the cheapest TV available at the time and we wanted a TV there and then that meant we ended up with this TV; if this wasn't the case then I would have actually waited a couple of months and saved some more cash to buy myself a slighlty higher end TV that had more HDMI connections. However with one HDMI port being enough for us as we really only watch Sky now that we have it, we use to use only the Freeview leaving the HDMI port free for my PS3 but I now no longer own this anyway.

In conclusion a budget TV that is nothing better than average and delivers slow operations with a weak freeview receiver and poor quality speakers. It is perfectly functional but with quite a few draw backs and no real redeeming factors that make it stand out from the crowd. It would seem that Goodmans have placed too much emphasis on looking good from the outside rather than making whats inside really deliver.

Given the fact that this is a budget TV has saved it from a low star rating but as its only average it's only a 3/5 from me this time.

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80smusicreviewer 06.01.2013 10:48

Fantastic review. E.

Absinthe_Fairy 31.12.2012 15:08

Fab review.

MsTricia 30.12.2012 23:18

I need a new tv but will avoid goodmans after this review!

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Manufacturer Goodmans
Depth in cm 10.1
Height in cm 47.1 cm
Width in cm 66.4
LED Backlight without LED Backlighting
Brightness in Candela/m² 500
Full HD without Full HD (1080p)
HD ready HD Ready
S-Video Yes

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