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Grand Theft Auto V (PS3)

Genre: Action/Adventure - Publisher: Take 2, Rockstar - Age Rating: 18+

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published 18/11/2015 | JRCarter
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Pro great graphics, great dound, limitless online, incredible racing, very good map and multiplayer
Cons ps3 version is no longer cared for by rockstar
Value for Money
Difficulty & Complexity

"A new feat ofor gaming"

Grand Theft Auto V (PS3)

Grand Theft Auto V (PS3)


I feel I should begin this review with an apology. I sincerely apologise for the sheer length of this review, and the subject matter, which I'm sure many of you have very little interest in - but what the heck, at least I'm not reviewing another USB stick. I have never been much of a gamer, but the release of another instalment in the world famous Grand Theft Auto saga, and the incredible hype for the release of this game meant I just have to have it. I am embarrassed about the amount of money I was forced to spend on this game, but I honestly do not regret it. It is undoubtedly the best, and in my opinion most advanced, game I have ever owned, and is the only game I still play.

GTA V was released in 2013, after months of hype and release-date-set-backs. Living where I lived prior to attending university, I was always 10 miles away from the nearest shop that would stock any sort of video game. This meant that upon released I was '_forced_' into downloading this game from the online playstation network store. As you can imagine, sony used this to there advantage, charging more for the downloadable version than the disk version - greedy b********. This put the grand total of the game up to an embarrassing, shocking, ridiculous £50!. As outrageous as this price is, I certainly got my money's worth.

As I was '_forced_' to download this game, I had to wait a very, very, very long time for it to download. The file size was roughly 35gb, which may not seem like much, but with my download speed, it is an incredible amount. I clicked download on a Thursday evening and left my playstation turned on and attempted to forget about it. On the Friday morning I left for Plymouth, for a University open day, and spent the night there. I returned home late on the Saturday. To say I was excited is an understatement. I was buzzing to play a game that cost me, at that time, 2 weeks pay. But my excitement was short lived, as although my playstation had been downloading the game for more than two days, it still wasn't complete. I had to wait until Sunday afternoon before I could finally play GTA V.
Single Player

Like all GTA games, you follow a main story line that features a great amount of missions and task that you must complete to progress the overall plot. As well as the main story line, their are many, many side missions and tasks that be undertaken that do not further the plot. Unlike previous GTA's, in GTA V the storyline features three sperate characters, each of which coming from different backgrounds and a different part of the Los Santos world; the world/ map upon which GTA V takes place. You are able to switch between characters and further their own individual storylines; until their paths intertwine. I thought this was an excellent new feature, as if you find yourself bored of one/ character/ mission/ story, you tap a few buttons and you're a completely different character with an entirely separate plot. The missions you undertake range greatly, from playing a quiet game of golf/ tennis, to taking down a meth lab. as with most games, the difficulty can be altered, so if you're struggling or finding it too easy, you can quickly alter it. As well as the typical grand theft auto style missions, there are now heists featured within the story. Heists are very long missions that you must do minor missions to prepare for the heist, before undertaking the task itself, such as preparing for, and eventually robbing a bank. Without wanting to give any more away, as finding out is part of the fun, I will say no more on the plot of GTA V. All I will say, is that if you liked/ loved the previous GTA's, you are highly likely to love this.
The Online Multiplayer

The multiplayer side to GTA V is by far my favourite aspect of the game. When you join online, you create your very own character, and are free to do as you like in the Los Santos world, while playing alongside up to 15 other payers - as you can imagine, carnage ensues. By participating in missions, races and tasks you level up your character, and increase his/ her different abilities, while earning in-game money. This money can be spent on; over 200 different types of vehicles, each with their own unique modifications available; a great range of houses, from the very cheap to the luxury penthouses that overlook the beach; a range of clothes, outfits, accessories and equipment; guns; tattoos and many other things.

I am currently, after a long time playing GTA V online, level 88. This may seem high, but I frequently play with/ against players that have reached level 200, 500, 1000 etc. The online playability is seemingly aimless. While online, other than missions, you are also able to hit the gym, go for a game of darts or golf or tennis, go skydiving, and visit the classic, incredibly tasteful GTA strip club. However, one of the most exciting aspects of GTA online is the ability to play the heists. In teams of four, you are able to earn money by playing through the various heists on a range of difficulties. This can be incredibly fun if you have three other friends, all communicating with one another via headsets, attempting to take on the longest, most difficult bank heist on the highest difficulty setting; as you attempt to use tactics to steal and keep as much money as possible, while hunted down by S.W.A.T, hundreds of police officers, and many many helicopters. These heists provide an excellent way to make in-game cash and level up your player.

My favourite aspect of GTA V online has to be the racing element. As you earn more money win more races you are able to afford better, faster, more expensive cars, and unlock the ability to upgrade their body kit, engine, transmission, suspension, breaking and much more. You are then able to use these cars to race against other online players for in-game money on a huge range of tracks - some created by Rockstar (the creators of GTA), and some created by ordinary players. As well as using your own custom cars, the host of the race has the ability to limit the class/ type of vehicle allowed in the race, as well as specific race rules. Therefore, you could be racing supercars on a 16 mile track that takes you all over Los Santos, with no weapons, rockets etc. one minute, and in the next race 16 players could be racing golf carts with rockets and fully automatic weapons round a gold course. But this is not why I love it. I enjoy the racing element so much because it is as good, if not better, than any racing-dedicated game I have every played. It offers more excitement, more customization, and better in-game physics than any other racing game I have ever played. It is literally a separate game within a game.
The Graphics

If you compared the graphics of GTA V to GTA IV you would be blown away. They are a hell of a lot better. Everything is 10x more detailed. Driving through the streets of Los Santos is not dissimilar to watching a movie. A great deal of effort has been put into the small details of nearly every single feature. Unfortunately, if you compared the graphics of this game, to the exact same game on the newest consoles (PS4 / xbox one) you would be blown away once more. Unfortunately, these incredible graphics (on the PS3) can often disappear, literally. When driving/ flying very fast, the game/ my console struggles to load the incredible detail, meaning a building may appear blurry or slightly pixelated. In some instance's the building and the road will disappear altogether, if you're travelling to fast for the game to keep up. This can be a pain, but due to the ridiculous price of the latest consoles, I can't afford to care to much about a few glitches. These graphics problems are most apparent when I'm playing online, as my shocking internet connection causes the game to freeze, while the graphics catch up with me - this particular problem has caused me to get a little angry at times....when I've been first place in a race, then suddenly I appear 20 meters behind 2nd place! I do believe the issue is caused primarily by my internet connection and the ability of my console, rather than the game itself. Oh and to give you an idea of the level of detail of the graphics of this game, when in the desert-like part of Los Santos, you are able to see small spiders running across the ground...which obviously you are able to shoot...with a pistol, or a machine gun or a sniper rifle or...if you really feel like it, an rocket launcher..

Similar to the graphics, the sound of GTA V is world better than the previous games. Everything about this game has been enhanced. After upgrading your car by, for example, adding a $50,000 turbo, the sound of revving the engine is deeper and louder and simply more awesome. Even when driving around, if you enter a tunnel or a confined space the sound echoes/ enhances exactly as it does in real life. My main issue with the sound, is during online play. If you are in a lobby online, waiting for a race to begin, or currently participating in a race, you are able to hear other players that are talking through headsets louder than the in-game sounds. this means that if two of the people are talking to each other during the race, all you can here is there muffled, distorted, but very loud voices. Unfortunately muting these players is also rather tricky, and cannot easily be done mid-race. Other than this, the sound of the game is excellent, and as good as all the newest games being released.
Los Santos

Los Santos is the fictional 3-D world based on Los Angeles that GTA V is set in. In single and multi-player, you are able to freely roam the map and do whatever you want. Los Santos features rich inner city areas, poorer city areas, suburbs, touristy beach locations, desert towns, mountain ranges, rivers, lakes and much more. The world can be excellent for exploring and battling it out with friends. It is one of the most expansive worlds I have seen featured in games, and is definitely the most diverse. There are aspects of the map that are identical to the real-life Los Angeles, California. As you explore the map you discover many additional missions, tasks and activities that you can take part in alone or with other players.
The negatives

In my opinion, there are two major negative aspects to GTA V for PS3...other than the obvious; the violence. Negative number one: The online servers for GTA V on PlayStation 3 are no longer policed by Rockstar as much as they should be, as all their focus is on GTA V for PlayStation 4 and Xbox one. What this means is that, when paying online, you are likely to meet hackers. People that have hacked the game to make themselves invisible, invincible, and to have the ability to kill everyone on the server instantly. There are also hackers that infect your own account with a virus/ hack, altering your gameplay. for example, a little while back, I was playing online, I heard an in-game explosion and everyone except one player died. When I respawned I was trapped inside a giant teacup with burning sticks inside. I could run around and drive cars, but I couldn't escape the teacup or put out the flame; meaning I died within 30 seconds of respawning. I changed session (this basically means I moved to a new, identical map with different players - maximum of 16 players per map) but unfortunately the deathly teacup as still there. I even tried joining a mission, to see if that would get rid of it, but it didn't. Eventually I was forced to turn of my console and reload the game, which fixed the problem.

The second negative aspect is the fact the PS3 version of GTA V did not get the latest major update that the PS4 version got. On he PlayStation 4 version, you are now able to play the entire game in first-person, a viewpoint not previously available in any GTA. This changes the feel of the game completely, in a way that only a gamer would understand. Other than these few, minor negatives, which are primarily Rockstars fault for focusing on the newer consoles), I really cannot fault GTA V. It is incredible to see how far gaming has come since the release of the very first GTA in 1997.


As I mentioned in the introduction I played an outrageous £50 for this game shortly after it was released. it is now available for £20 on, which, considering the price of games these days, is pretty reasonable. Considering the fact GTA V has an excellent playability and can be played for years without it getting boring, £20 isn't a bad price at all. The PlayStation 4 version of this game can be bought on Amazon for £40.
Final Comments

As you now know, I love this game, and think it is an incredible feat of gaming. However, it is a rather violent game, that is focused solely around crime - which is why it is rated 18! If you are not a fan of violent, crime-based games, you won't like GTA. Similarly, if you are thinking of buying this for someone under the age of 18, I really wouldn't recommend it. It features a lot of violence, swearing, drugs, strippers and general carnage. However, if you are a fan of the previous GTA games, or similar, you will undoubtedly love this game. The online aspect is by far my favourite, and nothing like any other game currently available. I strongly recommend it.

- Here is a link to a website highlighting 100 incredible and surprising new features of GTA V:

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    Great review, but it is amazing how I had totally the opposite feeling of this game. Brilliant info though and almost convinced me to try it again. :D
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