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The games for the PS Vita have been quite slow to come out, I have this fantastic machine and there just is not the right variety of games to play. I love puzzle games but I enjoy a good platform game. I much prefer gaming to reading books so to me, a game with a storyline is my book, my escapism. The last platform game I bought was Rayman Origins which was brilliant so I wanted a game that was similar in nature. I know when I have bought a good game because I do not want to put it down! I bought Gravity Rush because it sounded an interesting concept with a good storyline and a super cool heroine to kick some ass! It is nice to have a girl character for a change so this is another reason I wanted to buy it.


All PS Vita games cost a lot of money and this one is no different. It costs £29.99 and can be bought from Amazon, Game or supermarkets that have a good line of games stocked.

Introducing Gravity Rush

The game is specifically designed for the Vita so it makes use of all the different features and controls. The storyline is simplistic and the game uses a story board or comic strip to show you what happens to the characters between levels and makes the game a little bit more interesting. The comic book strip is rich in colour and detail and you can tilt the screen to give a different dimension to the story board. The game is set in a place called Hekseville, a floating town that our protagonist, a girl called Kat finds herself in. Kat has lost her memory and no longer knows who she is. She is guided by a mysterious black cat that gives her the power to control gravity, hence the name of the game. Kat embarks on a journey where she has to collect things, protect people and avoid nasty Nevi monsters. The ultimate aim of the game is to save Hekeville from a mysterious evil force. Throughout the game Kat gets more skills the further she gets which equips her for the harder challenges she meets along the way. What makes the game different to all the others around is the gravity aspect; Kat can be levitated up and popped onto a building for example. This building will then be her floor and the whole dynamics for the game has changed. At first I found it a bit mind blowing and confusing but you soon get used to this quirkiness and start to explore every different level and get to grips with centering the gravity. The controls to get Kat to take on a new ‘floor’ is easy, once you have her levitating a little glowing circle will shine on where Kat can land. For example, she can land on the side of a house. If you click on the circle, Kat will land and then the game will change and she is now walking on the side of a building but it is now her floor. The flying is great fun and her movements are easy to control. The visuals when Kat is flying are incredible and it is my favourite part of the game.


This game is typical of a PS Vita game and the visuals are overwhelming. When I make Kat fly, I feel like I am flying with her and I feel completely submerged in the game. The colours are rich, deep and vivid with a Japanese Anime feel to the characters and the set. The way the story moves allows you to take in all the game has to offer and every scene is mesmerizing. Hekseville is an enchanting place that has many touches that are Victorian, old fashioned and quaint but then it has a bustling contemporary city feel to it. While you are busy whizzing through the sky, these beautiful scenes flash by and I wish I could slow things down sometimes take it all in. The visuals of the characters are brilliant and I love every character, they are really enchanting and have cute little voices that sound just like I imagine the characters to sound! The quality of the visuals is consistent throughout the whole game, from the maps to the scene to the menus.


The game makes use of the full spectrum of the Vita’s controls including the touch screen, tactile touch pad and the built in gyroscope. In certain aspects of game play, tilting the device can allow you a different perspective. The touch screen can be used to flick through the comic book strip for example. I like this and it makes me feel like I am getting the most out of this machine. The touch
Here is a quick rundown of the controls that the game uses: on the left of the screen are the Sony D-Pad and left analogue stick. The D pad is used to fight, kick and punch for example. I use the analogue stick to control Kat when she is flying as it feels the most comfortable and it the most accurate. You can tilt the device but this was really confusing and she did not end up where I wanted her to! To the right of the screen is the PS triangle, circle, square and X buttons and the right analogue stick, these are used to jump and move. On top of the device are the left and right buttons. The right button makes Kat float ready for the gravity switch and then hitting the Right button again will release her.


On the whole the music goes well with the story but at times it does get a bit repetitive and annoying. The Vitas has a great soundcard and projects music well but sometimes this music was a bit too much. It has an upbeat Jazz feel to it with lots of instruments thrown into the mix. It adds tension in places and also adds to the mystique and wonder of the place. The sound effects are also great and submerge you further in this wonderland.


I have been playing the game for around 17 hours and not finished it yet, I think I probably have another 2-4 hours of game play left but I am itching to finish it. I like the fact that you get stronger throughout the game and get more skills as you go along. I love a good old platform game with the age old concept of having a health bar, collecting gems and beating bad guys but with this new gravity concept thrown in. When I first played the game I felt a bit dizzy watching Kat fly and the whole game turn upside down but you get used to it and it really works. This is a great game and I will look forward to the sequel if they do one. This game makes me feel really glad I bought the PS Vita as it shows me that gaming has moved to the next level, it is not just about the brilliant visuals but it’s the package. The controls makes a big difference, the gyroscope allows you to have some control over the game and the touch screen is also a really interesting touch. I’m pleased with this game and looking forward to finishing it.

Pictures of Gravity Rush (PS Vita)
Gravity Rush (PS Vita) gravity rush - Gravity Rush (PS Vita)
Impressive world on a tiny disc.
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Graygirl 09.10.2012 00:32

Excellent review x

Dentolux 14.07.2012 14:49

Great reviews. I agree that the selection of Vita titles is sparse. Hopefully, like with the 3DS, the library of games will improve in time. The Vita is an impressive machine so fingers crossed that Sony pormotes the machine unlike the PSP which was neglected imho.

RosesAreRed1207 05.07.2012 13:50

Sounds interesting. good review x

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Gravity Rush (PlayStation Vita)

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Gravity Rush - PS Vita

Gravity Rush - PS Vita

Enter the mystical city of Hekseville and discover your gravity defying powers. Take part ... more

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Enter the mystical city of Hekseville and discover your gravity defying powers. Take part in an epic adventure with...

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