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published 26/09/2017 | ryeb
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Good luck in your future projects all. Hope you all got to £5, GB quick if not and I will try and rate this eve
Not for me
Pro READ disadvantages first! Easily portable, can be used in any normal socket
Cons Stopped working quickly, dial markings wore off, can't use two large pans at once
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"This made my blood boil.."

Gourmet GBSDHP001 Double Boiling Ring. Before the death.

Gourmet GBSDHP001 Double Boiling Ring. Before the death.

I first used an independent double boiling ring when my kitchen was being refurbished and I didn't have access to my ususal facilities. I kept it to use on occasions when I was cooking for family gatherings and an extra hob would come in useful. But then I had the idea of shedding excess kitchen items and I gave the hob away. Roll on a few months and yes, unexpected kitchen problems meant I was yet again in need of hob I could use in a temporary kitchen. So I went along to Argos and purchased the Sensio Double Boiling ring. It's full price was £39.99 then, but I paid only £28.00 thanks to a sale. It's still available there but the price is currently £50.00. If you shop around you can still purchase this for something close to the price I paid but for the reasons I will list below, I certainly do NOT recommend buying this however cheap you find it. If you need a quick answer, please scroll to my final paragraph.



• One large and one small boiling ring
• Large ring 1500 watts.
• Small 1000 watts.

•Made from stainless steel, white finish
• Each ring has own controls and operating light.
•Size H7, W46, D28cm.

Lead length. - 1m, possibly a little longer but we could never get it to sit straight.



I was surprised that the double boiling ring felt solid and relatively substantial given it's size. It has a style I would call functional more than anything, with a white finish. I noticed a small imperfection in this finish, on an under rim but as it was tiny and just on the surface, not to mention out of sight, I decided to let that pass. But please be aware, my device developed faults that were not immediately apparent.



Very, it's just a case of slipping it out of the box and plugging it into to any normal socket. This, and the compact size of the boiling rings means its supremely portable and can be used any where stable and safe for cooking. I found that a godsend when using various rooms of the house as temporary kitchens but it also means it's relatively easy to stash away if you want to use this more on an occasional basis. Bear in mind that the metal body of this does get reasonably hot in use and if you do want to stow it away after you've finished, you will need to make sure it's cooled down enough to handle!

The only potential pitfall when positioning is the power lead length. I couldn't find this info before I purchased, or rather I found conflicting measurements ranging from 75 to 120cm. Quite a difference! The power lead on my boiling ring is just over 1m, but the thing can never be persauded to lie out straight and flat so you don't get the benefit of the full cord length. Something to bear in mind when considering where you could fit this in.



Each ring has its own control dial and the two can be used at the same time or you can switch on just the one. One is larger and more powerful than the other. It's seemingly dead easy to operate - just the case of turning the dial to one of 5 heat settings and away you go - in theory. In practice, this kitchen device does take a little while to get used to. I found it mostly a case of getting accustomed to the fact it takes longer to get things boiling than my "proper" gas hob or my previous electric boiling rings. You also have to put more thought into your choice of pans. This is not an induction hob and you don't need any special cookware but the close spacing of the two boiling rings means you couldn't use a large fry pan on one side and a medium saucepan on the other at the same time. They just encroach on each others space. The instructions suggest using pans the same size as the rings which measure 17 and 20cm in diameter respectively, so you can see why they are not designed for the use of two large large pans/woks at once.



No. It takes a lot longer to reach the boil than any other boiling ring I have used, either portable or traditional. I found the less powerful of the two rings could only produce worthwhile results on the maximum heat setting. Technically there are 5 to choose from, but you can really discount the lowest on even the technically higher wattage of the two rings, as it is very feeble. Moving up the dial, there is not a lot of difference between the other settings so this isn't for cooking anything you really need precision control of your cooking temperature. Trying to keep something at a gentle simmer is not easy either, as the water seems to either barely heat or go at a rolling boil- reducing the heat setting tends to remove the water from simmer point.

There's a power light next to each ring, which comes off and on during use as the temperature is maintained. That process is accompanied by a loud click, and occasional other popping sounds. I had another boiling ring that did the same thing and so while I expected the sounds, this could not be described as a quiet operator.



The outer surface comes up clean with a sponge when dealing with everyday kind of minor spills. You are not supposed to clean any part with an abrasive cleaner or cloth, but thankfully I managed to get rid of a little bit of burnt on soup (don't ask!) using a toothbrush without damaging the finish. The actual boiling rings are ridged, and this does make cleaning more fiddly than it needs to be though.

Cleaning the dials is tricky as no more than wiping them with a damp cloth occasionally caused the dial numbers to wear off to the point of being unreadable. That made the boiling rings look tattier than they should have done.



NO. I had the rings for 3 months and used them actively for just 4 weeks when I noticed the dial for the most powerful of the two was feeling a lot looser and spinning too easily around. This did not fill me with confidence about the build quality, although it didn't seem to effect the actual operation. I then soon realised this was the least of my problems. A couple of days later, the large ring failed to heat up at all. The smaller one was fine, but the main ring was totally dead. I returned the pesky thing to Argos and obtained a refund. I refused a replacement given the speed of its demise.


NO. It never worked as efficiently as the other similar double boiling rings I have owned, despite them having the same wattage. One half of it died completely within a months active use and the fact the markings came off the dials despite the gentlest of cleaning, meant it looked like I had owned and used it far longer than I had. The ridged design of the rings makes cleaning of those fiddly too. All in all, it was not worth buying.

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