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Community Level 4rlb3



AdvantagesTraining mind body and soul

DisadvantagesMotivating yourself to join a club!

"...classes available within most clubs. They also have separate Junior and Adult classes for those parents who are only confident with leaving their children to train with other children. 6. Potential Part-time Career – Once you have completed your Brown belt you can train to teach people who are working towards the other belts below the Brown belt level. The higher you progress of course the more people you can teach and you can effectively ..." Read review

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Community Level 1kittenwarr...


Ju Jutsu

Advantagespractical holistic self protection

DisadvantagesNot for those who want a graceful art without bruises

"I've been training in Ju Jutsu for the last 2 1/2 years and my confidence, fitness and attitude to life has dramatically improved. Ju Jutsu is all about prevention, proactive protection and self defence as the last resort. All areas are covered - avoiding, negotiating, striking, kicking, grappling, throwing, locks. It is suitable for all and there are classes designed specifically for children. It is absolutely ideal for women because it doesn't ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Martial


The art of Ju-jitsu

AdvantagesPainful Techniques, Look for a class with sparring, Proven effectivenesss

DisadvantagesSome techniques difficult to implement, can be painfull to train

"Ju-jitsu is a very competent martial art. From my experience ju-jitsu is simply a larger more complete form of aikido. Techniques are often similar but with two key differences. Fistly when a ju-jitsu practitioner takes a hold of the opponent they will be intending to cause as much pain as possible with their grip, secondly the technique will often be taken further than an aikido technique. What i mean by that is they will not stop when a technique ..." Read review

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Community Level 3MARKMAN


Goshinkwai - a real defence system

AdvantagesFully rounded system; encompasses all aspects of martial arts

Disadvantagesnot for the faint hearted

"...my little past-time a push. For the last four and a half years I have been a student of Goshinkwai, a street fighting style of ju jitsu, aimed purely at self defence. The system is not,I repeat NOT a competitive sport, there are no fancy poses, no spinning back kicks, back flips etc., it is a get down and dirty system based on winning any confrontation in the first 10 seconds. To do so we are taught to use any part of our body or anything from the ..." Read review

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Complete martial system - excellent for fitness & self-defence
...jack of all trades... master of none!!?? (*)
quick, relatively simple, plenty of clubs, effective
some poor instructors around, doesn't really deal with grapplers too well (*)
An effective martial art
You need a lot of training (*)
Covers only the things that work
Hard to find somewhere to train (*)
Full contact weapon based martial art without the pain (ish!)
Availability of Dojo, see the Dojo list at www.kendo.org.uk (*)
good for your body mind and spirit
makes you ache for the first few weeks (*)
it kicks ass
can be hard work (*)
Training mind body and soul
Motivating yourself to join a club! (*)
Loads - Fitness, learning defence, social.
Cost, time. (*)
Great cardio workout, fun, a full body workout, improves flexibility
Takes a lot of work & dedication (*)
Able to be practised by anyone, promotes health and spiritual growth, easy to learn
Not as stylish or impressive looking as Eastern martial arts, still relatively hard to find (*)
fun, good exercise, fun, sociable, club events, did I mention fun?
None (*)
Teaches good skills; learn through play
Not enough one-to-one tutoring (*)
Improved fitness, discipline, confidence... great fun
It ain't cheap (*)
realistic and proven, effective, benefits see opinion for more
no striking techniques, not many comps in the UK (*)
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