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Not made in China


Speed of browser plus simplistic design

Sometimes web pages appear to be viewed as if it was 1997

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Not made in China

Google's Chrome browser appears to be a ship that isn't going to just sail past our office windows without anybody noticing, the reason why? It's created by cyber giants Google. For the first time the search engine maestro is going to market the browser the good old fashion way, by doing an advertising campaign; never before has Google had to enforce any written media coverage regarding one of their products or services. Google is pre empting web browser world domination, and who is to say this browser won't become as euphoric as MicroSoft Office and its application suite. Google have embarked on toolbar accessory add-ons since the year dot; and it would only be a matter of time for Google's browser Chrome to break the mould of conventional web browsing and become an entirety of its own.

Being an avid user of several Google products, the thought of broadening out and downloading the 'Chrome' application for my web antics didn't raise much enthusiasm, I was happy with Mozilla Firefox; that was until that slow downloading day when laziness emerged with morning breathe and decided to click onto the download button for Google Chrome. Only 552Kb, and worth a bleary eyed gaze; not that I could be too enamoured ever by a web browser program that according to experts is the most used application on net books and workstations worldwide. In fact the bellicose experts claim it is a browser war; well it is not exactly warrior types who are pacing about at dawn with their rifles cocked, more like gaunt, pale, wafer thin intellectuals with mouse pad clicked.

The language used by the colourful world of Google is enough to make a silver surfer scratch their heads in outlandish confusion. Many are still shovelling in a beer mat into the 'D' Drive or using the 'D' Drive as a coffee holder; so Google using the terminology of a 'netizen' as a means of monopolising internet user territory; however will increase deeper crease marks and arguments amongst most Scrabble players. So, you maybe excused in taking the analogy that their web browser 'Chrome' would inevitably be a complex mixture of data and obsolete material, well, you'll be mistaken. Chrome is as simple to pick up as simple as a puzzle from the Early Learning Centre. No customary add-ons from Google's taskbar stroke toolbar, which takes an age to load up from yester year; in fact not a lot to note when you are using the browser in default mode; which is what you want from using the world, wide, web, an application that takes you places without too many heirs and graces and flashing of lights and prompts to distract you from your enjoyment of web browsing.

Chrome has an internal spellchecker for all your notes. If, you use text language this browser will make you stop, irritating if you are hooked on using the restricted code. Chrome consists on one bar at the top of your screen that simply states the address bar stroke URL listings and the standard mandatory, forward, backward, refresh, home, bookmark, control of page, and browser tool options. These are all recognisable for anyone who has been on the internet regularly, the difference that stands out for me is the lack of Sony, Apple Inc gloss, gradients on the buttons. Not that you can be bothered to view the cleverly chic button types that have swarmed several Internet Explorer updates. Google's interpretation is; if it's only aesthetically pleasing but not useful, then it's not included. That in itself is a big application ticker for anyone obsessed with memory, performance, a faster machine and basically a minimalist. These are just a few headlines that could make all the difference in whether the 'Chrome' is the browser you'll be happy with. Having a hint of light blue gradient in the body of the taskbars reminders me of Evian water, no sign of a swish dabble of over creativity within 'Chromes' interface, it looks constraint, nothing like the heavy handed colourful extravaganza that is reaped over the Google Chrome logo and shortcut icon. Overall the design isn't a corporate masterpiece; perhaps I'm just too aware it isn't a shiny globe and showing my non openness of new visual concepts.

Comparing the size of web browser applications

Google's Chrome - 78.19 MB
Apple Safari - 71.05 MB
Mozilla Firefox - 23.51 MB

Media software is already embedded within the 'Chrome' web browser without having to go on a wild goose hunt for flash player software, or real player applets, or even Window Video Media codec. Refreshing really when all you have is barely 80 MB of application and all is subscribed without a 30 day trial and available for free. The semi surprise that I must mention is the customary iGoogle option that determines what content you require on the home default page, all available by a nonchalant tick of the cursor to what subject box lights your embers, I've just chosen 'News', as I don't want too much information swimming in front of my glazed expression before a reasonable hour.

There appears to be room for many tabs, this is where Internet Explorer fell to the floor, for me. Tabs are the quickest way of reaching your online destination without clicking religiously on the address bar and typing in the URL address to your most frequented visited web sites. Simply just add them to your tabs, and there your have full access to all sites while your online. Because 'Chrome' is a modest 78.19 MB sized application, it fares averagely comparing to other well known browsers. In future updates, Google's Chrome will differ largely to other web browsers priorities; this is due to their lucrative dealings with Amazon. So having unique electronic book reading facilities and options will for many netizens a huge reason to have 'Chrome' as your default browser option. By Google more open about trading with major internet players, the potential gulf between corporations could grow at an alarming rate when it comes to spending power and world domination.

There are nearly 500 million active users who are already using one or more of Google's products or services, not including the flawed Chinese market, whereby the government have aggressively thwart any plans to make Google and iGoogle accessible to a ".CN" market. Blatant tampering on search engine criteria based on China's recent human right history has effectively stopped the IT clause for freedom of speech. Beijing's notorious cyber spying techniques that bare close to search engine hacking has blighted a new stream of offensive that could in time paralyse Android Mobile Technologies, Android technologies helped create Google's first smart-phone late last year (2009) - Yahoo's involvement in being pro Google could be the stepping stone to Androids progression, only time has the answer, but it doesn't fear good for Google Chrome to stand head and shoulders above the rest of the competition in the lucrative world, wide, web browser war.

Google's Chrome is relatively a newly built browser application that deems as having remarkable potential and clout; what has changed is their Mojo; that special something that has made them top of the search engine parade, standing erect like Christ the Redeemer O Cristo Redentor in Rio. Google peaked on advertising fees alone that put ITV in the shade and in a recession period as well. Suddenly new trends are occurring in business model strategies amidst the China security breeches.

Compatible on Windows ME and upwards to Windows 7, Mac OS, Linus systems

Google's Chrome does have an infiltrated firewall option that allows you to be strict with allocated content if you have minors in the household; this consolidates security as a whole. Mandatory URL listings that show European Union security codes that suffice the user to see their legitimacy starts with https://, the 'S' stands for secure; also a padlock logo next to the web browser body content conspires the web site is deemed as safe.

The 'Chrome' web browser; does come with several glitches when it comes to certain alignment web site formats, or highly interactive user status. It does correct itself after clicking the refresh button, so for Google the quest for perfection continues. I hope Google regains their 'Mojo' before too long.

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py106 23.03.2010 23:08

I use Chrome and IE lol

1st2thebar 18.02.2010 19:14

Thanks for all your positive comments

ben-lloyd 17.02.2010 11:42

I'm sticking with Opera - Google already have too much of my web browsing data ;-)

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