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published 24/06/2009 | hillhead
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Pro A Very Speedy Web Browser That Is Installed In Seconds.
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"Google Chrome. The need for browsing speed is finally here."

Google Chrome
A very speedy Web Browser
That's Installed in seconds

I know there is many reviews on the internet about Google Chrome, but I thought I would write one and voice my opinions and experiences of it myself, as I really want to let everyone know how great a browser it really is. I first started using Google Chrome about two months ago, as I was having problems on, accepting friends and writing comments. I reported this technical hitch to Ciao and was advised by a technician there to change my web browser, as does not support Internet explorer (or vice versa) sorry I am not great at the technical stuff, but anyway I was recommended by the tech guy on Ciao to use Morzilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

Well I wanted to make my profile page work better on and add friends etc, when I wanted to, with out all these hitches, I was getting everyday. I first downloaded Mozilla Firefox on to my laptop to try this browser out, but it sure ate up my Ram on my computer and I soon had to take it off again. It was a great browser, don't get me wrong, but I did not have enough memory to support it unfortunately.

After using Firefox for a few days, with major issues and no ram to support it left, on my laptop, I them decided to un-install it and try Google Chrome out instead. I really am glad I did. It is excellent. It's far better in my opinion, than Firefox, does not eat up your ram and it sure is very fast at searches and opening pages up indeed. I will share my experiences below about it. I am not a technical person though, but I will do my best to share Google Chrome with you all and how I find it personally.

Google Chrome is certainly very easy to find online to download. Just go to your current browser and type in your search engine box, the words Goggle Chrome and you will find the website to download it from, in the first few websites listed, on the first page, your search results gives you. Well to me it was very easy to find the free online download for it. I found it in seconds!

Once you find the site to download Google Chrome you will see the download box very easily (as it is clearly marked) and you just need to click it on and follow the installation guide. It is easy to follow and use this guide and you will be taken through it step by step. It really is very quick indeed at installing also. It was downloaded unto my laptop in around thirty seconds, which was great, as some programmes take forever. You also get a choice of set up also and you will be asked if you want to save all your bookmarks and favourites, from your other browsers also, which is a great feature, I personally was pleased with, as it saved me losing all my favourite websites, I use daily, having to search for them all and also having to bookmark them over again.

Google Chrome on first installing, will also save all your passwords and set-up from your other browsers you use or have used before, which is very handy indeed. Once you have ticked your options on your check list Google Chrome will open up on your desk top straight away.

Installing Google Chrome was a breeze I found and much easier than any other browsers I have installed before. It also downloaded very fast and was ready to use in under one minute of searching for the free download and installing it. I use Vista on my laptop, by the way and had no problems at all. A good downloading service, that a novice like me, was pleased with overall.

Google Chrome supports Vista and XP by the way, and will be available to Linux and Mac soon.

Google Chrome is not really a fancy web browser at all. It is quite plain and straight forward in design. On first seeing it, you really might be surprised with how plain it really is, especially if you have used Mozilla Firefox or Safari before it. I was expecting a fancy colourful web browser myself and was slightly disappointed on discovering a plain white page, edged in blue, with very few features or add-ons on it.

Well after the initial shock of finding this boring and plain interface, I had a look around to find where everything was and how to use Google Chrome basically. It really is very minimal indeed, but it has all the features you really only need for searching and browsing on. The only colourful feature is the Google Chrome Emblem at the right hand side of the page, that adds a slight bit of colour to this interface and cheers it up.

At the very top of Google Chromes interface you will find a row of tabs in white, that resemble the corner of a file page. Underneath that is the web address bar, a bookmarks button, which is a little yellow star edged in blue, a reload the page button. On the opposite side you will find at the top the tools tab, that customises and controls your setting and options, a 'control the current page button' and another bookmark folder that is a coloured brown, file symbol. You also have on the front interface a recent bookmarks section, which contains, new tabs and a recently closed tabs section, which is rather useful and handy to click onto if needed.

Google Chrome does not have a full menu bar, like most browsers do and no title bar either. This is good though, in my opinion, as nothing interrupts me when searching etc or drops down. On the interface there is also a highlighted search history button, that takes you to your daily web searches and can be useful, but Google Chrome also has an Incognito tab, that opens a page in a new window and when using the Incognito tab, it does not save your search history unto your computer and I find this great to use sometimes if I search something private or something I don’t want anyone else to find. It is a great added feature in my opinion.

You can also set Google Chrome as your homepage by setting up your most visited sites, that you use daily to it, which is very handy to have then staring at you on your interface. I really like this feature a lot on Google Chrome. I just look at the little mini window thumbnails and even recognise the websites from the pictures on there and click them on. This is a great way, I find personally, to find websites I have visited, very quickly indeed.

You can also add your own search engine to Google Chrome, but because it is Google it automatically sets your default search engine as Google it's self, but to me I really prefer using Google to any other browser out there anyway, as it has an extensive range of information.

Google Chrome has also got a great tasks manager. It is very useful to click this on and see how much memory an actual page your visiting is using up. If you need to correct anything in there though, you will have to go into the settings and change this yourself. The task manager is also great for using when a page crashes etc to see what’s causing the problem and if you use the incognito tab, this stops any other windows you have opened at the same time, from crashing also. It is a great feature on Google Chrome.

Well overall it might be a very plain interface, but it has great features on it, that I really find very handy indeed. Everything I need is there right in front of me. It really is a great browser in this way, that I find very easy to use and very fast at finding websites and searches also. It is twice as fast as any browser I have ever used before.

To me Google Chrome has been designed to provide exactly what I have been dreaming of for years. Much simpler and faster internet browsing. It truly is a great new way of searching and browsing in faster speeds than ever before. It really is a very well designed and laid out interface, that's been aimed towards being easier to use, quicker at searching and really getting everything done in a much more convenient way.

Google Chrome certainly loads pages a lot faster than Firefox in my opinion. I would not go back to using Internet Explorer now after using Google Chrome. Google Chromes options window is very easy to use and set to your own personal choice also. In this window there are three tabs at the top. One for your basic options and which way you want your page to start up. Also the basic option contains, your choice of set up for home pages, your default search and also your default browser. Everything is very well marked and clearly written in this options window. I find it very easy to use this myself, as it is very well laid out.

The second tab in the options menu is for your minor tweaks. You can set your download location of your files etc and you also have a choice to tick this box and to save your passwords (or not) in there. You also have a choice to change the language in there to another, if you require. This is also very well laid out and easy to use I find.

The third tab in the options window is called "Under The Hood" It is great feature and very well laid out and easy to use, to set up your options also with Google Chrome. You have five options to tick in here from sending crash reports to enabling your phishing and Malware settings. You can also allow/dis-allow your cookies, by just ticking the box. Under the hood also allows you to set up a proxy network or connect to one.

Google Chrome comes with it’s own built in Spell Checker. My Google Chrome I installed was already set to the UK version (which was handy) but you can change the settings for whatever country you choose. I find the Spell checker excellent. No matter what I write into my laptop or even on Ciao, it highlights my typing area box in a gold colour, then highlights my spelling mistakes by underlining them in red. I just right click and it gives me the choice of the correct word that should be typed in there. This really is an extra bonus feature with Google Chrome that I personal love. It is so useful.

Your browsing history is very easy to find on Google Chrome also. Right in the centre of it's interface you will see a faintly written "Show search history" You just click this on and it takes you instantly to your websites you have visited that day. This is useful also, at finding a website you meant to check something on , but forgot to etc. You can easily clear the search history also, by just clicking on "Clear history" and it will deleted your browsing history for that day. The same can be done for everyday before that, that you visited also.

You can also view your browsing history data from the tools drop down window. Just scroll down to the "clear browsing data" link and you can clear your browsing history, download history, empty the cache, delete your cookies and clear saved passwords in one simple click, if you have the boxes for each browsing data ticked. You can choose to clear it for the day, week or for everything you have ever saved in there.

I recently discovered that Google Chrome does not recognise some websites. Well it is only very few though. I also was installing a new messenger on my laptop and I could not download it on Google Chromes browser at all and had to use Internet explorer instead. I guess Google Chrome is still in it's early stages though and I have heard it has other problems and bugs with it. Here is some other problems I have came across myself:

It does not recognise a few websites.
It will not install some games properly (especially from Pogo)
It will not install your old Firefox bookmarks (will import them from Explorer though)
My Laptop does not go to sleep, while Chrome is running?
Would not install Windows programmes on this browser.

I guess a lot of bugs are found in any new Beta software though and I believe Google Chrome is sorting everything thing out. I really think when they do, this browser will be outstanding in every department. I recently heard a newer version of Google Chrome has been launched with over 300 reported, problems resolved.

Plug-ins for Google Chrome:
I found it slightly disappointing that there is no plug-ins (as yet) for Google Chrome. I am sure there will be some available very soon for it, but if you have used Firefox you will be slightly disappointed yourself with this overall. Well if it's just a browser you are after. Google Chromes perfect for it.

I used Internet Explorer for many years and was sort of set in my ways with it. I was happy with everything it did really, until I had a few problems on certain websites that it did not support. Well I was starting to use these Websites everyday and I had no choice to stop using Internet Explorer. I tried out Firefox first, as I mentioned earlier, but memory was a big problem to me. I did not have enough, so I then I tried my second, newly recommended browser and I really am so pleased I did. I really would not go back to using Internet Employer after using Google Chrome. The speed of this browser is absolutely amazing.

Google Chrome to me, is so easy to use and with so very little effort at all. It has been designed and laid out this way to save us time and make it more suitable for browsing only. I really do not mind it having no add on or plug-ins for what I use my laptop for. It suits my needs, personally, very well indeed. I just turn on my Laptop, let it load up and then hit the little Google Chrome Icon that I have saved on my desktop. It loads instantly when I do. Every time! I really think it is very easy to find your favourite web pages on it and I even have my last visited websites, all nicely thumb nailed on the interface. It is so useful to just go on Google Chrome and see these little thumbnails of your favourite websites and click them on to open them.

Google Chrome was really the easiest download I ever did. It was installed and ready to use on my laptop in seconds. I really was pleased that no unwanted extras got downloaded with this also. It really is the fastest and easiest browser in every way. From using and installing Google Chrome, you really will be pleased with these features and surprised with them like I was.

Google Chrome has really made searching and browsing on the internet, much more faster for me indeed. I instantly get results from Chrome that I never thought possible and that's the truth. I know Firefox is fast, but Chrome beats it hands down. For what I use my laptop for and for searching and surfing the web, Google Chrome is perfect for my daily needs. I really am pleased I downloaded and installed Google Chrome, as it has certainly made my life more easier on the internet.

Well would I recommend Google Chrome. Well I would have to say I highly recommend Google Chrome to everyone. It is amazing how fast this browser is. The interface may be slightly plain and as of yet there is no plug-ins with Google Chrome, but to me that really is not a problem at all. It is the speed that I love and also the way Google Chrome bookmarks your last visited websites to it's interface. It really has made my browsing and searching a lot easier indeed. I love it!

You really must try Google Chrome out for yourselves. It might not suit the gamers etc out there, but for just browsing and surfing the web I really think it's perfect. The need for internet speed is finally here with Google Chrome. The best browser yet in my opinion. Please check it out yourselves, but try the new version of Google Chrome, as the bugs are now fixed and I have heard it is even faster again than this first Beta version. Excellent!

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